Friday, August 10, 2007

KK, here I come

I'm now at Bobby's place and using his pc to blog. Feels kinda weird though. Was suppose to blog a little earlier but Luuee came over and we all ended up watch DVD together, also with Bobby's housemates.

By the way, it's Luuee's birthday today.. I mean yesterday since the time now is 12.06pm already. I made him a card only. Since we don't have any cake, Vincent came up with a brilliant idea of using mooncake (single egg yolk somemore) as a replacement. Just that no candles... But it was cool.

(Will upload those pics later.... Bobby just had his pc reformat now. No Adobe photoshop.. plus, my memory card has virus in it.. so yeah, just wait yah.)


Gotta go now. Need to sleep as we got to wake up early to catch the (hopefully won't delay) flight.

Ta ta.

Will be back after 3 days... or 4, or 5.... depends if I'm lazy or not. =p

(Man... this gotta be my record of blogging with the fastest speed. Only 3 mins to complete. Normally, it'll took me 2 hours minimum (plus photo editing if I'm rajin) to blog - Now you know why I'm getting lazier and lazier)


Anonymous said...

G'day Nonnie, hope you enjoy KK, love to pay KK a visit too if I got the time...
Distant Hermit

jessie said...

Enjoy KK!! =)

Are u gonna climb the mountain??
Have fun anyway~~!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

wah.. nonnie!!!

have a safe trip ok..

awaiting for ur return!!

Till now, have fun yah!!

jali said...

I have been reading all your posts for the past few days and I really enjoy it. Keep it up and you have an avid fan of yours here in Miri.

Jewelle said...

Go paint the town red! Have fun in KK :-)

I'm Choonie. said...

Enjoy ur KK trip? I plan to go to KK too.... may be end of this year... might want to try to climb mount kinabalu... but I doubt I can make it. hihihihiihi...

LuUeE said...

hahaha. Nonnie.. thanks for the card.. appreciate it.. Lolx.. how was ur trip at KK ? And indeed first time a moon cake.. as a cake..

Nonnie King said...

Distant Hermit : Thanks! KK was fun!

Jessie : No, the boyfriend never like the idea... Sad hor?

Iwan : ;)

Jali : Awwww...I'm so flattered.

Jewelle : Pok-kai lor...

Choonie : Yes! Go there go there!

Luuee : I thought you don't like the card?

Anonymous said...

Hai..Miss all the guys..ur blog helped me unmissed them..hehehehehe...keep on blogging, beb..u're helpg some1 who misses school..wish i was there to help with the paintg..maybe i can make an art with it..ehehehehee..