Friday, March 9, 2007

Nonnie's Chocolate Corn Flakes

Short Note:

If you stay in Brunei, especially BSB... You must must must drop by Titi's and Drew (Gadong, arah Toys World) now! They're closing down soon and having a really really crazy sales! Better be early to snatch before it went all empty!


If you still remember, the first one was a disaster and I said I'll try it again.

And here, my second attempt.

Chocolate Corn Flakes!

I know, I know. CNY had already ended and what's the point? The point is, I just saw it on TV last Tuesday.

Seriously, it is so easy that a 5 years old can do it too. No kidding.

All that you need are, a bar of chocolate and corn flakes.

First of all, melt the chocolate and toast the cornflakes in the oven for a very very short time.

I assume that you girls.. or maybe guys too, know how to melt the chocolate. Please do not directly place the chocolate on to the wok and light the fire.. Sure 'hangus' like that ok.

Must place in on a bowl and heat it with water.

And as for toasting/ baking the cornflakes, this is just to confirm that it won't taste like 'masuk angin', no more crispy. But must not over heat it.. like me


Heh. End up using half of the not burnt one and mix the other half with the un-bake one... Come on, first try mah. I should be excuse for making (a stupid) mistake. Right?

Then, pour the cornflakes into the bowl of melted chocolate.

And later shaped them roundly on to the tray or plate. For my case, the tray wasn't big enough and so I used my mum's agar-agar mold. Well, it turn out nicer as it turn out more regular.

I'd seen in TV that the placed it on the egg trays too, or ice cube trays.

Then put them into the fridge to chill and harden the chocolate.

And as for the remaining chocolate on the dirty bowl... I don't think I need to tell you how to deal with it right?

Mmm.... The chocolate cornflakes will be ready to eat once the chocolate is harden and solid. Don't ask me how long, because right after I put them into the fridge, I went straight to nap for 2 hrs...

And it's already done by then.
(But from the TV, they say 15mins would be ok liao)

Wanna see the end result?

*ta da*

Macam banar kan?

See, so easy. Just melt chocolate, mix mix mix and chill. I bet you can't find a simpler recipe than this!

And it taste really good too!

Like people say,
"If you can't be thin, make your friends FAT"

So, what are you waiting now? Quick go and make it and make everyone fat now!


LuUeE said...

hahha.. Looks So delicous.. To eat.. Nonnie.. Good work.. Bobby, i see that your drooling now.. mwhahah..

Kenny Ng said...

Finally u did it... can I try? I'm a chocolate freak la

IngSiang said...

You should rename your blog as Nonnie's DIY Garden.. XD

Second commenter again... grrr... @_@

nureen said...

It sure look good..not like the maggi cookie u made last time...ahahahha..eyy i wanna try too...

Nonnie King said...

Luuee : Since you so give face say so many good thing, I'll reward you with ONE chocolate cornflakes lah.

Kenny : the time I sent it over already melt and the ants finish eating liao bor.

Nonnie King said...

Ing Siang : Ya..Maybe I should.

Eeee... Third leh, Kenny is one minute faster than you.

How come you always kalah by ONE minute one ah?

Nureen : Hah! A whole lot better. At least this is edible dear.

Really, it's so easy that you can finish making it less than 30mins.

Iwan Sanchez said...


Hmmm... Fro mthe pics, i saw some of the flakes are not fully covered with choc..

so karit ar? lolz!! Joking joking..

hmm. maybe u can try with coco crunch too.. it might taste even more better..

Wangs said...

looks good! flakes n chocos - my fav. I'll try this out one day ;)

BaBy JeE said...

Nonnie, did you reserve some FOR ME??

Jk la.

War186 said...

I always thought you mix everything first then put it in the oven last. That's what my aunt does with honey cornflakes anyway. I guess it's not the same for chocolate. Obviously this is coming from someone who doesn't bake and doesn't like chocolate. Haha.

I'm Choonie. said...

I like your new skin and I love the way you play around with your photos layout. Can teach me? Does it involve any high tech software?

Merv Kwok said...

Can I be your friend? I need to get fat hehehehe

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Those that is not completely covered with chocos are for myself.

Those really big and nice one I gave them away liao.

See, so generous of Nonnie right?

Wah, try with coco crunch? It's already quite sweet with that, later got diabetes ah.

WangEe : It taste good too. Or my friends say so~

Nonnie King said...

Lu Jee : Your kor-kor gota ate 2 of them... You should marah him for not helping you to 'tapao'.

Hehhee. (Sabo in action)

Wardah : Erm.. there's another way of making it which is with Cocoa powder and involves all those baking.

And for Nonnie's way, it is simpler but more expensive too. Cadbury Chocolate Bar - $3.40!

But, it taste really thicker and delicious than the baking one my friend said.

Chonnie : Not really, only Adobe Photoshop.

Play with the polygonal lasso tool.

Nonnie King said...

Merv : Eeee.... Trying to tell me that you're thin and wanna make me jealous is it?


Later I really make one big box of the chocolate cornflakes place them in the mandarin orange box then you know.

Skyler said...

Looks great :D

You should try rice krispy treats. Same thing, just with rice krispies & marshmallows. Marshmallows are a bigger pain to mix though

Iwan Sanchez said...

oh ya..

the pic that u suck ur thumb hor, hmmmm... so provocative nya...


Nonnie King said...

Skyler : Marshmallows? Do I melt it first too?

Thanks for sharing :)

Iwan : Hhahhahaaa.

Ahhem~ But you're the only one who's saying..So, WD is right about the Uncle HB nick


Hor ny Ang Moh said...


LuUeE said...

hhhha..Nonnie, i have already eaten at least 3 big chunks with Bi.. and it was so dilicous. The chocolaty taste.. ah.. feel so good.

Tina said...

Wah! Nonnie's using Adobe Photoshop now! No more MS Word? Hehe. ;)

By the way, what are the measurements for the chocolate and cornflakes? And also, what's the temperature of the oven?

I want to try too! :P

The last time I made chocolate cornflakes, the flakes wouldn't stick to each other. Heh.

Nonnie King said...



Luuee : Hahhahaa. I know! Bobby told me that you ate it again when you dropped by his place.

You kanasai one lah, ask you personally you say not bad. Now in my blog you say delicious. Praise me face to face will die is it?

And ah... no heart for your sis also, don't help her tapao :p

Nonnie King said...

Tina : See if I rajin or not, if rajin...Photoshop. If malas, MS word only.

I used one chocolate bar and around half a packet of cornflakes.
All the measurements I agak-agak one. You judge yourself whether you want more chocolate or crunchy cornflakes.

This method is easier since it doesn't involved any baking.

I'm Choonie. said...

I thought u r still using MS word. hahahaha.. So, I have to be rajin like u and start playing around with Adobe. By the way, me having my holiday now.

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

chocolate is bad for my teeth. braces. sigh.

teddY said...

Oh yummy! Now I know how to make these delicious treats myself! Because last time my class gals used to make them and belanja the class but since exams are nearing they're too busy studying XD You're a great cook! More amazing food recipe please =)

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : Happy holiday to you. I wanted to go makan-angin so much now too, but my wallet keeps saying NO.

As for the irregular border, actually you can do it with MS Paint too.

Jason : Oh ya, it'sll get stucked on to your braces.

Now then I remember I used to be a "mirror" for my friends who wore braces, just to check if there's any chili or vege stucked there.

Teddy : No lah, not really a great cook. Simple simple one still ok lah.

I'll try to find some more easier recipes to try in the future.