Friday, March 2, 2007

Who's job is it anyway?

Sorry for the lack of updating my bloggie. I wished I could said that I'm on hiatus due to overload of schoolwork/ assignment but the fact is.. I'm not.

It's just that I'm kind of addicted to my new found hobby other than blogging...i.e. gambling for only 10cents playing lami. CNY is ending soon... So forgive me for trying to make full use of it before I lost all the 'mood'.

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This entry that I'm going to blog is something I'd wished to write for a really long time. And, I got a feeling that it's going to be a boring one.

When I first became a teacher almost 7 months ago, I noticed that there's a huge difference between "being a student" at my time and now.

Let me ask you a question.

Try thinking back. Back in your days, or my days... If we went home and told our mum or dad that we got scolded or 'rotan' by our teachers, what will be their reaction?

My mum would said, "Very good. Must be you who had did something wrong. Did you talked a lot in the class or didn't pass up your homework?"

But parents nowadays will dashed into the principals' office without asking what happened actually and complained about the teacher. And the student.... of course happy lah, since got back-up. Sure they'll think, "See if you dare to touch me again."

I swear, that really happens...all, or most of the time.

There was this kid who picked a fight in school and nearly hit the class teacher when he/she tried to stop it. Of course, when the school knew about it, they called up the student's parent and asked them to come to school to talk about this issue...

Proper procedure right?

But, what if the parent choose not to show up and ignore the whole issue?

Another one.

A teacher talked to a parent regarding her son about his learning ability and concentrating in class and wish that they can work together and do something about it.

Guess what. She shouted, "YOU'RE RUBBISH! SO WHAT NOW? YOU WANNA KILL HIM FOR THAT? OR YOU WANNA STRANGLE HIM AND HIT HIM?" and walked into the principal office and of course, complained, complained and complained again....

The thing is... the teacher never did anything to the kid!

He was just trying to show his concern to his student. Is that wrong?

A friend told me that she had a student who finished doing the whole workbook by January. FYI, she taught primary 1.

Who will buy that? I mean.. would you believe that a primary 1 student would have such perfect handwriting and answered all questions correctly? Even those chapters that had not been taught yet?

She questioned, questioned and questioned, from the gentle and soft voice to that angry tone telling that she's going to erase all the answers and asked the student to re-do again.

In the end the student confessed, the mum did it all...

And undoubtedly, the student failed to answer the exam papers because he never learn and practiced.

And every time I heard news like this.... I gave a loud and long sigh....
"Who's job is it anyway? Parents or teachers?"

Being a parent, they want to give all the best to their children.

Being a teacher, we want to teach them well and let them lead the way...

(Okay.. I copied it from some lyrics... :p)

And thus, parents and teachers should work closely together trying to find the best solutions for the children, and not attacking each other. Right?

If the parent themselves don't give face to the teachers, how to expect that their children to show respect to them(teachers)?

It's like..

When I saw my student spit on the floor, I told them that it's wrong to do so and they shouldn't do it again.

But the next thing I saw is the parent doing the same thing...

I wished I got the guts and nerves going up to man and tell him that he should set himself as a role model for his children...

Oh well, there goes the long sigh and shaking my head.

Children nowadays are really lucky to born this time where people emphasize on the 愛的教育, (Love Education?).

Back in my days, one question unfinished = one rotan.
And now is, student: "I don't care."

Parents and teachers are advised not to use the old school punishment, but talked them through. Be nice and repeat over and over again up to 100 times asking them "Please don't do it again.", "Please finish your homework.", "Please *this and that*".

And so, what you think?

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p/s: Parents reading this, I'm not saying that ALL of you are like that, I'd came across some really nice one.

Please do trust the teachers at school. What we do is all for your children's own good. Unless your child come back with a lot of bruises and blue black lah, that's a whole different story.

p/p/s: All the above photos posted were taken during the "Rentas Desa" (Cross country race) last February.

p/p/p/s: The next photo you're going to see if my girls who won the second place for the inter-school Netball match for the Belait district, with the two teachers who shouted their lungs out cheering and scolding about the position & tactic. Hahhahaa.


nureen said...

I agree with you...parents nowadays...*sigh* susah mau ckp..BUT NOT ALL...i've been attacked once...for punishing my student standing on his chair for 2 periods for not passing up his homework..moreover the work was two weeks ago b4 i punish...n its not the first time his not passing up his work..n the next thing happen his mother came to me..complain..n threaten to bring the matters to 'pihak atasan'..oh well...after that...i don't really care about her child anymore..tho i felt pity..n see..his results failed..while other passed...n the mother just 'diam' when she saw her child's result...(i always give the copy of the whole class result)...i hope she learnt the lesson..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...


Iwan Sanchez said...

Nonnie rants? Muahahaha!!

Errr... Kids nowadays are lucky lah.. Macam gold like that... Our time are different from them...

But be patient lah, its part and parcel of being a teacher...


Nonnie King said...

Nureen : I guess we teachers felt the most about this.

I hope she does. If the mother keep spoiling the son, I'm sure more is to come when he grows up.

Wish that one day I can say "Peace" to the T(eacher) P(arent) R(elationship).

Nonnie King said...





Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Hehe, what you "Muahahha!" till like that at my rant wor? Sounds childish kah?

Exactly, really like "gold" and "tofu", precious and untouchable!

I will try to be patience, just trying to adapt still for having the helpless feeling.

karen said...

it's not easy to be teacher now...

i was worked in Education lines before this, one of my colleagues jokes me this :" not only treat them as your student, but treat them as your customer; treat their parents as your boss too sometimes, cause they are d one who pay your salary.. "

i was like "???????"


i heard there is a case in Singapore Childcare Centre. A teacher jus softly hit a girl's palm.. very soft.. cause d girl climbed on the window.. n d result, her parents complained complained till d education board.. n result, d teacher tender resign.. erm.. there is lots of case in singapore...

It's not easy to be GOOD TEACHER... ~_~

Bobby said...

Well, first of all i believe why those parent's behave in that way could be they themselves ever experience being mistreated by their old teachers during their 'Old' days. During my primary days i too had my days with getting on the wrong side of the teacher.

But what happens now is there is an uncertainty of the actual law whether canning is really restricted entirely as it is mixed up with the law of abusive. I believe only by pointing out the facts of what teachers can do by their limits to teach kids to the parent, can the parent understand in what is being right or wrong.

King, r u going to rotan our kid if they do wrong thing?

Nonnie King said...

Karen : LOL.

Customer & Boss!

Then that means I'm the salesman lor.

Yeah, it's not easy to be a GOOD teacher, but super easy to be a bad one.. Just walk in the class, talk to self for 30mins - 1hr and ignore the rest.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : I'm going to rotan our babies' daddy first because I'm sure if they did anything bad, they must have learn it from him!

teddY said...

Well, nowadays people are blinded with the idea about human rights. Many people see human right has a human has the right to choose whether he should be punished or not. Sadly this is not how logic works. Many parents think that teachers have no right to punish their students. Although I agree that punishment involving physical harm to the student shall not be carried out unless under serious circumstances, scolding a student for what he've done wrong will make him learn what he've done wrong. There is no point parents protecting their children although it is clearly that their children did the wrong thing as this will only make them more confident in doing things the wrong way.

This is a really insightful post! I hope parents who read this understands the dilemma faced by a teacher - to punish or not? Being a student, I will accept punsihment if I've done something wrong because we must learn that our act has affected others adversely and we have to be responsible for our actions.

Guruh Roy said...

well that is the facts, today students is not last before. At our time we will receive a congratulation hospitality from our parents if we got scolded by our teacher. But nowadays, teacher will have to face the parents if their kids got scolded and so on

War186 said...

Congrats lah your girls got #2. That's what I'm looking forward to when I finally teach. Coach the netball team. Lol. ;P

De pianist said...

hihi!in Melbourne already..hmm..but temporary can't online that much cuz i'm now online in Library..hehe..

about this,i don't know what to say..people mind are changing years after years..maybe it would be different after for some years..hmm..

but then again..i agree with you d..teachers don't have the power to discipline students anymore,kinda upside down now..weird..

(lucky i'm a lovable student..=P)

Nonnie King said...

Teddy : I just love your comments!

But many of them can think like you?

Oh well, let's just hope that MOE will list out a series of punishment for teachers to follow next time, so parents won't have anything to complain.

Nonnie King said...

Roy : Tabalik liao la... If only I'm a teacher 20 years ago, sure can be very kambang.

Wardah : And I'm sure you'll train them well!

You're so going to be a very active teacher.

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Since you're in Melbourne, you can visit WD too lo?

If I have a student like you, I'm sure I'll enjoy my work more!

youngbruneian* said...

"A good teacher doesnt teach, he helps students learn" - Prof Rita Dunn