Thursday, March 29, 2007

拜祭品 /Other stuffs I bought in Sibu/ Answer revealed!

Short Word:
Bitex ends tomorrow and I have not step my foot there yet. Going there to get my mum a MP3 player. Yeah, my mum wants to upgrade her big bulky "Discman" to teeny-weeny "MP3 Player"

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清明節 (Tomb Sweeping Day) is coming and I accompanied my mum to buy those 拜祭品 (those paper-made hell notes/shirts/ incense and whatever those creative people can think of) in Miri last Sunday.

The photos turn out a bit blurry as there were too many people squeezing in that shop and I can barely stand still and used my phone to grab (nice) shots.

Want some puff?

Or maybe have some entertainment from your laptop, plasma TV, hi-fi. Perhaps do some cooking and laundries.

(Yo, Windows XP lagi!)

If got kaki, play Mahjong lagi best!

Told Bobby that if I die (touchwood), I want him to find me lami, mahjong and burn it for me or at least poker cards so I won't be so bored "down there".

Maybe I'm too angelic to be "down there" and instead, they send me "up"?

Oh. He doesn't like me saying those inauspicious words... I shall strike out all.

Thirsty? Have some Sprites Or Miranda Orange/ Grape.

Don't like cold and sugary drinks ah,
how bout Miloo? Or some Chinese Tea?

Speaking of Chinese Tea, what will be think next?
Dim Sum of course!

Sick of Chinese food, nevermind.. We change taste ah.

Japanese sushis?
(Got wasabi somemore.. Really steady)


After a good meal, let's have some dessert.

Ferrero Rocher?

Got money, then go makan angin...

Wouldn't left out the air tickets and credit cards

Got so many cards, must have a nice LX wallet leh

So when people ask you to "GO TO HELL", they might actually meant well hoping that you'll have a good after life.

(Really, don't you think our ancestors are having a better life "down there"? Got amah, got big house, big cars, new clothes, lots and lots of money and gold to spend. And they didn't work for it. They just haunt their kids or grandchildren in their dreams saying what they want.)


Muahahhhhahahaa! It's just pure craps from me, don't get provoked yah.

* * *

I saw my friends' (Chau and Pingko) mum bought a BMW lagi. I jokingly said,

"Auntie. Buy car ah? He/she know how to drive or not oh?"

The shop attendant answered me so quickly,

"Don't worry, got driver one"


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Some other stuffs I bought in Sibu.

(Damn... I felt like I've turn to some casual bloggers camwhoring and show off-ing what they shop. This. is. not. good! I want the old Nonnie back! I don't want this girl who put spot lights on self)

My Bunny Suit

Just what kind of "Bunny" you're thinking huh?

RM35~40 (Can't remember)

My Very Smart 3/4 Pant


(I know I should have suck in more air to have flatter tummy.
At least for this ppic)

Sexy Pumps

The colour looks different here. Probably because of the lighting.

(Don't ask me, I also don't know what gets to me buying RED shoes!)

I like it because of the design at the back actually.

Wear-to-act-like-15-years-old sneakers
RM30 ONLY!!!

If you're a close friend of mine, you should feel puzzled and confused now. This is not what boring-King will choose and buy! Too YOUNG and CUTIE liao!

I know.. I'm trying to find out what happen to me lately too? Overdose of teasing at young girls camwhoring blogs and now God punish me by turning me into one of them.

This is what I call.. "Ketulahan" (Retribution/ 報應) .

Die Die Die Die.

Or maybe, I realized I'm turning 24 this year.
Try to act young before I hit the Mid 20s (25 yrs old).

Maybe lah.... Don't know?

At least I still have not camwhore and flood my blog with that forced-to-open big eyes and tilt-head-to-get-sharp-chin photos.. *Applause for that*

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Still cannot guess what is that meow-meow?

Got wings somemore! Angelic Meow?

Give up?

Bah bah bah, don't play liao lah.


So unexpected right?

At first, I thought it was a mobile pouch or whatever pouch. Then the salesgirl pull out the keys and I was "ter-amazed"!

....Must.... Have...... It!

And I'll try to make one myself too. If jadi I tell you all yah.


De Pianist said...

yerr..can't go back pai pai my yeye,ah gong and popo for the first time this year..yerr..don't know they angry me bo in the heaven..=="! cute geh those things..haha..more and more IN already..i guess it will be robotic and better technology mcm aircraft or whatever in the future liao..hehe..

OOOooo!!soo cute ger the key pouch!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

nonnie, nonnie, a lady full of surpises!! As always..


Key pouch never came across my mind but the guy who commented and guess it was a sanitary pad was so absurd!! And ur reply? too cute to bleed on..


Hmm... was that really u in the 3/4 pants??

Kenny Ng said...

Luckily the KENY is not KENNY... LOL

Wangs said...

OH KEY POUCH!! never thought of that but thats nice!

HongFunXuanJia said...

Cool man it's a key pouch... u so pandai shopping ha... when i m back there it's like where ever i go the item is the same plus the big numbers on the tags makes me just walk pass it haha... now different loh not like single just buy nia haha...
yeah i still recall when i was still a kid after my grandpa (dad's side) passed away a yr later he bawa mimpi to us... me n my dad... he told me tat he miss us n then he told dad tat his passport expired haha... so we conclude tat his passport expired so he cant come to "visit" us haha... then my dad call up his bro to burn new passport to him haha...

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : It's the thought that counts dear. I'm sure they'll understand.

Those 'sifu' behind are so creative right. Like that also can think of.

Hehheee. My meow-meow key pouch is cute!

* * *

Iwan : I like my new description, "A lady full of surprises!"

Hhahhaaa. The anonymous guy gila with me, I just gila him back lah. =p

It's all me wearing the shirt and pant. Why? Look like professional model ah? Just kidding.

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : Hahaha! If like that, all "Kenny" will dulan and sue the company.

WangEe : Unexpected leh?

Angeline : I'm just lucky to stumble on it. Usually if I see too many people in a shop I won't go in liao one. Because don't like to squeeze with other and smell their sweats mah.

Wah, your grandpa really "Pao-mong" and request for new passport ah? Steady man!

Hor ny Ang Moh said...


War186 said...

So funny lah so many things become hell notes or whatever they are. Hehe.

Woah that must be scary about Angeline's late grandpa coming to visit in her dreams and asking for passport hehe. Reminds me of Mr. Vampire pulang haha.

Cute lah your bunny shirt and your 3/4 pants so pretty on you! ;)

So the meow meow thing is a key pouch. Wah unexpected.

P.S. Those sneakers are very child-like looking. Maybe when I feel old I also buy something like that hahaha.

war186 said...

So funny lah so many things become hell notes or whatever they are. Hehe.

Woah that must be scary about Angeline's late grandpa coming to visit in her dreams and asking for passport hehe. Reminds me of Mr. Vampire pulang haha.

Cute lah your bunny shirt and your 3/4 pants so pretty on you! ;)

So the meow meow thing is a key pouch. Wah unexpected.

P.S. Those sneakers are very child-like looking. Maybe when I feel old I also buy something like that hahaha.

War186 said...

Oops double post heehee~ ;P

忍者爸爸 said...

Can u get me a PS3? Paper made will do, just burn it to me. Thanks. Oh remember some games too.

Bobby said...

Nice baju, shoes and pants. But especially the key pouch, i like it a lot. Going to start Nonnie's DIY key pouch like that? Also the baju looks totally great on you, can't wait to see you wear that in real life Nonnie. Miss you so much.

I never go to sweep and clean the cemetary with my uncle,aunt or parent as usually they say people with low spirit better best avoid those place.

teddY said...

Woah although I've seen people paying others to makepaper bungalows, maids and mercedes to burn for the deceased, I've never expected such a market for this kind of goods to emerge! All of the paper products look so real (and unbelievable too!).

Anyway I never thought that thing was a keypouch since I never see anyone having one before. That's a novelty item! =)

Anonymous said...

The keypouch is really cute!! Good find that one. And I dun believe you are fat. You look fine and intellegent-looking...what I think when I saw u at the mall. Great to finally meet u!! I seriously love reading ur posts. Crack me up anytime!! :D

Iwan Sanchez said...

yeah lah Nonnie,
I seriously tot the 3/4 pic is that u took it form the internet!!!


Is our Nonnie is goin to switch career? From a teacher to a model???


But seriously, i tot its a profesional model in that 3/4 pant pic!!!


Nonnie King said...



* * *

Wardah : I see that particular "paper industry" upgrade themselves quite a lot too. And yeah, really scary lah if my late grandparents come and 'visit' me, I wonder if I still can recognize them or not.

Thanks for the compliments for the things I bought.

Good for you, at least you still feel young and I don't anymore. Boo.

* * *

忍者爸爸 : Can! But have to wait till you 百年歸老 wor.

I think by that time already PS10.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : But you requested too much for the pouch I want to make for you. make me don't dare to try liao.

You come and see me I wear what for you also can. Except those that can make the private parts too visible lah you hamsap.

* * *

Teddy : Very very real. Who can think of making Ferrero Rotcher anyway!

Guess what, I actually bought that key pouch in those shops that sell baby and maternity cloths. Can say, "Hidden Treasure". I just pass by and got attracted by the decorations. Just walk in and thought I'll find nothing I like inside. But then, see what I get myself.

Nonnie King said...

Sugarbabe : Oh My Gosh! I do have reader who can recognized me when I'm out. I'm not imagining it. I certainly hope I wasn't doing anything stupid that time.

Thanks for telling me. I really appreciate you telling me I look fine and intelligent, which no one ever does! So sad huh?

* * *

Iwan : Model? Wait till I grow another 3" and lose 10kg, then baru got chance.

Even though a lot of you say I'm not fat, but from doctors and other magazine editor or fashion designer, sure fail one me.

But hey, good new. I'm getting good in posing. Hhahahhaaa.

People, come and pull me down now.. I'm floating in the cloud 9

Anonymous said...

i like the bunny suit.. looks really cool, at first i thought you made it.. rupanya berbali.. hehe

uglyfatchick said...

lols. keypouch..

I like the sneakers! Like school shoes.. :P

Thanis said...

Nowadays really update liao those sio kim kedai, next time mebbe can buy ipod and burn for ah kong - dun forget to burn easicard or bmobile simcard for them .. if not how they can call you? :O

Sing Yin @ Serene said...

your baju & shoes so cute & nice le!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

i oso recently xiao (crazy) for 3/4 pants n shirts macam yours. except my shirt got sleeves de la XD

LuUeE said...

mwhahaa.. oo.. i wonder do you need the adress? that is the thing i wonder for such a long time.

Every one who wanna buy Nonnie's asesory buy now, or else sold out later.. mwhaha.,.

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : Actually, if there's any sewing class..I think I'll take it.

Christina : Yeah, those sneakers make me feel young once again.

Thanis : Hhahhahah! Later your ah kong call you and he say he need mahjong kaki then you know.

Nonnie King said...

Serene : Yeah! Me too. It's just so much more comfy and cooler to wear in hot weathers kan.

Luuee : Erm, no need one. Write name nya dear.

Eee? I got say I want to sell thing meh?