Monday, March 12, 2007

Up to BSB / Down to Miri / I'm Mean

School holiday is coming! This time it's 10 days long.
Bah, jadi our bloggers mini meet up?

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Can you believe it? I'm almost done with my post and *tuup*, no electric current! And there goes my post. Damn frustrated ah!

2 hours without electricity = No aircon + no TV + no Internet = No LIFE!

I tried to read. But my brain's telling me that it is bad for my eyes and perhaps I should just sleep. was hot and I can hear the stupid mosquitoes fly by, landed on my legs and enjoyed its meal.

Ok, enough ranting. I'll just re-type the whole entry again.. Gah!!!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Theen wanted to look for birthday gift for James and so we went up to BSB last Saturday, with Swee Leong tagging along. (By now you should know these two friends of mine if you'd read my blog long enough)

First stop - Manggis Hua Ho

Ended up buying nothing there but happened to had our tea break there. The initial thought was just buying the whatever-balls (fishballs, sotongballs, prawnballs, crabballs), heh... as we passed by, we wanted to try this and that...

Why? Why there isn't any Hua Ho in Belait? Why?

And next we went to Gadong.

I'd always wanted to visit Titi and Drew's RENT-A-BOOK, but every time something popped up and no jadi.

It was really hot in the shop as the air conditioner wasn't working. Entering the shop, the first thing that Andrew, the boss told us this, "Hi. Sorry for the heat, the aircon is not working. I'd open this shop for 9 months and business is not good and so I'm closing it. Just find any books you like and I'll give you a really good discounts."

DISCOUNT! How to resist?!

Even it was really really hot and we got all sweaty as if we're in the sauna room, we stayed in the shop for more than 30 mins reading and picking books. Oh, Theen didn't get any because she know she wouldn't be reading. All she reads are cook books and recipes I think. Her latest interest, making buns and breads. Good wife/ mother material huh.

Saw the books on the top shelves? Yes, it's all FREE! All those thick thick hard cover books yoh!

Andrew introduced us a couple of authors and asked us to try some of those. And said we could just pass on the books to our friends to share it. Nice man huh?

Our selections

My pile of books cost me B$33.00 only. And I bet it's already almost empty in there.

S.L thinking which to take

And as for dinner, we're struggling to make decision between Excapade and Sushi Tei.

Both of them never been there and my first experience with Sushi Tei was a disappointment. But the recent blogs entries that I'd blog-hopped had given them a rather good reviews. So which to choose? A new sensation or the all times favourite?

Hehe. And so we made up our mind using the really old school method, Rock-Paper-Scissors!

Sushi Tei

Okay, nothing much changed. Just hope that the food will taste nicer this time.

We ordered green-tea-ping and noodles, no sushis as we're still quite full. And our darling friend Swee Leong will never pass the chance to order those specialty beverage. This time, it's Red Samurai (which actually just taste like ice lemon tea + passion fruit, I think?)

When our 'green-tea-ping' arrived, we're shocked to see the size of it. "Wah..big man the glass!"

We know the answer right after we tasted the food. I seriously wanted to walk in the kitchen and asked the chef, "Excuse me sir, did MSG just dropped price?".

Our food tasted really salty.. not the salt - salty, the Ajinomoto MSG salty.

No wonder they served big big glass of water/ green tea.

Anyway, take a look at what we'd ordered.

Yaki Udon

Nabeyaki Ramen


Don't ask me, I have no idea why they have weird names like "yaki" and "nabe". Sounds like "yucky" and "na-beh" (hokkien slang).

I took both pics of the food on the menu and in real life. Any difference?

And we thought that the Nabeyaki Ramen looks better than Yosenabe, turns out that we like the 'tang-hoon' soup (yosenabe) better.

What can I say, "Never judge a bowl of noodles from its look"

In Mandarin - Mian bu ke mao xiang, tang shui bu ke tou liang.

Anyway, I still ordered a small plate of sushi just to feel the sensation of munching and gobbling the whole biji of sushi down.

Yes, I love to eat using the Japanese's style. Chuck the whole piece in to my mouth, barely close my mouth, and looks like I had swollen cheeks with my hand covering half of my face because I know I'll look really ugly.

Don't-know-what-what-sushi has salmon and avacado in it, rolled with chili powder (cool!) and it cost B$1.80.

The Trios

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

No luck in BSB, so down to Miri we go. Plus, I want to paktoh with my ah pui Bobby.

Just like any BBC (Brunei born Chinese), the first stop is always eating dim sum at 2020.

Invited Lu Yee, or Luuee (whichever he prefers) to come along so that he could try my Chocolate cornflakes (and forced him to say that it's nice).

Like our Bruneians, the only concern about going down to Miri is our cars. Takut kana curi bah.

In Brunei, we can just leave the engine on and go down to buy easi card/ drinks/ cigarettes (Ed: Smoking is bad for health. Do not smoke!). In Miri, if people saw anything valuable in the car, they'll break the window and snatched it.

Heh. My darling Theen ever kana that.

That's why we got to put some extra locks. Whether it works or not I don't know, but at least we feel better.

The boyfriend teaching the friend how to use it

And the car owner/ driver/ me stood outside the car and take pictures because she's just too lazy to learn. =p

That's Vivian, Luuee's car, checking out my car's humongous ass.

Bobby and Lu Yee

Lu Yee is sibeh body-conscious. Taking note of every single mouth of food he ate and thinking how many extra hours he had to work out just to lose that calories.

I know I should be like him, healthy and slim... But, this is TORTURE!

Yah, I can be all healthy and stuff...and who knows once I step out I might kana langgar by car and die on the spot accident?

*CHOI!!!!!!* touchwood!

What I'm trying to say, I just want to live my life happily, without less restriction to worry just for my physical appearance, which is almost equal to nothing when I grow old. I just want to be a normal grandma with happy wrinkles crawling all over my face, slightly chubby and perm the sotong-ball hair telling story to my grandchildren.

Having a great big heart, living a good life having all my loves one around me is more satisfying than having a gorgeous body and a pretty face.

(I might as well die being all fat and happy without missing any chance to taste great foods)

God... I'm ranting like an old hag again!

Anyway, see what I bought for Bobby.

I know, I know! You're shouting "So Mean!" right?

Hehheheeheheee. That's what Bobby said too when he read it. But then he jokingly said that he'll put this in his car only when he's bringing me around.

Now, who's meaner? =p

Cute wah.... I think. At least better and cooler than those "Princess on Board" or "Mun paham bisai" ,whatever it is.

And I get myself this,

Okay okay, I heard you. Double-the-Mean right? I know already. Tell me something I don't know.

My colleague has this really nice tag, "Teachers are great leaders. And you're following one now". I want that too.

The chubbies

"We use Darlie"

Different leh? I mean comparing those camwhoring pictures with this pancake-face, ikan bilis-eyes and tongkeng-nose.

Well, get used to it. This is how I look like in REAL LIFE!

Thus, what you see in the photos might not be what you get in real life, espeicially ever since the invention of Adobe Photoshop.

* * *

Went to e-Mart for seafood! Oh those scrumptious high-cholestrol, high-calories ketams, cockrels, ikan bakar and soon on.

Eat first, think later.

Clockwise from top: Ikan Bakar, cockrels and...erm.. "chut-chut-loh".

I don't know what you called it but Chinese called it the "chut-chut-loh", or in Foochow, my mom said it is "Chien-loi". It's the shell type of clams that we suck the flesh out.

Any idea what's the English or Malay name for it?

Black pepper Crabs

Mongol style Crabs

Cute or not my "Crabby Rabbit"?

Yes, I really eat too full got nothing to do. Cannot ah?

One "peace" and One "ngan-chiu-chiu" (menjaling)
... I don't dare to say anything bad.
Later auntie Kelly shoot me back in my comment box.

I need to say this, Kok Ling never has this 'lan-si' look in real life. So ngam I ter-capture this expression nya.

1.5hours later...

Erm.. us again.

Hey, it's my blog. I get to flood it with whatever photos I like what~
Not happy, go get one yourself.

Oh ya, don't you think the letters printed on Bobby's t-shirt is cute? iPood! (Bought by yours truly from Pattaya)

Lastly, the idiot who just cut in the queue at the Brunei custom.

(Dressed up like Ultraman with the bike spray in red and black like a Bee!. That's why I called him "Ultrabee")

Excuse me sir, just because you're riding a motorbike doesn't mean you can simply hantam cut in like that, scaring me off by your oh-so-loud-nearly-bocor exhaust pipe.

Or at least, cut behind me lah... Kanasai one.

I absolutely hate queue jumpers.

If anyone cut my queue, I'll certainly try to cut back and looked fiercely at him/her whenever I had the chance to. Provided the particular person do not happen to have dragon or snake tattoos and piercing all over the body looking like a big bully.

Nah. End of post. Finally!



Guruh Roy said...

what a "yummy" post. i like it

Wangs said...

I've never been to sushi tei, not sure if im even gonna try out now LOL

oh corret my mandarin, isn't it ren bu ke mao xiang, hai shui bu ke tou liu? heheheh

have a nice day!

Nonnie King said...

Roy : Feel hungry already?

WangEe : Yea it is.

I just modified it so it sounds a naughtier. Hhahhaaa

I think you can go for those set meals.. in Sushi Tei I mean.

pengayau said...

takuyung siruk
katam kalok
sia sia pun!
eh d mongolia inda jua ada katam kalok kali ah:?

<:)><:)>Jason<:)><:)> said...

try "My next husband will be normal" when you get married. =p

n where is titi and drew rent-a-book? never heard before!

slim people. me is skinny people. too much skinny that you really wouldn't want to be me. some of my friends even worse. trust me.

Iwan Sanchez said...

dun marah marah lah...

it always happened in custom lah..

Oh ya, the sushi tei there ar, not being rude lah but i tink the standard there is diff from singapore..


doesnt look so appettising..

dun marah ok? just a personal opinion..

and i like the ketam food, the balls.. yummy!!!

In sgp, u dun get to see so many "balls" one lei...


oh ya, so many shopping and makan, retail theraphy ar?

Nonnie King said...

Pengayau : Sorry.... I only catch a bit of here and there only.

Jason : Hhahaha! I don't want that though. I don't want to re-marry.

Titi and Drew's is at Gadong, the Toys World there.

True also, I don't think I'll want myself to be super skinny. Just right can liao.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Hmm.. perhaps Singapore's Sushi Tei will be better.

Next time when you come to Brunei I belanja you Excapade!

No la, a lot of makan got lah, shopping no. I ended up buying a book and a facial cleanser. That's it.

More like a makan therapy or paktoh therapy.


War186 said...

Oh my, all the food. I especially crave for the crab. Looks so delicious. I've never been to e-mart. We always pass the place 'cause eager to go home already so tired heh.

That's a funny shirt. iPood hehe.

Nonnie I'm so jealous of your pictures! Balum lagi I explore Photoshop sampai like that. So lazy jua.

P.S. Oh that must have really sucked that your electricity went off when you were blogging heh.

Tina said...

Bah bila you want to meet up? I can be reached by mobile phone, hehehe. I'm free almost every weekday lunch (except Fridays) and every weekend dinner. Hehe.


Tina said...

By the way, you're making me crave for those seafood! Gaaaahhh!~

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : The pasar malam arah e-Mart is really cooL! They sell all sort of stuffs. But, erm.. I think the restaurant in non-halal so that'll be a problem for you.

Bobby loves those pun-intended shirts.

It's really easy when you get the hang of it, I mean the photoshop. But still, I can seem to make my nose sharper, my face thiner and eyes bigger. I can only make my pimples disappear.

It sucks more when I get biten by mosquitoes all night and couldnt sleep in that super hot environment.

Nonnie King said...

Tina : Okie dokie. Was thinking of Friday but since you mentioned, I'll try to fix a date and hopes you girls can make it.

Seafoods! Yum yum!

nureen said...

eh..nyaman kan tekuyung siruk @ chut chut loh atu??

*Drool* So nice the food(s)...nonnie aa~~~ y u dun tapau for me?? hahahaha..

Nonnie King said...

Nureen : So that's what Pengayau is trying to tell me, chut-chut-loh's Malay name is tekuyung siruk!

Cannot tapao for you ah, non-halal the restaurant :p

If I tapao for you, I berdosa ah.

rebelandaliberator said...

wow, i just had breakfast and looking at your post makes me hungry again.. hehe thanks..

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : 6.34am?!

So you're a morning person?

De Pianist said...

nonnie ar can you treat me like this ar..give me see those yummy post...make me miss my town food lor..aiyo..*tummy grumbling*

Hor ny Ang Moh said...


Jewelle said...

Goodness, your post was loooonnggg!! So the Sushi Tei chef was being crappy with you eh? Its the water fountain, I'm telling you...

Is the Rent Book shop still open? I want to go there!!

Nonnie King said...

Pauline ah Pauline, 我這是“用心良苦”﹐ 幫你“望梅止渴”呀﹗



Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : Hhehehhe. Ya, I realised my post is usually long and thank you for reading it all.

Hahhahaa. Ya, bad bad fountain.

I'm not so sure, but Andrew (the boss) said he's closing down this week. Not sure which day. You can just try your luck there~

Chau said...

Eh you, want me to cekik you is it? I had the 'Princess on Board' sign hanging in my car la you...

blueheeler said...

haha, S'porean's go to JB for the same reasons Bruneians go to Miri: our Money BIG...Hahaa. But when we go to JB, was also takut car kena curi, kena robbed.....but what to do, cheap food, cheap groceries...

Nonnie King said...

Chau : Shit! I forgot you have it.

No la Chau, you know you're the prettiest and sexiest princess ever. Different from the rest mah~

Nonnie King said...

Danny : Brunei and Singapore has a lot of things in common. Except shopping is nicer in Singapore and also there's alcohol everywhere.

LuUeE said...

LuUeE is in the house..

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