Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Day 1 - Arriving in KL (04.07.2006)

I feel excited (or more like kan-chiong) about the trip the night before we took off, sampai cannot sleep. Adedee...Lame isn't it. I wake up every hour to check the time and scare I oversleep.. (Kasian Bobby who's sleeping beside me lah), in my mind I keep on thinking whether I packed this or packed that into my luggage already or not. Then the next morning, my mum asked me to bring vitamins and other supplements, the "Fu" water (my mum a bit pantang one ba), and also "lau-sai" pills scared I ciri-biri. And Bobby on the other hand, keep on asking me if I remembered to bring my passport, my flight's itinerary, hotel booking reference and bla bla bla. "Yes dear, the only thing that I didn't (but wanted badly to) bring is you". Awwww.. So sweet huh~ (Syok sendiri again)

That's me and my dear full-time boyfriend, part-time driver who have no choice but bring me here and there.

Ya la ya la. We fat lah.
Or like Bobby says, "big bones".. with super chubby and round face.

King, ChaiHsia and SukChin in Miri Airport

See the somboi (sour plums) in both ladies hand? Two Big Packets somemore~ Kiasu leh.

Four of us in the flight.
The kanasai plane with lousy aircon..
What to do.. cheap air fares.. cannot complain..

The two person on the lower row, SoonLung and ChaiHsia are brother and sister.
Jie-Jie and Di-Di I mean.
ChaiHsia, look at the camera wa~

Wonder why the stewardess wanna put her eye-shadow like that sampai look like a raccoon~!

She's consider a pretty liao in AirAsia, I mean.. it's clear to me that she's a female. Some I ever see.... Eh.... Make-up so thick till look like ah-kua (pondan or ladies-man I mean).
I bet even mosquitoes also can bite their face with their powder on.

'Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane
I don't know how much I'm gonna spend
Oh babe, I'm gonna be so broke~

I feel so bored that I even forced SukChin to play the animal chess with me on the plane.
Weird... no one ever play this game before when I asked.

Of course SukChin lose lah, she's a noob.
I bully her~

Arriving in KLIA, LCC Terminal...
As usual, AirAsia, have to down the stairs and walk walk walk.
(Didn't take any pictures cos sibeh hot, was walking fast to get sheltered)

A normal taxi (like Proton Saga or Wira or Waja) can't fit our luggages in.
4 of us having erm.. 8 bags already?
Having no choice, we need to get a bigger car
(or I should say, taxi).. like van.

Us in the taxi, a Renault I-dunno-what-model.
This ChaiHsia ah, take picture always look somewhere else one wor.
And SoonLung look like he mata-culing.

Check-in the hotel, drop our luggage and quick quick go grab a bite lo.
(AirAsia sells Maggie cup noodle for RM6, the Hot Bowl for RM7, Soft drinks is RM5, Nasi Lemak RM7 or 8 I think, Chocolate bars also RM6 like that. So expensive that I rather tahan my hunger)

First meal in KL, Nando's Chicken.
Because SukChin loves it.
(She even stole the menu and bring it back to Brunei and put in her room on her bed's side table lagi~ SsssshHhhhh.. Don't say I say one ah. =p)

After eat full full, got energy to shop liao lor.

That's me and ChaiHsia resting in the fitting room.
Damn tired can. Not a shopping-queen material.

Had our dinner in Teppanyaki or what-so-ever.
Kinda regret going there cos it's really smoky (I just washed my hair that night)
The floor is slippery because of the oil.
And the cooking si-fu is lame. Haha

I thought I saw Skyler there too. (Saw a middle-aged woman (her mum maybe?), a 17 or 18 yrs old looking-so-impatient thin thin fair fair teenage girl (Skyler ah?) and a 10 or 11 yrs old little girl (who may be her munchkin that she always mentioned in her blog.) But neh.. Couldn't be her lah.

Oh ya, back to the cook. Why did I say lame? After he served our food, the so-damn-lot of taugeh with teppanyaki chicken/beef, he placed his cooking utensils, which is a pair of spatula like this...

And try to make them stand on the table

Like this...
(Sorry, can't find any spatula at home, so just use the spoons and agak-agak imitate lah. You understand can liao.)

And the cook bowed to his customer.

SoonLung and SukChin saw it, Turn their head to us and says,
"Jiang Fei De?!" (Translating: So lame one?!)

And the funny thing was...
Right after he bowed and turn his body around, the spatula fell down!

It's kinda awkward lah, the cook have to turn back pick it up and go to the kitchen clean it.

Moral of the story: Don't "Ek-Seh" bah... later something goes wrong very malu one.

At the end of the day, we planned to go to Jalan Alor (the famous street for hawker food that everyone told us must go there eat) and check the place out.

The Street of lengzai and lenglui..
Why? Cos everyone working there was like...

"Leng lui, Oi Sik Fan Mou?" (Pretty girl, wanna eat here?)
"Leng zai, lei li tou chor lah" (Handsome, come and sit here lah)

Just one street, I think I kana panggil at least 10 times leng lui liao~
Hahaa. For people who feel bad bout how they looked, go there.
You'll feel like you're Miss Hong Kong. (Kidding only ah)

Wu, Coconuts~

Feeling so tired, heaty and constipated, we all find a fruit hawker, drink coconut and eat a bunch of bananas there..

And so.. the next day in the morning, I had a good time in the toiler sh*tting~

Day 2 in KL, to be blogged soon... (Don't asked me how soon.. cos I also dunno)


Skyler said...

Hahahaha, I was reading and then thought "hey, Teppanyaki. I went there last month"

*read read somemore* Then was thinking about commenting about how slippery and gross the floor was.

Then you mentioned me. O_O
I'm fat leh, cannot be me.

Guruh Roy said...

seems you have very good and tired day on the first day huh? well it is good for you.

Actually i usually got to Alor street sometimes just to eat pork...hihihihihi

Blueheeler said...

more photos of the airasia stewardess please!

Bobby said...

I still curious why the cook place the pair of spatula tat way. Think the cook forget to add the most important ingredient of all..."SUPER GLUE" to hold it together. It makes you wonder whether your food that he prepare using the spatula has been wash earlier or not....

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