Monday, July 17, 2006

Pasar Malam - Bandar

Sorry for the delay in updating my blog. I can see a lot of you anxious to read liao wo~ (Or it's just me being "perasaan" again. Nevermind, ignore me.)

I'm not going to blog about the KL / Thailand trip yet cos I haven't got all the pictures from SoonLung and SukChin, which makes me a big moodless to blog if I can pick the best pictures out. Yea yea yea, I very "macam", cannot ah?

So, you read the title and know what I wanna blog about liao lo. Yeap, Pasar Malam. The annual Pasar Malam being held in Bandar, Kiulap Park, and the place opposite Sheraton Hotel. Sorry lah, I really don't know what's those places name. But I can bring you there tho.

I got back home (well, not actually "home", more like "the house I stayed in Mata-Mata") last night, opened my room's door and... nearly PENGSAN (fainted!). I so lihai and clever, buy a tray of egg and leave it in my room, then go makan angin. Then, the eggs got rotten. Damn smelly.

Like hundreds of people farted in my room and close the door to "preserve" the smell.

*Hin* (Pengsan)

Okay, back to the Pasar Malam thing.

Every year, for Sultan's Birthday celebration, I don't know for what reason(s), we'll have pasar malam here and there. Maybe they try to make it like a fun carnival, but it always end up selling panggang chicken and fish kua?

Darn Traffic Jam! Took me almost one hour just to reach there and find a parking

Me: Which Pasar Malam you going to tonight? Bandar one, Kiulap one or the opposite Sheraton one?

Colleague: Don't know?

Me: Go all ah? Where got time oh? Traffic jam till you gila. I also don't know why they wanna have so many Pasar Malam. All same also. (Panggang and Air Tebu, Roti John and Kebab)

Colleague: What to do? Brunei has no entertainments ba. Maybe they wanna make it into like some sort of carnival, but it all ends up with food.. Sigh.. Bruneians can't do anything better other than eat ka?

Me: Maybe that's why Bruneians are mostly fat and obese? Hahahaha!

(I'm just joking... Well.. Not exactly joking cos I somehow mean it also~ Bleh)

Another mystery. Why Brunei like to decorate the trees by hanging and wrapping lots of bulbs around them? Sui kah like that? Look so.... "kampong" lah

See, green and purple trees like kana poisoned

This one lagi teruk, like a HAUNTED GHOST TREE that some woman wearing all red hang herself like that

Conclusion: Bruneians love BULBS! Hari Raya, National Day, any ojipala important day, just go to Hua-Ho or Soon-Lee buy meters and meters of bulbs and hang all over your house.

See, bulbs again!

At least got something different also lah,

Reminds me of Thailand. Thais love their king to bits! Even inside the taxi you can see the taxi driver put a photo of their king one. Those tall tall big big buildings have their king's face on everywhere also.

I like this. Sultan look so "genki".

Pasar Malam, always look like this.

Selling these ..

Oh... I miss coconuts of Thailand a lot lah..


Panggang Chicken wing, tongkeng, ikan and so on..

.. these ..

I miss Keropok Lekor the most when I'm in Thailand!
And I thought I can finally have them yesterday.. till I realised..
I did not bring my wallet!
(Lucky no road block.."Mana IC? Dreveng Lesen?")

.. these ..

Better than Burger King! And not to mention, a lot cheaper too!

.. and you'll always see these ..

Beach balls ey?
Silly-looking inflated Hammer and baseball bat
Wah seh! Blue color Dinosours! I scared~
(So sarcastic lah)

And I wonder why, I can always, (never missed!) seeing Power Rangers in Pasar Malam!

Go Go Power Rangers! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!

Kawaii neh~
Wah Seh! Shoes lagi! I think this is the first time I saw a stall selling shoes.
A little story to share:
Bobby told me that when I was taking picture of the stall, those people actually (or maybe) thought that I might be some kinda press or reporter. They all stood up, pose and wait for me to snap it. Hmm? I didn't know till Bobby told me when we left the place.

He says he feel kasian for the little girl who didn't get in time to rush in to the crowd and be inside this pic. Haha. Think too much.

Well, I forgot to mention. I was wearing shorts and a tank top, with the camera strapping around my neck. Make me look completely like a tourist, or reporter maybe? Aiyah, don't care lah. People who know me will know what I was doing, people who don't know, let them think what they want loh.

Oh, next picture is the clock.. Erm.. Does this clock have a name?

I didn't know the renovation or repairing is for decorating the clock when the road kana blocked.

Pass by Sheraton Hotel. So Christmas feel with all those blue lights..
Like winter and snowing like that.

Nothing much to say about the next picture. Just feel like putting it up cos I think it's nice.

Picture taken when Bobby's driving along Jalan Kiulap with the long stretch of Blue,Purple and Green lights.. So weird.

Oh. Sorry ah. Most of the pictures turn out blurry and kanasai. I also dunno why.

Wait till I more "eng", I'll go to the one in Kiulap and opposite Sheraton. Hope it's going to be different lah.
Well, at least from the look from outside, it looks better.


Effy said...

Hey, great blog u have here. Keep on with the updates cuz ur blog is better than BB online for brunei current 'affairs'. Plus the humours. Haha. I really like it. So keep on blogging about anything and everything within brunei region esp KayBee. And can't wait for the next blog about ur recent trip. Write more on the shopping part okay? Hehe.

Effy said...

I think those pictures were blurry because maybe ur hand was shaky when u took 'em. Or the shutter speed was set low. Or maybe the camera was on night mode? If it was set on night mode it will be extra sensitive to movements. Hehe.

Nonnie King said...

I think my hand was really shaking kua while taking those pictures.

Cos I feel like an Alien or theif taking photos. You know lah, Bruneians.. I can feel everyone is starring at me (like I'm from Mars visiting planet Earth) so I cepat-cepat take and cabut lo like I did something wrong.

Blueheeler said...

i miss such pasar malams...we don't have them here in Sinagpore...just boring air-con shopping centers....

Alex said...

Pasar malam... Best time to get cheap food~ yummmmm.

Oi dont shake la... make the pictures so blur

Nurul Izzati Izzie said...

Hey I bloghopped here from your comment on skyler's blog.

Hey, you're bruneian? Lol. so am I :)

Guruh Roy said...

This entry is awesome. I could learn something from it. By the way, the last two photo that you taken have some artistic value. Just like effy said, if you could master some of the simple technique, i think you could be a photograper.

By the way blogger also a part of reporter too, sometimes, it is depends on the nature of his or her entry or blog. some could be a news or some could be a anything else.

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