Saturday, July 1, 2006

Kiarong Round About

I thought no one will say anything about the cars displayed on the Kiarong/Kiulap Round about.

Surprisingly, I saw this in Borneo Bulletin today.

It's in the Opinion Page, where people can write to the papers complain, praise, raise out question and so on. Hehe. Mostly is complaining about E-"Turtle" lah.

Back to the topic.. Hmm.. The cars had been placed there few days already. When I first saw it, I was like "Wah, so sayang ah leave the car there under the hot sun and heavy rain. Later the car cannot start liao." I know it's a stupid thought, so?

And when Derrick saw it, he said, "Later the bugs crawl inside". Actually I don't quite get it.

But I think it's smart of them to place ad there lah. Lots of people will passed by that area mah.

SO hard for me to take a clear picture of this.
See the cars ON the round about?
Beside is the signboard of the company(The white color papan)

I also know a lot of people don't dare to drive tru this round about. They would rather go one big big round just to avoid it.

WHY? Because (most of) Brunei drivers had forgotten their laws in traffic.


- Simply "siap" (meaning squeeze in) to the next lane
- WITHOUT signal lagi!
- Ching-chai makan people's road/lane
- There's 3 lane, so some stupid people will (purposely) go into the wrong lane because it's faster that way
- (I don't know why but..) Everyday I saw car rosak there one.
- and also accident happened almost everyday too in that round about.

But still, I use this way everyday because it's the fastest route to go home and sleep.

And yes, placing those cars there do create traffic and accidents, I think.
Kaypo driver go slow slow, eyes looking at those car, then don't see the car infront brake or whatever, then..Ka-boom! Ambulance "E-O-E-O-E-O".

The cars won't be there for long one lah, I think (again).

If you think Kiarong Roundabout is scary, wait till you see this!
A Kiasu 5-in-1 Round about!

Here's a little something...See the mosque at the background?

People, that's the Jamé Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque.

Heh, I don't even know the name till I Google-search it. I once met a visitor from "I-forget-where-liao" says wanna be a thief at night and go scrap the gold from the Golden Dome. Hahhaa. People, people, Bruneians are not rich, our Sultan is.


Intaniz said...

Hahahaa... another reason why Nonnie's blog is my fav - it's so updated about Brunei! :D. and sometimes, she thinks like me - great Bruneian minds think alike what! :D

This was on me and Izham's thought yesterday - it started of with a joke by my beloved joker - "What car stopped in the middle of the roundabout and they won't get hit or honked by the other drivers". Izham actually drove me all the way to the roundabout last nite. (Well, it was fun, and a bit romantic coz only in Brunei you'd get to see tress dressed with coloured lights).

Ms King, don't stop don't stop blogging!

Guruh Roy said...

Its so funny la, how could peoples lives the car like that.

Most of us think like that, Brunei is a rich country but we also do know that it is only the facts of the past besides that we also do know that brunei now at the ends of its rich era lo....

Maybe Brunei sultan are too boros meh later on Brunei Sultan become athief at night and scrap it....hahaha just kidding

Blueheeler said...

maybe you bruneian drivers have it so easy you forgot your road-manners... Must ask your govt to impose road tax.... make you pay, so you'll behave...hahaha

Pingko said...

Good news, they removed it!

Jodi said...

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Nonnie King said...

Wah Lan. So long the comment

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