Friday, July 28, 2006

Medical Check up

Nonnie says:

Oi, you people who have background music in your friendster, or blog or whatever. Damn annoying can? Everytime kana "shocked" and panic and have to find the stupid player and hit the stop button. Why do you want to force people "enjoy" your music?

And you, online, offline, online, offline there for what? Get attention so hamsap guys can chat with you hah?

I just feel that I have to let that out.

I have no choice but to go for a medical check in RIPAS just for my job.

First of all, I went for the registration. Dah... Damn many UBD new intake students were there. Alone for registration, I stood there like idiot for 15mins. When the lady finally called out my name, shepassed me a form (as below) and pi-li-pa-la said a string of words... which I can only catch a few lines out of it.

So many test.. Have to go here and there
Admin: Kita check ani ani ani... Lepas tu..Ke sini sini sini..buat atu atu atu.. Habis dah, ke sana sana sana.
: Apa? Boleh cakap satu kali lagi?
Admin: *A bit impatient* (Repeat the whole string of atu atu, ani ani, sana sana, sini sini again)

Me: Oh. Thank You.

(Voice in my mind: Ask like no ask, waste my saliva.. wa tidak faham lu cakap apa lah)

Didn't bother to ask again because there's a long queue after me. Better not waste time.

So... Blur Queen, Ms Nonnie.. wander around Ripas, asked here and there, and finally got my first test.Ears working perfectly.

Second... My eyes. The nurse pass me that thing (to cover one eye) and asked me to read the alphabets. My dear friends, Ms. King ah... very special.. Right eye short-sighted, Left eye perfect, nada apa-apa. I do have glasses.. But.. I don't wear them. Because everytime when I very rajin wear my glasses.. it'll end up either I lost it (forget where I left it) or break it (by sitting down on it). Therefore, I don't wear it, since my left eye is ok. I still can see things clear... (provided nothing block my left eye's view)

I ever asked the lady who checked my eyes why I only have one eye short-sighted. She said it's because I only use one eye to focus...

Hmm.... I "senget" my head and use one eye look at people ah? Hahaha.
Nurse: You ada pakai contact lens?
Me: No.
Nurse: Kaca mata ada bawa?
Me: Eh.... Tidak..
Nurse: Bah.. besok bawa. Mau check tu.
Me: Ha? Ehh....Eh... I think I forgot where I put it already.... (shy)
Nurse: Macam itu.. mau buat appointment check you punya degree sudah
Me: Bah, ok.

Sekali.... He go and schedule it on 30th August! My goodness! Ngai-Ti...Need to wait one whole month just to check how many degree meh? Mosquito also sleep already lor.

(Hehe. I went back home, search high and low for my spec..Yeah.. Found it!)

After the eye test, then I went for the Drug Urine Screening Test... And also, blood test.

I gave the nurse my form, and she gave me two bottles.. and asked me to fill it up.

Nurse: Tidak payah penuh. Separuh boleh dah.

I took the bottles... find a seat..and stare at the bottle...Ah.... Urine and faeces...

Urine ok lah.. Not a big problem... Faeces.... How oh?

I turn around, saw two familiar faces (UBD students) and asked...

Me: Have to fill this ka? (Show bottle)
UBD Student: Yah. Just half can already.
Me: Even this? (Show the word faeces) I don't have any Sh*t now lah...
UBD Student: Oh..No No No. Just fill it with urine can already
Me: Phew~

I had heard a couple of jokes (true story) about how people "get" their faeces for testing.. Not gonna tell you here.. later lost appetite.. Especially when wanna go eat curry. Muahaha.

Saw this when the nurse took my blood.
Cute or scary?

Sigh... Tomorrow will be my last day in CFK.. I'll miss you all.


Guruh Roy said...

Actually i had to make a mediecal checkup. sometimes it really wasting my time.

Sometimes, i also cheat in urine test.

Nonnie King said...

Haha. How you "cheat" on urine test oh?

Anonymous said...

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