Sunday, July 23, 2006

Day 2 & 3 - One Utama + KLCC

Beware. Tons of photos coming up.

The taxi driver asked if we're twins..

Do we look like twins? Maybe his rear view mirror needs some wiping.

One Utama is JUST SO BORING!
It's such a regretful day spending a day there.
We girls waited in Burger King for the guy,
where he's happily watching Superman Returns.
Kanasai or not.

Anyway, here.
This is what I saw in Yishion
and feel like taking the picture of it

People and their dreams..

Some of them are just so lame.
Maybe they "pok" their boss increase salary kua?

Miss Yong and Miss Chan busy taking pictures of themselves.
While Miss King busy makan-ing.
See, I told you. Our Day 2 was sibeh sien.

But it was fun at night.

Watching the replay of Italy VS Germany.
Eating BBQ Pork and Peanuts.
Drinking my Strawberry Yucky Flavour of Kampai
(Should had just bought the Yoghurt drink.. Taste a lot better)
And play Black Jack betting with peanuts.

Never know Fortune God and Santa are good friends.

Next day, everyone wakes up with a sore throat.

Day 3. We're going to Aquaria~

Getting ready.
See all the towels and shirts hanging behind us.
Everynight after shower, we all fight for hangers. Muahaha


Look at how thick the magnifying glass is.
When we look tru the glass... "Wah seh..bloody big leh the fish"
But when we look from the bird's view... "Chiew..kana tipu."

So sad lah.. When we saw this fish... We...We.. can't name this fish.
Us: Hey, this fish... It's ... It's.. the fish from "Feeding Frenzy".

Hehe. I took this back cos the guard didn't ask from me.
Take it as a souvenir loh~

When we took a taxi back to our hotel, the taxi driver asked if we wanna buy chocolate or not. He's so damn semangat introducing, say the chocolate eat liao won't become fat one. Healthy one. Bla bla bla. Even offer to drop us there without any charges.

Me: Uncle, you so rajin introduce us the chocolate. You got benefits one is it?

Taxi Drive: Ha Ha (Very dry laugh). No lah, my boss got shares inside one mah. If we bring customer, got a little big "kopi-O" money loh.

Us: Ooooooh... No wonder lah.

Me: How much commission you earn leh?

Taxi Drive: 10%

Me: Wah Seh! You bring us one trip buy chocolate can earn more than what you earn from driving taxi leh.

Me: So sad lah... I sell computer also don;t get such high commission. The margin of the chocolate must be very banyak.

Here we are. Cocoa Boutique

End up buying Durian flavor chocolate and Expresso one. And one sweet "I Miss You" bar for Bobby... which melted till "Mother also don't recognise what is it". Sigh...

I miss the "Woon Chai Chi" so much lah... Anyone can tapao for me?

After that, went for more shopping. And ....on the same day....

(See my hair)

Yeap. Perm it. I was just so tired from shopping. Then we walk walk walk.. and saw a saloon. And.. I just perm my hair. Haha. Too free-style is it? Chin-Chin-Chai-Chai perm hair in a saloon I don even know.

It's cool tho. Cos my hair stylist happens to be my hair stylist (in Seria)'s brother!
Small Small World!
Sister straighten my hair, Brother perm it.

But.. initially.. I hate the outcome...
I look like some kind of dog...

Don't you think so?

(P/s: The next day I wash my hair, and it doesnt look that curly (like maggie mee) liao...
I love how my hair looks like now.. Good for lazy people)


Alex said...

Vain...vain..vain.. hahaha

You guys actually watched football?? I'm so surprised.. or maybe buka tv but concentrate on taiti nia...
Permed hair looks nice on you.

beekham said... 2 and 3 still at KL??
I though u guys went to Bangkok..
Haha, look like all taxi uncles at KL like to bring ppl to the chocolate boutique b4 send them to airport.......
Anyway..nonnie...i just suddenly realise u and Bobby really got the "couple face"..wahahaha

Guruh Roy said...

Your new hair look suit with you.
The place in the picture of Woon Chai Chi looks familiar. Is it at the front of Lowyat.

Guruh Roy said...
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Nonnie King said...

Yeap. In front of Low Yat. Oooh.. I miss it a lot lah..


@lex said...

no comment :P

@lex said...

actually .. i might have .. got CHOCOLATE for me !!!
NB. don wan blog shape one .. hehe LOL

Nonnie King said...

Alex PSL... I got you a tee shirt. You better be in shape to wear it I tell you.

When are you coming back? Go padang together lah..

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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