Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A little something from Thailand

Just a short one, wanna let you all see what I bought in Thailand.

Winnie the Pooh AA Batteries!
(For Justina, my cousin)

Ginger Glace ... Whatever it is lah..(For LeePing, this weirdo LOVES to eat Ginger for goodness sake)

Crispy Durian
(Err... For friends or anyone...
Definitely not for myself.. Watashi NO LIKEY liu-lian (aka Durian)!)

In fact, I bought a whole bag of junk food for everyone.

Bought myself two decks of card
~ Love at first sigh yoh ~

Like telling me stories
I L.O.V.E these post cards too~So sweet and cute.
Plan to frame them up

A wooden cube puzzle
(This picture is taken when it's still in shape..
I still haven't "fix" it back yet)

Nice? Only for 200Baht
Which is... less than $10 Brunei Dollar~

Of course, the above are not the only things I bought during my trip... But some of my fav nya.


Blueheeler said...

You bought so little ah? So much control......

Nonnie King said...

No lah.. That's just... Erm... 20% of what I bought actually. I'm just showing some of the unique one that I like.

Chau said...

The cards looked scary... look like antique to me... will it jump to life at night? Beware o...

Bobby said...

wah..the battery is cool which makes it very sayang to use it tho. D crispy durian must b for your enemies right hehe. Those cards are very nice it reminds me of 'wong fei hong' movie back in old china. Never tho got sell tis kind really a collectable item. King ur blog background looks very unique and special which got tat spiritual feeling that it draws out from the background pic. Each time i read ur blog it brings out a smile and laughter in me.

Guruh Roy said...

I agree with chau that the cards are looks so you not afraid to keep such card huh??????

Nonnie King said...

Ha? Now 7th Month in Chinese Calendar leh.. Don't scare me la..

Later i cannot sleep ah

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work. thnx!