Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Celebrating his 27th birthday

…. (continue from the title) was not easy.

Few weeks before his birthday, I’d already contacted his buddies and asked if they’ll be free that night to surprise him during the dinner. All went well, until venue #1 that Bobby really wanted to go (Da Mammamia) is closed (temporary or not I don’t know), hence we changed to venue #2 (Vintage Rose), chosen by His Royal Fattiness himself…

Then on that day itself, at 3.30pm, he texted me and said he felt like having ribs, so last minute changed to Charcoals…


And I had to quickly inform his friends, made an extra reservation for 5, because birthday boy wanted to make reservation himself (for 2). Arrived the restaurant 10 minutes before the time we agreed, canceled off his reservation, chose a seat so that he won’t be sitting at the place facing the direction which will spoil the surprise.

Sounds like tons of work but actually.. it’s nothing difficult. Hehehhehee.
I just like to exaggerate so that Fatty will go “awww” and sayang me more. Smile with tongue out

What to eat, what to eat

Hello Chalie Chubbies


Theirs: Nachos,                            Hers: 10oz steak,                          His: Ribs


His friends arrived later and my silly boy thought they were just “coincidentally” dining in the same place and after exchanging a few words, he actually wanted to say bye until they sat down and read the menu, baru he realized it was a surprise.

I know. What the falala to the max right?

The wtf guy.


Happy birthday to you~

L-R: Mr. CEO, Birthday Boy, King, Mr. TK, and Mr. Legend.
All not real name of course, except for me lah.. KING~


Legend and CEO browsing through Bobby’s collection of vintage football comics.
Yeap, there’s 400 plus issues and he owns like, half of them already. Another half to go.

His birthday (not exactly a) card from me, a piece of cake.
Pun not intended.

On nom nom nom nom.

A DIY birthday for him… now, this is a nice pun.

Yes, I know, I’m the best girlfriend around and do believe it.
I made a calendar with lots of sexy papayas as his birthday gift.

But, if he’s feeling holy or need some seriousness, or pure missing me while staring (which I highly doubt), there’s a paste-it photo of me to plaster on those model face or “career line”. 

Of course, he super-duper likes his birthday gift (including the surprise dinner that I bought for him and his buddies).

This is the seventh birthday that I’ve celebrated with him… Seventh, and not “itchy” yet.

Red heartRed heart

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Anonymous said...

super nonnie! how did u make the calender? wanna make one for my bf too but i doubt he'll censor it like your bf did..hahaah


Anonymous said...

super nonnie! how did u make the calender? wanna make one for my bf too but i doubt he'll censor it like your bf did..hahaah


Nonnie King said...

Hi Janet, I print out the calendar pieces with my Canon Selphy printer, then took an old useless calendar and use it as the base to support.

And, errmmm... if you see clearly, I only punched hole to the papers and used ribbon to tie them together to the base.

The hardest part was, choosing those papayas actually.

Have fun surprising your bf ya.