Thursday, February 10, 2011

Homemade noodles

Note: Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s CNY and though I’m not celebrating, I still have tons of friends who do. And for the past week, all I want to do was to stick with 48 and PSL (though, doing nothing fruitful at all…)


So, it was nian-chu-2 (second day of CNY), while everyone still meriah celebrating and my mom and I totally had no idea what to do and feeling very sien.

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Had breakfast at Sutera Biru with momsy, watching those sifu from China making lamee and *tink* (light bulb), my mom thought since we super eng (free), why don’t we go make some noodles, since she had not done that for a freaking long time.

My mom used to make noodles for sale like… 25 years ago when I was still a toddler. But since we moved out from the house, the machine had not been in used and rosak then kana buang. Of course there’s those tiny pasta/noodle maker but really.. super no feel lah.

Nevermind lah, no fish got prawn also can.

Ingredients – Flour, egg, water and… what my mother call “gan-shui” 碱水

Mix mix mix, knead knead knead. All human labour.

My mom insisted in not putting in more water because it will lose the chewy texture. But then, I think inside got sweat also. Hahhahahahaaa.

Then we split job. My mom continued mixing the raw dough and as for me,

I used the machine to flatten the dough until it’s thin enough to be cut.


Like this

Sprinkled some more flour so that it wouldn’t stick, while waiting for the water to boil to cook it.

Boiled, drained and add some oil and wait for it to be cool. Then can make into smaller packets and put into the fridge for later consumption..

Or, force your best buddies to eat when they come over.

Hehheheeee. Not bad right, got potential to be a good housewife right? Hahahhahaha.


48 said...

ya noodles were nice, next time u make tell my papa ah..
He like mee poh one

Nonnie King said...

Next time make liao will give some to your papa. Hhehehehe. hope he wont complain