Friday, February 25, 2011

Latest additions to my collection~


I was just expecting one or two emails from readers who are interested in knowing the *secretive* restaurant we dined in for vday. But even up to today, I am still receiving emails and fb messages asking where. You know what that means? It means still got people read my blog one. Totally unexpected because I only update once or twice a week.. sometimes even longer than that and yet still got people read one. Hhehehe.

Terima kasih mayak-mayak!

Red lipsRed lipsRed lipsRed lipsRed lipsRed lipsRed lipsRed lipsRed lips

Anyways, this is just a filler post.
Sowieeee… uninspired wah.

Ever since my hobby was known to the public and among my friends, it becomes a lot easier to answer what gift do I want when they go travelling. Sometimes even without asking, whenever they saw some cute or unique erasers, they will automatically bought it for me.

I love love love the people around me very much.

Iwako erasers from Japan. How authentic can it be?
I have tons of pirated (yes! erasers pun ada pirated one) Iwako erasers and maybe I should dig out the fake one and show the difference between them, if any.

My beloved ex-colleague Red1 bought it when having a seminar in Tokyo.




The above two packets of Crazerasers are from Chau Mc Dotty, bought from Perth.
My favorite piece is the rubber stove. So cute!

And the following erasers you’re going to see are all from Happy Star, if not wrong.
B$2.90 per set.






For all of you out there, I think I kind of collected all food erasers so maybe you can stop buying them for me? Unless it’s like rubber nasi lemak, rubber martabak, rubber cucur pisang. Most sushi sets, dim sums and even western steak I have liao.

And if you see any really unique erasers out there, kindly drop me a message so that I can get them all! Wonder if it’s possible to open a erasers museum next time ah? Still, after checking out… masih got a lot I nochet have.


Pu3 said...

Of course many people are reading your blog :P like i always look forward reading your new post all the time. Your story always very interesting XD

Btw, siok looking through your eraser collection photos.

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