Thursday, February 3, 2011

My CNY (Eve) 2011

Sorry for the lack of updates because errr…. I was internet-less for almost a week at home. So there, a post on the first day of CNY (proves how jobless I am) for you all.

This is my very first CNY without my father around, of course, due to Chinese tradition, we’re not celebrating this festive. So, instead of being in Sibu right now munching with relatives, I’m now at home with mom feeling bored.

Anyways, here’s some photos taken yesterday (CNY eve).

Went to Kitaro since they’re having promo for HSBC Visa card holder.

I was having my day off yesterday because I applied leave since last year for this very day so that I can go Sibu. Sibu trip no jadi liao, leave cannot cancel, so just stay in Brunei lor.

02 03
My boo, giving out a gentle eye and choking face (which is pretty rare). Dear friends, please do not tease this bunny for his innocent look ya.



Had A LOT of time to take picture because our food only arrived 50minutes later. Good that I wasn’t rushing to anywhere so I had more patience.

06 07
The food that we really enjoyed and will go back for more.

08 09
The ones that we didn’t. I miss onigiris ($4 for 2 in Kitaro, with super plenty of rice but very very, VERY sikit fillings) from 7-11 and the shake plate (in my opinion, it should be renamed to mini sushi and sashimis), for $12.80, seriously for that price, I thought they can do better.



Got back home (Seria) at around 2.30pm, super happy that the internet is back alive and later received a text from my dearest colleagues asking me to go over to Sheepy’s place for some fun.

I was jumping and this photo was taken when I had already “landed”.

Played Pictionary, the answer to this is…. OWL. Arina’s (left) one super fail! Mine (right) is super nice kan!

Meet up with SL and 48 (yay!!! She’s back, but only for 6 days), my two super best buddies in the whole wide world, tea-tea at WYWY and headed back to 48 house to collect our hand-letter (buah tangan, is that what you called it?). I got a pair of really cool shoes, cute tee, erasers, lip gloss, a stupid key chain asking people not to feed me, and some free postcards from 48. I love my best friend!

Then at 6pm, balik rumah and preparing for our super simple reunion dinner.

Mom cooked longevity noodles (mien-sien/mee sua) and I cooked buttermilk abalone mushroom, which I over simpan chili because.. yes, it’s free. My mom had a chili plant and we have lots of chili.

Then meet up with the Garden Circlings and …. it’s 12am already!

Yes, that’s when the fireworks battle started. Super kiasu lah everyone. Hahhahaa. But good also, got free show mah.

Then makan!!!!

Then played Cluedo… balik kampung, tidur, woke up and here am I~


Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Please remember to spend more time with your family ya.

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