Sunday, February 20, 2011

Valentine’s Day 2011

Yes yes, everyday is Valentine’s Day lovey-dovey, it’s commercialized, overrated, businessmen come out tipu money bla bla bla. But it’s still special for us, cannot ah? Smile with tongue out

But, I do think that Valentine’s dinners are overpriced and those flowers…. expensive till..

Super wan-ban lor.

Anyways, my Valentine’s Day this year still bery-bery lomantik~


Bobby brought me to this secluded place where I didn’t even know it exists before! Right next to the beach, not much crowds.. sorry, should be no crowds at all and the food is yummy and cheap! Just a little isolated nia. Still, it was perfect for vday~

My silly boy even brought candle (the little dish and lighter) just for the night to fit the night. I was super sakai seeing the LED candle and super mesmerized. The candle changes colour okay, not the flame!

But because the place is right next to the beach, it was super windy so the candle only got lit for like, 30 seconds?

Like Bobby said, the best fish and chip ever.
And…. *ceng ceng ceng* B$6.00 !!!
(I couldn’t even finish it myself)

Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad, B$5.00.

Bobby’s combo something something… $15 if I’m not wrong.

And he sapu-ed everything.

The happy Chubbies

There, our table, with the beach right next to us.


Next, card exchange time.
It’s a tradition and we’re still not tired of it thank you very much.

My lousy card to him.

Mine, can you guess what the box is?

It’s a safe, according to him.

Giving me the key to his heart. *cough* cliché

If you think it’s just a chunky heart made out of stone wrapped in red paper, you’re so so so SO wrong!

Push the key a little and it’ll light up~

Let me hear *Awwwwwwww*

FHL for putting so much effort in making me such wonderful “card/gift” but received a lousy boring card from me.

Fake smile and real cheerful happy smile.

Oh, he gave me roses too… which, I have to admit, didn’t really appreciate.
Not into roses, not into roses wrapped in transparent plastic with floral prints, not into overpriced flowers on Vday. period.

Following day… (which happened to be a public holiday hence we kinda extend our Valentine’s Day celebration in a not so romantic way)

My score and his. Sarcastic smile

And I was wearing high heels, with my bag on the way some more (check out the bottom right of the left photo above)

Bought pre-printed canvas~

And did some painting~

Went for a short break at Universal because fat guy always felt jealous if he knows I eat there without him.

*ta da* End products.

Nothing special or lihai, we’re n00bs when it comes to painting okay. Already not bad liao so mai-hiam!



Anonymous said...

hey.. may i know how to go to the restaurant? hehe

cheap foodlover said...

Hi there, may i know how to go to that restaurant please :)


cheap foodlover said...

wanna surprise my wife :)


Nonnie King said...

It's in Jerudong. Can you all email me so I can give you all further details?

Anonymous said...

Hi Nonnie, where about is it in Jerudong? What's ur email add so that i can email u?

Nonnie King said...

If you email me I can attach a google earth image to show the place, which is easier because it has no signboard and simpang number