Sunday, February 13, 2011

Canon Selphy CP800

Upon receiving my bonus last year, I bought something which I had wanted for a long time. Actually, not very long, just 1 month nia. It’s like the best purchase of the year, my year I mean.

I’m sure a lot of you have questions now, how much does it cost, is it worth buying, how about the ink cartridge and papers?


At first, I went to Interhouse’s website and left a request for the price (quotation) of the printer. Waited couple of days but still no reply.. Probably it’s because it was during end of the year and everyone was on holiday. So I called up and asked for the price directly and the answer I got was not a very… how should I say… was not an amount that make me smile.

So I came up with solution no.2, asking a friend in KL to help me buy and bring it back to me when he’s back for CNY. Price, RM549.00. Fair enough.

Just when I was about to send over the money, I received a reply from Hasmin, Interhouse Canon Brunei and the price quoted by him completely blown me away! For the exact same model (latest CP800), it’s even cheaper than Canon Malaysia’s price. Woohooo! No more worrying about “just in case”, “if rosak”, “warranty issue how?” !!! Nyek nyek nyek!!!

Note: Hasmin told me it’s the special launching promotion price and I’m the last person quoted with that price (he said one lar…), and strictly cash term as well. So I’m not going to tell how much I got it for.

Terus booked one and got Bobby to pick it up for me and viola…

A photo printer!!! My baby is here~

In my opinion… for me only lah har… don’t marah ah…. a photo printer is a better choice compare to a polaroid. Of course, if the “instant” issue is not what you care for. It’s cheaper (the film + cartridge), the photo size is bigger, more layout choices (1up, 2up, 4up, 8up and ID layout), and you get to select what photo you want to print… (doh)

P1140533 P1140808P1140810

No more feeling awkward going to the shop printing camwhore / silly / ”romantic” (not that I have any) pictures.
No more excuse of being lazy to copy the photos and going to the shop.
What I like most, take picture, take out the memory card, straight away print a few copies and give it to your friends and no one will be left out!

Some people find me funny for buying this but.. why?

I find this product extremely useful (for me) wor..

Oh, I forgot to tell you how much the ink cartridge and papers is…

Okay, for a box of KP108IN, 108 pieces of postcards (papers) and cartridge (sold together in a box), it’s B$43.00.

That’s $43 divide by 108 = 40 cents per piece for a 4R!
Isn’t it the same as sending it to the shop?

This is how it print out


p/s: This is not a paid ad! I’m just blogging about this because I really like my FIFI (Yes, I like to name my stuffs)

p/p/s: But after seeing KBF’s post about the HP wireless printer, I super super super like also lah! Imagine receiving something from lover and friends instantly (with colours) just by sending through email. Technologies, I salute you!


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I was going to ask why you didn't post those nice photos of us, .. and then I remembered......

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