Friday, February 19, 2010

Bobby’s Day + Pre-mature Cupid’s Day


Takity talk :
I launched PS3 and was ready to prettify this blog post with heart doodles and quirky notes. But, I ended up staring at the monitor and gave up like 5 seconds later. Sad isn’t it? 4 years down the blogging-road (if there’s such thing) really kill my creativity in photo-enhancing. Blah! Nevermind, I’ll just put some photos and captions (sometimes short stories) to have you all entertained.

… no wonder my stats dropped like poop!

Went to Senja lounge because it was fully booked the last time when we just walked in. The ambience was quite good that it actually made us feel like we’re not in Brunei. People cheering and toasting everywhere and to be honest, I was a bit put off when the waitress showed us our table…

Because there’s only the two of us, we’re put in a corner next to this long long table with about 10 – 15 people and it was quite noisy.

01 02

It was pretty dark inside and taking photos with flash on really killed our eyes.

03 04 05

His birthday card.
Cute pop-out ladybug with 26 (reasons why I love him) cards in it.
Got the idea from internet. It’s not original but hey, at least give me credit for completing it!

I really rushed it! Wait till you see his Valentine’s present then you know how much work I did to make this 2 cards / gifts. But I’m really happy with what I produced this year!

Complimentary bread and garlic butter

Baked aubergine with cheese and pepperoni is love!
B$ 6.50

Senja Prawns with blue cheese.
B$ 12.00

Bobby’s Traditional F1 steak. He ordered a smaller portion one.
B$ 20.00

My Spaghetti Napolitane
B$ 14.00

11 12

My Valentine’s Day card from Bobby.

I was laughing when I read … “Our Valentine’s Day so FAT”
What the bippity-bop~

He asked why was I laughing and so I questioned him why our v-day so fat. He told me that it’s “Our Valentine’s Day so FAR”.

Hahhahaaaa. Ming-ming written FAT one, bad bad handwriting!


Very cool card. Can extend one year by year starting from 2005.
Reading back our vday celebration, really like jinxed lor.
Mostly spoiled by the restaurant due to late arrival of food. Well, nobody likes grumpy Nonnie when she’s hungry.


And this is what I gave him~

Bet you all cannot guess what is it~~~~~~~

It’s a restaurant menu!

It’s quite thick with all the food I can cook or confident to cook listed for him to order. I don’t really want to show how the inner pages look like because I don’t want those lack-of-creativity-copy-cats-who-copy-ideas-then-don’t-give-credit-to-the-creator to use my idea!



But I’ll show you one page only!

Hahahhahahaa. He signed on the it already!
My rule no.1 is… “The chef is always right!”
And the one is, “Any dissatisfaction, refer to rule no.1”

Oh ya, the agreement page is the only printed page, the rest I drew, colored and wrote everything myself one. I have like pages for beverages, appetizers, noodles, chicken, oink-oink, seafood, pastas, western and desserts. Like real menu can!

And now I’m just waiting for Bobby to make his very first order~

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**~Pu-3~** said...

Wow, a self made restaurant menu book for valentines? How thick is the book? :D Must have need a great effort to do this!

But i guess you're right about those "lack-of-creativity-copy-cats-who-copy-ideas-then-don’t-give-credit-to-the-creator"
Haha, i have that fear too :P bt i dont influence ppl much thro blogging