Wednesday, April 28, 2010



We don’t live our names “Chalie Chubbies” for no reason. As you know,
Sikit-sikit, lama-lama jadi LEMAK!

on our way to chubbiness~
Oh, that purple leggings was only like… B$9? as most of the boutiques here are selling them for more than B$15. Where else but eBay!

Before heading to Da Mammamia (Oops! I think I forgot to mention that we’re going there, but I guess the title of the post is quite obvious), I read from Mau’s and Pab’s blog posts on what’s good to order.

Loving the orange walls and the furniture.

I have no idea how the previous restaurant (Dunes) looked like but for Da Mammamia, those little decors on the walls and shelves are really cute, especially the trumpet.

Enjoying the food while seeing busy people on the road

Bobby’s Orange & Pear Juice and my Apple Tea.
(Lost the receipt so I can’t really remember the proper name)

Bruschetta – my favorite of the day

I really really love the bruschetta because the texture of the bread was really different. Read from Pabs that Da Mammamia makes their own bread and that’s the reason why you must really try that. It’s not your average baguette bought from Supa Save or Soon Lee bakery with chopped tomatoes, olive oil and herbs. The bread wasn’t soggy and the sides crunched! Yums!

Calzone, or the folded pizza.

Bobby knifing it.

Oooohhhhhh! Look at that yummy cheesy goodness!

I guess it’s the anticipation while opening it the calzone which made the food fun. Not forgetting, it tasted good too. Bobby loved the pizza dough the most.

The Seafood Pasta, with crayfish and prawns. Al dente spaghetti with that sour and appetizing sauce. *slurps*

The total bills added up to B$39.00. Tad expensive for lunch but it’s quite worth the experience. Definitely going to have a second visit!


Ending this post with the above photo. Hehehe.
Watched “When in Rome” with Bobby and had the whole cinema to ourselves.

Nah, I didn’t sit like that with my feet up, it was just for show. Numb kali ah!

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