Friday, January 8, 2010

My 2009 in a glance.. okay, make that multiple glance


I feel that I have the need to summarize my 2009 just because.


January 2009

I was still a student enjoying my semester break while anxiously waiting for the result. Oh ya, I was an ultimate Pau because of my short hair and I’m so glad that I’d passed that awkward stage. Result was out, and I went back to the pathetic yet full of laughter hostel life in F4, carrying bottles and bottles of water, lots of books and files, minimum 4 baju kurung every week.


2009 was also the year which I spent my Chinese New Year alone without my family. But it was okay. I have friends.


Signed up for tailoring class and made my very first skirt!

But gave up shortly because of overwhelming part time job and assignments. Truth is, tailoring is so damn difficult and I gradually lost my interest in it every time my teacher corrects my draft on brown paper and sewing bengkang-bengkok lines, or even got a bit senget also have to redo the whole thing… *put on sad innocent face*

Cooked my very first kolomee and made mushroom soup from scratch which tasted way way way better than Campbells! Of course lah, so many mushrooms in to 2 bowls of soup nia, MUSHROOM SOUP KAO-KAO!


February 2009

February! The month that I look forward to every year yet dreading it due to the reason Bobby’s birthday and Valentine’s Day is just 3 days apart!

Baked Bobby a cake (and decorated it myself with Fiona’s help!) and hid his birthday gift in it and scared the hell out of him because he thought I was stupid enough to put a phone in the batter and shove the baking tin into the oven. Now who’s the stupid one?

Made him  a birthday card (exploding box) with lots of “kisses” in it.

…. which reminds me, it’s about time that I start to think what to make for him this year. Let’s hope we can have the enthusiasm to make each other cards till forever and ever. *blush*

My hostel room got raided by monkeys for the very first time, and luckily it’s the last time too.

March 2009

Started my Part Time Job No.2! It was one hell of fun knocking doors to doors, hoping that we would get the survey done and fully cooperative interviewees. I didn’t blog much about this part because I wasn’t sure if I can share my experience here, so publicly.


But I met a lot of really fun and cool people. I get to know all the juiciest and super confidential details like their salary, all the way to, how often they buy toothbrush. I’d came across really nasty people who shouted at me, questioned the survey form (wasted my time because after explaining like 15 minutes, he still marah-marah and walked away), and people who were so afraid of the survey and gave wrong information on purpose.

Like, I was in the house and saw some electrical kitchen appliances inside. But when I asked if they have microwave or oven, the auntie said no. I frowned and asked, “Er.. how about that?” – pointing to the object. She answered me, “Aiyahh… don’t write lah don’t write lah. Later they think we very rich. Very mafan later..”

* doink !!!! *

Of course, I got some goodies from really nice people too!


April 2009

Nothing much this month apart from assignments assignments assignments.

Had the opportunity to meet Bobby Chinn~!


Contributed a little to the ultimate foodie bloggers challenge!

May 2009

My last month as a student. Studied like no tomorrow because I didn’t want to regret later for not putting enough effort and gladly, I didn’t disappoint myself too.

Got Bobby DPMM’s jersey with everyone’s autograph and invited my other blogger friends to Excapade’s newest branch’s opening and ate our heart out! Well, I didn’t because I need to rush back to UBD for my exam. I went there with thick eyeliner done by Mau. Hahahhaaa.



Had a slumber party for my last day in hostel. It was also the very first time I slept with aircon in hostel can… I miss my room, minus the heat.


Went back to school, as in… back to teacher’s life and involved in the eXPLOMATHS event.


June 2009

A very happening month!

Had fun with Soly in the bookstore. Hahahhaaa.

Finally bought a new camera!

Got my sukacita letter!!! Hehehe. No photo for that~

Went to Thailand and Cambodia with Maurina! All my birthday wished that I’d made in 2008 came true!


July 2009
Nothing much this month.

August 2009

Had my very first garage sale and I’m really glad to have that in a friend’s house with plenty of joy and laughter!

Do you still remember Bridex?

September 2009

Pek cek month. My car got hit by a Ghurka. Crayon Shin Chan’s creator passed away… And kana suan I fat.

October 2009

Had my graduation in ICC and super nervous when HM was right in front of me.

Went to BAG’s Raya dinner and had a blast at DoraMabel’s birthday bash.

November 2009

Celebrated my 26th birthday with all my beloved onessss.



December 2009


Holiday!!! Went to Saigon and KL with Bobby. Had a lot of adventures and also good moments with friends. Brought my cousins around Brunei and… I’m still blogging about my trip. Stay tune~

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