Saturday, January 16, 2010

E63 or E72? Or maybe the Samsung Jackie…


My ancient Sony Ericsson W850i has been acting up on me, again!

Previously it was acting all haunted, taking pictures by itself (which really freaked me out). Sent it for repair and it cost me B$ 60.00.

Just few months later, the stupid phone gila again! This time, if I press the menu button, the camera function comes out. Apart from that, I cannot press the # button and that’s why all my text messages are super cacat that looks like this.


Because I can’t have “space”, so I use full stop to indicate that that’s the next word.

And also, I CAN’T REJECT CALLS!!!!!

That’s the most annoying part for me.

Once Bobby called me up and after saying bye, I was starring at the screen. The time was still running and so I picked up the phone again and said,


Super duper mafan.

I don’t want to send it to repair again because, buat apa…
Just repaired last few months now rosak again.. Don’t want to throw another $60 into the sea liao.

All my friends told me it’s time for a new phone but… but… this phone is only 3 years old. Sayang also. Maybe for some of you 3 years is like so ancient dinosaur but for me, as long as can use can liao lah… Phones, cameras, and all sort of gadgets come and go what.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Any secondhand E72 for sale?


Bobby said...

My Samsung T10 phone which you called dinosaur, I used it from focus informatic for deploma to my curtin uni till my birthday last year when you bought me a new phone hehe.

Sheila said...
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Anonymous said...

buy e63 saja nonnie cheap and can change housing also unlike e72. :) same functions. just much much cheaper.

Nonnie King said...

Bobby : Boh pien.. you kiam.

Mau : Ya, most likely getting a E63 because of the price and the features.. Hehhehe. Your influence tu Mau