Monday, January 18, 2010

Buttermilk Chicken, Bobby’s DIY Croquette & Peach Crumble


Yeap, we cooked all those *points to title* yesterday!



Recipe from here.
It was pretty easy and…. only when I cooked it baru we realized how unhealthy is this dish! Die liao lor, already ate so many plates into the tummy baru sedar.


Me : Is it nice?
Bobby : Of course! This is $5 in restaurant leh (for a small portion) ! Now I got one plate for myself!!
Me : *tam ciak + kiam siap = Bobby*

And, Bobby self-created a vegetarian croquette with big big ketul of broccolis!


I told him that I want to try cooking buttermilk chicken and he said he want to contribute something too, voluntarily har!

He went youtubing and found several recipes. Then happily told me he wants to modify the recipe!

I was like, can you please keep it to the basic and just follow the original recipe?

That guy ah.. like haven’t learn to walk want to run liao bah!

For those croquettes, people originally put mixed veggies one.. He keh-kiang go buy mushrooms and broccolis because healthier wor…  Then the broccoli sibeh big ketul! But I let him lah… didn’t want to de-motivate him then next time he doesn’t want to cook liao.

P1080429 P1080432 P1080431

So.. the croquette also super big lor!


P1080435 P1080433 P1080434  

But, have to give credits to him lah. Instead of breadcrumbs, he crushed cornflakes and used that instead. The result was marvelous! Really crispy even when it cooled down!


Don’t look at the chao-da (burnt) piece lah… first time frying not bad liao!
Must support support and encourage him mah~

Oh, can you see the big big ketul of broccoli?




The easiest of all~

Umm… I was too karit with the butter so the crumbs went a bit powdery. Still yummy nonetheless~

Perfect with vanilla ice cream.

After cooking I asked how he felt, he answered…

“All those videos and recipes tipu one.. It looks so easy when they are cooking but it’s not in real life!”

Baby, it’s you who make the recipe complicated.   

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