Friday, January 29, 2010

Pro kali ah..

Yet another post without any pictures...
Because, my adapter still in "hospital".

Listened to Uncle Jan Shim and sent the adapter to repair in a shop in Seria and that stupid technician just wouldn't listen! I told him what's the problem with the adapter and after few hours, he insisted there's no problem with it.

Partly my fault too because I forgot to bring my lappie along to show him that it's not charging. Yes, the adapter showed lights on it and there's power, but at the other end some wires inside seems disconnected that's why my lappie is not charging!

He asked me to go back today and guess what, he said he opened up the adapter and there's no problem. ARGHHHH!!! Some people just don't listen! Why open up the adapter when there's no problem with it, check the wires lah! Palau eh!

Lucky he didn't charge me else... Nonnie the evil lioness appears karang.

Hence, I sent it to the Indian shop (just opposite the petrol station, which I'm sure people who lives in Seria will sure know where) and he's damn pro!!!

I only told him like half of what the problem is, he terus continued the sentence for me!
Plugged in the adapter and connected to my lappie, bent the wire here and there and he knew which area got problem. He said he has to cut open the wire and reconnect it and it's going to cost $10. Not bad lah! Better than buying a brand new adapter when it's only the wire yang rosak kan?

Then I walked a little further down the street (wah seh! I actually stopped myself from visiting the pasar malam when I could smell those tongkeng bakar!), went into a sanctuary spa to ask about eye lash extensions.

B$40, but only last 2 - 3 weeks. 
The tauke-nio actually told me that because my lids are quick thick, maybe it won't be very obvious (from far) but still can strings of lashes (like spider's legs kali?) lah. 

Now... I don't know if I should go ahead and do it..
After all, $40 for something that only last 2-3 weeks.... I karit. 

Wah, long time to post random musings like this liao.
Hahahhaa. Hope you guys don't mind ojipalas like this. 


nikki.szeli said...

Hey Nonnie!

Last time my friend went to Batu Bersurat there and it costs only $20? Imma check it out soon, want me to update you 'bout the extensions? =)

Nonnie King said...

Nikki, $20 where can use the word "only".


Yes yes, enlighten me please bout those extensions. But, very likely I won't go for it since, I love rubbing my eyes, and I don't wana look weird for CNY with the distance near enough to feel people's breathe on my face just to check out my eyes.

27 said...

wah $10 only..

lin said...