Monday, January 25, 2010

Over the horizon


Puan Norhayati came to my school today for an inspiring talk to the students today. I bet the teachers enjoyed the talk more. Listening to all the adventures she had really made me realized how small am I.

“If you don’t do it now, when are you going to do it then?”

This quote really stunt me.

Few years back I had always dreamed to travel to all those “impossible” places. “Impossible” because:

1) Mom would say NO!
2) Bobby too.
3) Bank account three.
4) Passport visas four.
5) But, mainly because I want to travel alone. Hehehhe.

Well, at least I had Angkor Wat covered. And I’m left with…. 314325 places to go.
How. Great.

This year, I’m going to a very “commercial” destination in Asia with mom and the fat guy. Planning lah planning. I labeled it as “commercial” because there’s nothing exotic about it, unlike Mau’s destinations. *jealous!*

(Eh, bringing mom jalan-jalan cannot go exotic places what)

Speaking of my mom, she’s plain weird. Now that she’s healthy and fit, I really hope I can bring her go see the world more. I suggested China initially, supposing to be every Chinese-elders’ favorite spot, balik-kampung-wtf, and she told me she doesn’t like it. Because, SEJUK!

Even when I asked her if she would want to go to the “commercial” country, the first question she asked was, “How much the tickets?”

Now don’t you ask where my “karitness” … thriftiness come from…

I told her I want to bring her jalan-jalan while she’s still young and fit and she said she’s not interested. Then I said lah, I don’t want later you too old cannot really walk then baru regret why you didn’t travel more when young. She answered me, nevermind, I got grandchildren to take care of. Steady!

Oh ya, after the presentation/talk that Puan Norhayati gave, we had a little Q&A session opened for the students. At first they were all quite shy to ask, in the end, not enough time to answer because everyone has something to ask! Isn’t that great? Aren’t teachers suppose to teach kids things outside the textbook too? Isn’t general knowledge equally important to those as stated in the syllabus?

Students were asking really cute questions like,

  • How do you pray when there’s no clean water?"
  • Why is the sea named “Dead Sea”?
  • Why are those coffins placed on the tree?
  • Where you buy fuel for Jambo?

Ahh… Kids.


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