Friday, January 22, 2010

Ohai, this is my new phone



Inilah me phone baru. I was ecstatic when I found out there’s actually a “white” color for E63 than the usual red, blue and black.

*happy squeak*

But then, because I was really sakai and suaku, I asked the sales assistant..

“This is really Nokia right? Not made in China fake one right? Won’t explode right? Right?”


This phone feels like rocket science to me.
Umm.. Pardon my tardiness.

Heh heh. Friends were recommending E72 but I was too karit. Apart from the camera mp and don’t know what other features, I reckoned it’s more or less the same except for the built. One more plastic-ky and the expensive one more solid and cold (pasal ia besi kan?) nia. Didn’t want to spend extra $250 for something similar eh.

Like what Mau said, tukar casing ja.

Kiam-siap-ness rules!!!

P1080487 P1080486

Bought a transparent silicon case and zng-ed it with some bling bling stickers.
Smart or not?

Because Bobby won’t allow me to terus bling it on the gadget itself one. Actually, me also lah. Because scare later make mistake cannot undo then how?

And I cannot do the Xiaxue’s stunt in blinging it. I’m too lazy and impatient for things like that. Later my eyes also pa-jiao (juling).


Since I stick it on the silicon case, can always buy a new case and re-bling it anytime I want. Hehhee.

For now, let me enjoy my new found romance.


Anonymous said...

so now no excuse must tweet more :P no need texting. hehehehe. and can also sync your email to ur phone. believe me owning this phone made me save so much credit.

**~Pu-3~** said...

Sooo~ CUTE!