Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Assorted but not so assorted too


I seriously need to get my blog-bugs back.
I’ve been procrastinating since, forever. =D

Anyway, in order to get the blogging hype back, I forced myself to take pictures of anything/everything on the long weekend last week.

Friday, 27 November 2009


Early breakfast with Pingko, Yeye and Ruru.

I wanted to eat light (because Bobby the Lim wanted to have breakfast with me too. Yeah, how not to get fat I ask you?) so I only ordered Chee-chiong-fun and chai-kueh.

Know what, KB/Seria still have the best kuehs!

Those in BSB can balik kampung makan sendiri.
No match at all!

And lately, I’m having this Milo craze!
I ordered Milo (panas / ping) whenever , wherever!

Before that, it’s either teh-c, teh-tarik, or ice lemon tea.
Hmm. I guess it’s my body wanting me to get happy.

Everyone’s busy watching TV except for me.


I love Pingko’s new phone! E72, so solid and sexy.
Mine looked like a stupid kampung naive budak beside the classy E72 lah.

Time to change phone?
(No moneh change pi ah! chant *Win win lucky draw* x 100)


Say Cheese! (Can spot me smiling right? Darlie or Colgate, find me lah!)




Ye gave me 2010 daily calendar.

I really love looking at these daily calendar!
It has motivational quote everyday and those fortune thingie.
Like what time is good and what time is bad.
Today good for cutting hair. Today cannot touch the soil.
Which direction very heng and which animal soi.
Then lucky number again.

Very superstitious.

Anyway, the point of the above photo is…

The creator of this calendar super sien-kar (deity-ish), can predict whether got anak bulan or not. Terus put 1 Syawal 1431 liao. Steady or not.



P1060846 P1060847 P1060848

The unofficial title of the day is “Train Bobby to capture better photos”.
Very important for our upcoming trip can~


Need. Bigger. Eyes. And. Sharper. Nose.


While waiting for our food…

My Egg Dosai~

After my second breakfast, his only breakfast, we went to Kiulap for some baby shopping.

Man, baby stuffs damn mahal!!!!!!!!!
Super sweat man when I looked at the price tags.

After picking the perfect gift for Baby Jayden (Victor and Jane’s baby boy), we went to Saffron Cool Cupz for icy cold pearl milk tea.

Resting my feet / Baby Jayden’s pressies


Like beh-song I drank his pearl milk tea like that.



My vintage-looking camera case, my wallet and my boyfriend.
<3 <3 Super <3

Wasting time camwhoring because lazy to walk.


Went to everybody’s favorite Japanese restaurant for lunch!

I know Miri people love Excapade. Then Chaugy told me her friends want to come to Brunei just for Excapade too! Some people die die want to transit in Brunei for just one day just to taste those reasonable-priced delicacies!

(Even 48 also said this CNY when she comes back have to bring her and Shane to Excapade too)

I’m quite anal with the wasabi.
I cannot tahan seeing the wasabi inside the jar looking all…. messed up.

I will take the fork and try to make a beautiful pattern out of it.
If I have a spoon (clean of course), I will flatten it until ia macam baru~

Same goes to ice cream.
I like my ice cream perfectly licked with no flaw.
Then stupid Bobby would come and bite off my perfect cone-ish ice cream and I will marah and licked it back to a nice shape.

OCD much.

Waiting at Brunei’s lambat-est bank.

Hello BIBD, can you kindly please install some fully functional Cash Deposit Machines and the Passbook-update-machines in all branches?

Please please please?


Entertaining ourselves.


The Devil’s number.



Next, the prize presentation!!!!!


My first time winning something from lucky draw!
12th place but I’m very happy with it already!

(Though I secretly wished that I could have won the LCD TV which I desperately need)

Thank you QQ!

Oh ya, I think it was the time when I belanja-ed my colleagues in Cheezbox on my birthday.

The fabulous gift~

Aku mau itu iPhone (pasal ia mahal), itu camera, itu netbook, itu Nokia juga.




My prizes!

Sold the home theater already and my mum wanted the juice extractor.

Till today, it’s still in the box and I seriously think she’s not going to use it. She’s keeping it just for the sake of keeping it. You know, mothers~


P1060898 P1060899 P1060900
Hehehhehehee. Ya ya, I bought shoes too~

From iWalk. Only $9.90. Those, errr, nobody wants already punya old stock.
But lawa kan?


I had bad experience for Korean food in Brunei, so I was a little reluctant when Bobby suggested KIMCHI. But he insisted that it’s way better than those restaurants we tried before so okay lor, gave it a try.

Pan cute (actually is trying to make my big face smaller. Illusion people)


The side dishes, refillable! Love the ikan bilis and potatoes.


This chicken wing is da BOMB!!!
Bloody good can.

Crispy outside, juicy inside. Oo La La!


As usual, we over-ordered, again.
(Damn! Order with your brain, not with your tummy okay Nonnie King and Bobby Lim!)

The bibimbap was pretty good too. I love the hangus-hangus bits crunchy rice~

Cooked Bobby porridge the next morning.
Sorry, no photos. Because it’s the world best porridge and we sapu-ed everything.
I’m talented in cooking. Hahhahaaa.

Next, CHLOE’s Screening Night.

The movie “CHLOE”, not a person.


Lead actress in purple looking glam and next to her in light blue shirt is the director cum wrap-mountain-wrap-sea-behind-the-scenes, Chris Chong.

I really admire his courage to pursue his dreams lah.

And those young actors and actress, photographer and make up artist, and so on, really put in a lot of effort to make the whole thing work. Kudos!

With a budget of only $2,500, this is really not bad.

Those Seria slang really cracked me up lah. And I spotted some goofs too. Hehehheheee.


Be patient, Mr. Talented Chris Chong (or, I prefer calling him Yee Chai) will be uploading the whole movie up in youtube in the near future.

There, it wasn’t so bad right Nonnie.
Still can blog, still got nonsense to say.

Blog bugs, come to mama.


Nick said...

Haha... 'director cum wrap-mountain-wrap-sea-behind-the-scenes'... now that just cracks me up...

Has been a gardener for a while, finally a chance to meet u (well, not exactly)...

27 said...

so the bad korean food experience was at the one in gadong kah? what happened? we ate there last night and it was nice..

Nonnie King said...

Nick : Well, at least now I do know who is the "Nick" taking all those nice photos.

Oh ya! Your fedora straw hat looked really cute that night.

27 : Not the one in Gadong, that one okay okay. The one in the other side of Kiulap.

**~Pu-3~** said...

'train bobby to take better photo', bt atleast he's that good oredi.i always tried to teach my bf, but he's a terrible photographer, ask him to take my pic, only take my head wit a lot space elsewhere arghh.

Nyway, escapade sure is 1 of d best! I realised all this after travelling around Japan, uk n europe! Nothings compare to d food in escapad :) Hk have d best salmon sushi that melts in mouth. But escapade still wins for the varieties of delicious food they provide as 1 restaurant!!

Dania805 said...

what CHLOE screening? what seria slang? local movie kah?

fill us please!!! hehehe...cos u made it sounds so good :p i wanna laugh at the wteve seria slang u refer to also!!! hehe...

idea for ur next post ni :p


Nonnie King said...

Pu-3 : You sure? My guy is only capable of shooting me stumpy if it's on full length. No angle no nothing. Just his height in standing position. He never bothers to explore the view a little more differently one.

And, at least you have a creative way to blog to make your post really interesting. I hope I can find my vibe back!

Dania : But but, the movie is in Mandarin (with English subtitles though).

It's just that, us Chinese-KBians have our unique slang. It's very informal and even the Chinese in BSB also catch no balls.

When the movie is out in Youtube, I'll definitely tell.

Rabbit Sim said...

Nonnie, where to eat those nice chai kueh n chee cheong fan?

Those in BSB sucks :-(

Nonnie King said...

Rabbit Sim : LOL! Glad that someone actually agrees with me!

You can get those delicious chai-keuh (skin thin thin, ingredients inside like wanna burst out) in some weekend Tamu (from chinese vendors of course) and for daily, you can find them at the food stalls upstairs of KB wet market (Chinese section also).

Oh ya, if you're there, try the best Zhu-Zak porridge!

Tina said...

Nonnie, all our local calendars have predicted Syawal dates what? LOL. In other countries like Malaysia, Singapore, and Saudi (if I'm not mistaken with this last one) use calculations, they don't try to spot the anak bulan anymore.