Sunday, December 27, 2009

Day 1 – Airport, Airport and More AIRPORT!


Short Note: Yesshhh! I’m back from my HCMC + KL trip and it was so good (albeit super bad in the beginning) and I’m missing Bobby badly after spending 9 days 8 nights with him shoulder to shoulder.

As usual, I’ll try to blog everything out but, um… give me some time okay as I have another KK trip coming up. Super happening lah my December.

18 Dec 2009


Photos posted chronological order.

Happily holding our passports and boarding passes waiting for the gate…



02 03
Still can smile and pose at this point.



The lousy plane!!!

We were already all sitting in the plane when the pilot (or co-pilot I don’t know) announced that the engineers were checking on some problem on the air craft and advised us to go back to the terminal as it’s more comfortable to wait there..


And that’s when the helluva waiting started…

We were quite kan-chiong at that time because we had a connecting flight to Ho Chi Minh at 5.45pm! You know, when I booked the tickets (7 months ago!!!), I was afraid that AirAsia might delay *cough*what they’re famous for (previously)isn’t it?*cough* so I chose MAS instead.


Went to Coffee Bean for wifi but again, this is the crappiest Coffee Bean ever!


Then at 1+pm, they announced something and we thought we can finally take off (and still can make it for our next flight), instead…they gave us food voucher.




At the kopitiam downstairs. With plenty of dirty plates lying on all tables.




Fried Mee, plain and boring.


As for what happened in between, read here.

Dinner was a plate of fried rice with pathetic portion of cold fried chicken..
And a cup of blackcurrant.


We stayed at the kopitiam for hours because we’re too karit to spend another 10+ dollars for Star Bucks just for wifi and we found power outlet to charge my lappie. We just sat there and leeched.


Very unglam with oily hair, face and potential pimples.

It was so cold till we beh tahan and went out for some fresh air instead.

(At that time, we had already spent 10 hours in the airport! I have no idea how we survived it but like Keith mentioned, I should be glad that I was with Bobby in that kind of situation)


12 1413 15
Passing time with my QuikPod.

Boarded again (for the third time) at 11.00pm.


Very kasian you know.

There were some elderly too waited there for the whole day like us. Stupid MAS really. There were flights (MAS) flying to KL after us and we just witnessed batches and batches of passengers boarded and flew off.

And guess what. The flight didn’t take off till… 12.45am like that.

Bobby’s sweet and sour fish.



My rendang.

Arrived at KLIA at ungodly hour and was shocked by the crowd at the baggage claim area. I think they all came back from their Haj.



Thank goodness there’s still bus operating to bring us all to LCCT.
(Check out the time displayed on the digital clock)


RM 3.00 (pasal midnight) from KLIA to LCCT.

When we hopped on the bus, we thought we’re in some sort of Bollywood disco or something.

Reached LCCT at about 3.45pm and as usual, LCCT being the super busy airport, there’s no seats for us and we just simply sat on the floor to rest.


Bobby’s brilliant idea. Put our luggage against the wall as our head rests and in between, my laptop because takut kana stolen when we’re asleep.

22 2324

Super hard to sleep can. We kept waking up lor. The hustle and bustle terminal had crowds kept coming in, and it was really cold………..

At 5.45am, I already beh tahan and need something hot to warm up liao.


Went to McD and there’s where I saw KY!
I was a little star struck to be honest.  But too malu to approach and say hi.
HAHAHHAHHAAHA. He’s so easy to recognize!

No delay for AirAsia! Yay!!!!!!!

I think these bunch of Indonesians just missed their flights and were hogging the counter ever since we’re there.

I love self check-in kiosk! No need to queue and hassle-free~


Finally, 2 hours later….28


To be honest, I thought the airport will look something like the Phnom Penh one but it’s new and modern! Although I encountered “ask-up-ask-low” from the immigration officer there because of my nationality.

“Why you come here?”
“How long you stay?”
“Where you stay?”
“When your return flight?”
“Can I see your return ticket?”                          

But sokay!

I can’t wait till next year when I finally belong!!!!

End of Day 1, because I wanna leave all adventures in the next post.



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