Friday, November 6, 2009

The chronology of happenings on my Birthday, 2009


Woke up at 5.30am to get ready for the Teacher’s Day celebration in ICC. All for Wan Son the Guru Cemerlang!

Foochow’s traditional must-eat food on birthday… Mien-sien (mee sua)
Plus my mum’s signature satu telur and satu drumstick.
She said birthday must eat one.

Shirley picked me up at my place at 6.20am..
2nd Breakfast in the car. Egg sandwich, jagung and cookies (which is not in the picture)

Got my very first birthday present from Vky, a gorgeous headband!

My beyoches (Vky, Sheepy and Shirl)


As you can see, I was already wearing the headband gave me. LOL.


Came all the way to support Wan Son, and spotted another familiar name.
Congrats to you too Chee! 


I like her shoes!
I was waiting for her to walk pass me then ask her where she got those gorgeous beauties one.. but, she never did.

Ya, I love looking at people’s bags and shoes one when I’m bored. Kill time mah.



Sat quite far from the red carpet. No chance to shake hands with HM.

I was thinking,
“Hmm… If I get to shake hand with HM, will I shout – Kebawah Duli, today my birthday. Can say happy birthday to me?" – Hehehhehhehehhee”

Fat wish lah of course.
I think I’ll start shaking with my jaws trembling once HM is right in front of me.


Mr. Wan Son looking like an Indon (for me) and terrorist (as per Sheepy) with his beloved batik shirt. He loves wearing like YB bah, boh pien….


Chee, that’s chuuuuuuuu ! But sorry ah, my camera can only zoom till this far nia.

Our Wan Son~ So proud of him can !

Went to Cheezbox for lunch….
Very disappointing lor.          

P1060389 P1060382


Ordered their new lunch menu, Pan fried fish fillet with boiled vegetables.

It’s suppose to be a healthy dish because fish mah, sure healthy one. Abuthen… look at the leftover oil…


I had to tilt my plate when I was eating to avoid those oil…

If it’s olive oil okay lah.. but for a $8.80 meal with free flow of fruit punch, I doubt they will use olive oil lah.

Damn kick. Will never ever order this again.

P1060387 P1060388

Vicky’s food came like 40 minutes late. Even Bobby, who arrived and placed his order 20 minutes after us had his food arrived first than Vicky.


DoraMabel invited me to join Muay Thai class.

(Don’t ask what stupid pose is that… I don’t know what the heck I was thinking too..)


I was a bit hesitant at first when Mabel asked. Because, it was my birthday and.. want meh? Muay Thai on birthday, very tiring one wor. I was secretly hoping the besties will asked me out for dinner but they didn’t. So okay lah, better than staying at home looking at ceiling mah.

I guess because everyone thought that I will be celebrating with Bobby but no lor, he always celebrates my birthday on the Saturday after my birthday no matter which day my birthday falls on.

Good also lah, at least no need rush rush and Sunday no need to work mah.

We were trying out a pose till Mark (the trainer in white) asked us to get in line and get serious.

Hence you can only see Ivan and SukChin posing.
DoraMabel was trying to strangle me and when Mark talked to us, Mabel and Chloe turned their heads away.

Hence the above funny photo…..


Surprise Birthday Cupcakes from them when I was at the counter with SukChin paying the bill.

Very steady one lor, they used those kacau-people punya candles. I blew the candles at least 6 – 8 times ah! My cheeks tired till like what.

Gave Mark one cupcake therefore there’s only 8 left.

And sorry ah, I don’t know how to look gorgeous after a sweaty and tiring muay thai session. Seriously, I looked like crap yesterday.

Went to SukChin house to take shower before heading off for dinner.

SukCHin’s dog sibeh smart only choose Mabel’s shoe to bite and hide.

Must have really good smell one that shoe.

Went to Zaika.

  P1060397 Last Thursday, it was also the 3 of us only having BBQ at Mabel’s place and had a sleepover.

Their super nice drink with 3 cherries and a slice of plum.


Beef ribs, which tasted a lot better compare to my first visit in RMS.

 P1060400 P1060402
East meets West meal.


My super awful drink.
I seriously gotta quit being so adventurous trying out something “I never try before”

The name of the drink is Jal-Jeera.
It’s like… some Indian herbs + Plenty of Salt + Somboi powder…

Yes, zero sweetness!
I ordered this because it says “relieve heatiness” on the menu.
What? I scare pimple popping waaaa…

Sekali, not only the color macam longkang water, the taste…. super scary also!

I gave SukChin and Mabel a sip and both of them cannot tahan already.
Mabel even said, “One sip already want to bang my head on the wall liao (long pia)”….



P1060405  P1060407

But.. cannot waste food. I die die tried to finish it.
By the fifth sip, I already think I saw white light before my eyes liao…..

Tears also come out ah I tell you!

Anyway, you guys can try order this drink if you want. Test your level of tolerance mah.



Told Bobby that I want to have a surprise on my birthday and he said he’ll try.

Then I asked again, “Don’t tell me the surprise for my birthday is having no surprise at all ah.. I kill you I tell you!”

So yeah, let’s wait and see what happens tomorrow~


Oh ya, for those who read my FB status knew that I had a super memorable birthday yesterday…

I left my keys in my room and locked myself out stupidly…


My current FB status reads…

Yes, a very memorable birthday indeed. 4 words explain it all, 自作自受 ! Left my keys at home, flushed myself out from Muay Thai running, punching, kicking like a dog, ordered Jal-Jeera and tasted like longkang water....


I think it’s karma. I sort of complained that last year I had way too many cakes and too many celebration. Not really celebration plang, but my 2008 birthday is hell lot of fun and surprises…

Ok, minus the fact that I had to spend 3 hours at Ckg Mansor’s yellow boot camp hearing him swearing ninimu at us. Hahhahaa. I miss that quirky man!


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ooo..i know where she bought d shoes...@ vinci.

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Wow! Long time didn't poke in here! :)

Wishing u a very happy b-day!