Sunday, November 29, 2009

Girls, can change car tyre too !


I really think lady-luck is constantly by my side lately. 

Not only I won fabulous prizes from lucky draw, I even beat Bobby 3:1 when playing pool (and I suck at it. Making the white ball jump and putting it into the pockets aku pandai) last Friday. Teased him, “Hah! Proves that you don’t need skill to win!”

And just this morning, my mom came to me and told me that I had a flat tyre.


Lucky or what?

You might think that I’m crazy to think I’m fortunate to have a flat tyre while most people dread it. But, having flat tyre at home, with shelter and sipping 100 plus is a bliss okay!

Way better than having a puncture under a hot sun or heavy downpours right?

Oh by the way, this is Corrie’s (my car) first flat tire too, after almost 4 years of driving him/her (?)

Okay, here’s the tools that you’ll need, jack and tyre iron.


(minus my mum’s foot)


First of all, remove the rim cap (if necessary).

Loosen the nuts a bit then jack the car.


Remove the nuts once the tyre is in the air.


Put the flat tyre aside and take out the spare tyre.


Install the tyre.



Your car is ready to move it move it~

p/s: Must must must remember to repair the flat tyre. Don’t later soi-soi there’s another flat tyre and you have nothing to change with. That time really have to call 247 road assistant.

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