Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bye HCMC. Hi KL!


Tonight is my last night in HCMC, and also the craziest because the crowd is seriously scaring us. Every attempt in crossing the street is like a suicidal act!

I kid you not.


Can you see the crowd?
It’s like the whole population on Seria town in just one street.
Super crazy can!

When we’re here last weekend, we thought to ourselves, “Weekend mah, that’s why a lot of people…”

Then on Monday and today, Bobby turned and asked me, “Is it their holiday today? Or Independence Day?”

Patriotic songs playing everywhere. Kids and dogs in their santa suits.
The crowd is so merry! Minus the annoying honking sound at every 0.5seconds.

Anyway, it’s time to pack and see you in KL folks~


That’s the night view from level 23 of Sheraton.

(And I initially thought that HCMC is semi-ulu. Really sakai!)

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