Saturday, December 12, 2009

The “EVIL” List


Yesterday while attending a wedding (HAPPY HAPPY COS I GET TO SIT WITH ALL THE PEOPLE I LIKE!), we’re randomly talking about my “future” wedding (Eeeseh, macam banar happening) and my silly friends went so excited and drafted me a list.

The menu and the program.


dot dot dot…

Sot one lor! iPhone and LV and Gucci somemore.
Can, I burn for you ah~


In their defense, they claimed that the food is cheap, so must balance a bit.

But, I do like the “gift for first 100th guests” lah.
You know lar, in Brunei, the invitation card ming-ming indicates like 6.30pm start, but sure don’t know why drag till 8pm one. No miss one! Sure 8pm one!

Eh, cannot like that one bah.
I’ll be very grumpy if I hungry, so please ah.. early a bit next time.
Else we don’t wait for you. Hahahhahaa. Terkarang~

The creators of the list.

I seriously think that they are creating their ideal annual company dinner lor, and not a wedding. Where got lucky draw one in wedding?

And you guys got see the game session?
”List 1000 good things about King”.

The purpose of it is, while the host have it on the stage, the guest balik kampung and ignore the rest liao because lucky draw also habis liao mah.

Evil or not you say?

Garden Circlings.

Hehehe. Can’t wait till next week then, travel travel makan angin non-stop till next year!

Gila. My wallet is crying now… 


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