Sunday, December 6, 2009

My (Spirithrift’s) Very First Car Boot Sale


Err…. this actually happened on 1st November 2009. So, errr, this is a super outdated post that I’d been wanting to blog but keep procrastinating.

I had 2 garage sales experience before this but it’s all at BubblyAngie’s place, full of companions, silly jokes and yummy food. To be honest, I was a little worried because I had no idea how car boot sale looks like and I just couldn’t stop pressing the “what-if” button in my brain and imagined all sort of situations.

But, I’d paid $25 so die die also cannot rugi!
Kiasu-ness is the new black, or whatever.

You know, I thought it’s just going to be a parking lot and all I need to do is park my car, open the boot and sit there waiting for customer.

I didn’t know there’s tents ready!
But of course, that’s if you’re early.

It as stated in the card, or paper I can’t remember that the gate would open at 6am. And I thought I was early when I arrived at 6.05am (from Seria okay, don’t play play, sekali JPMC was already flooded with vendors and customers! At 6.05am!

And everyone was so well-equipped! Tables, racks, more racks, you name it, they brought it!

Then, I looked at my space….


(Pardon the mess. I re-arranged every 5 minutes, but 30 seconds later messed up again)

Haiii…. sibeh kerlian / yam-kung / chi-liong-kar-chi-cham..

Only got one small small tikar (for me to sit, chair also no have ah) kain and boxes nia…

I’m a supper n00b!
Pwned to the max!



I thought I had a lot of stuffs too.
Sekali after putting them all out, I only used like 1/3 of the parking space nia.


I drew this sign board paper myself.

Cute bor? Must be cohesive with my Spirithrift (which I seriously need to start updating!) mah.


He was late!
Was suppose to meet me at like, 7.30am but he showed up late like an hour later.
But with a really good reason that I must/had to forgive him.

(Anyway, that’s him helping me out with some “display”. If it’s not for him, I couldn’t even go pee or walked around and bumped into my cousin and some friends! Boh pien, one-(wo)man-show like that)

He brought me ….



Not just ching-chai-sui-pien tapao breakfast, but…~~~~~


It’s OI-SAM-PAI (in Cantonese please) breakfast can.

He made sandwich, boiled cheese sausages and quarter-mashed-potatoes!
(He wanted to make mash potatoes but was running out of time, so he just simply chopped it into finer bite size)



P1060332 P1060333

There are times he really “kek” me till I nearly die of blood loss (cos puke too much blood, geddit?) but once in awhile he will do some totally unexpected sweet things.

Yes, fellow colleagues and friends of Bobby. Although he might look as if he’s well-behaved when I was standing beside him, believe me, I knew all the stupid and evil things he had said and done to you lots. But then again, it only proves that he’s very comfortable with you then he dare to suan you. Else, he’s a super polite person.

Like, during the second garage sale, he asked me what I wanna eat. I told him I just felt like snacking. And guess what he bought…


(And also pusing to buy Thien Thien Chicken Rice for FussyKelly & KL, seegarateh for Jason and CoolCupz for everyone!!! And he didn’t even complain or frowned. Hai, I so han-fook leh… )


My stall, right between two tents.

It was really hot, so that made it perfect for…





“Neighbours” – or you can translate as, “We’re the early birds because we have shelters!”

Opposite Spirithrift,



Steady or not? No shelter nehmind, got tree mah!
Can hang bajus on the tree~


You can also see the black color pick-up dumping the things he/she wanna sell and standing with an umbrella. Ani memang original car-boot sale. Very easy lor, don’t even need to pack! Can terus jalan one.


Finally found new owner to the pretty pair of DP!
Max dear, so brave and confident!
(Because most people love this shoes to bits, but they don’t want to be taller than most guys in Brunei)




My mum with her gang, came only at like 12.30pm when everyone was already packing. She was walking walking walking and suddenly, “Eh, very hot.. I belanja you all ice cream ah” when she saw Mister Softy. 

No doubt, I got my quirkiness from her. 
(And also cooking skill, I firmly believe in that okay!)


Accyee said...

haha this damn cool! were there a lot of people looking for stuff?

Nonnie King said...

Yes! Even at 6am there were already people try to dig things out from the boxes!

That's why by like 10am, not much to shop already cos all the good stuffs were picked already.