Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A belated birthday gift

Had a lunch date with the hostel-girlies yesterday and they surprised me with a belated birthday gift.

:D :D :D

Took this picture behind the RMS / Orchid Room building.



It’s not very often that I received hand-made cards (apart from Bobby the Lim who’s happily shopping and eating in KL now with his family. Jealous x 1000) from friends!

I really appreciate the sweet gesture lor.

Love the top layer the most. Hahhaha
And, I don’t want and will not have half a dozen of kids (floating in the air somemore) okay!

Yee Jan drew VW Beetle because she claimed that’s the only car she can draw…


My gift, kain!

Love the floral swirls and color too!
It’s so me! Black, white with a tint of redness~

And when my mum saw it, she added,
“Good! You everyday also wear same baju kurung to school!”

What wor? Thrifty is a virtue mah.
I go work one, not modeling. Hahhaha.
Hence the lack of powder on my face.

(Yes, I always look washed-out in school. Messy pony-tail plus boring baju kurung. Very the unglam with sort-of selipar jepun sometimes. Me no like bunions okay!)

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