Monday, April 27, 2009

Quick post


Just a short update on… everything.

I didn’t win anything from the challenge because my Rose Sandwich is very forgettable. Hahhahaa. Well, comparing to all those goodies, can lah I kalah. Please Pablo, organize another one so I can try my other recipe to win!



Miss the event?
Seriously… your lost!



I was very active last week because I was dead bored in Seria and I just messaged my classmates and friends so that I could fill my schedule. 

I love my very spontaneous and super sporting friends.

Went to Tasek Lama for some “road-climbing”.
Played golf for the very first time and had an aching back. Really lor… I never knew golf can be that difficult! My sifu and sifu’s-sifu comments on me was..
- You need more Umph!!!!
- You’re too sloppy
- You bend your (left) arm
- Nevermind, first time like that one..

And… my sifu’s sifu had a Freudian slip saying..
”Your arms are flabby”


I know he meant, your arms are sloppy but.. he used the word “flabby” instead.
Damn hurt lah!
Must. Lose. Weight!

Anyway, I was happy that some commented that I look thinner yesterday.
Oh yes! hahhahaa
But still… I’m still overweight.

Bah… later peeps.
Still in the process of curi-ing photos from other’s FB then baru can blog about yesterday’s event.


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