Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mr. Punctual


7th April 2009.



Most girls receive flowers on special occasions (like birthday, anniversaries and Valentine’s day) but here in my case, things are a little… different.

When fat guy buys me flower… that can only mean one thing.

I’m mad.
I’m mad at him.

Punctuality means a lot to me and even being late for 5 minutes IS A BIG DEAL to me if it’s without prior notice. I really hate to wait and I will feel very guilty if someone has to wait for me.

I know I know. Being late is the special privilege granted to all females in the world but I’ve never enjoy it before. Instead, Bobby is the one who always make me wait.


What the heck right!

Tabalik one.
Very salah lah!

I should be the one wasting time, walk gracefully in heels and spend like hours to get ready (shower + pick the outfit for the day + make up) for the date and make my boyfriend wait till langsat also ripe. 


And just yesterday, the history repeated.

I was bloody pissed at him. He was late for 20 minutes and because of that, I didn’t get to go to the library on time borrowing books I need for my work and yadda yadda yadda. He could have told tell me earlier right? Kanasai one.

Sekali, he had the cheek to talk back when I was complaining!


We had a really quiet dinner because I didn’t want to talk to him and it was during that time baru he realized his mistakes and apologized.

That explains the flowers you saw in this post.
No vase in my hostel room and I’m now using my mug to hold the lilies.


I don’t normally complain him in my blog because, he’s actually a very nice person/boyfriend despite the fact that he has a problem with punctuality, and.. I know his friends and colleagues read this humble blog of mine. So, paiseh lah. Must give him some face mah.

But, hehehehheheee, this time I’d decided to blog it out for the whole world to know, so everyone will help me in “reminding” him to be punctual.

Calling him Ah Pui had really made his waistline getting bigger and bigger so this time, I’m giving him a new positive nickname,

Mr. Punctual!

(I guess this post have just reminded you not to date someone who owns a blog cos he/she will use it against you. LOL)


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YIKES! .. better keep that in mind .. for us frens too .. :P

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