Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not your average BROWNIES!


It was like a mini-bloggers gathering last Friday in DST HQ for Bobby Chinn’s Press conference + Cooking demo. Syaz was there too and we talked a little. Her brownies damn laku okay. And I was lucky that she had free slot and terus made my booking!


Lunching with the D.I.E-ers2


I told Syaz that I’ll be picking it up at 1.30pm but we finished lunch early and to be honest, I couldn’t wait to pick up those yummy desserts already. And so, I appeared at her doorsteps at 1.15pm.

My box of delicacies!


I know it may look sweet to you, but I tell you.. it’s not as sweet as I imagined it would be. I only get to eat 2 pieces because my classmates (especially Dewi) loved it so much that they nearly finished everything.

Lucky I got to save some for Bobby… wah lao eh.


I’d tried brownies from many bakeries in Brunei and most of the time… they’re just too spongy, having textures like chocolate cake. But Syaz’s brownies… YUMM! It was so muddy and rich!

I’m so going to order again and this time, I have to prepare another tub of vanilla ice cream topping on it. Okay, bad bad idea.. I wanna look good for our (as in Bobby and I) 5th anniversary celebration so… sigh… no yummy brownies till end of May.



Here’s the link of the article that BT had written.
See, its really that good!

It’s $15 for a box of brownies (like the size you saw above) and it’s worth every penny! Reach her at +673 8 950000 or place your order either by visiting her blog at www.sasmonroe.net because habis stock! Regret till you die later I tell you.


WaterBased said...

Brownies are easy to make. Those you have tasted are over baked, all the moisture were gone. I am not a chocolate person, I usually take butterscotch brownies.

Nonnie King said...

Bah Max, since you'd said that.... so....

*cough* when you bake some next time let me try can?

Anonymous said...

if you have microwave, you should warm your brownies... and put the Vanilla Ice cream on top!! it's so freakin good.