Monday, April 20, 2009

The other “Bobby” – the celebrity chef


First of all, I’ll like to say shout a huge “THANK YOU” to Simpur, especially Marul, for organising and inviting me… or rather us bloggers to the press conference and the cooking demo.

I know, how lucky right?


When we saw the amount of people categorized under the word “Press”, we kind of freaked out and turned around asking,
“Eh… you got anything to ask or not?”

Okay, I wasn’t smart or witty enough to come up with funny / productive / brilliant question, so all that I did during the press conference was… laughed.

Bobby Chinn was so funny and cute! And I couldn’t believe that he actually shared with us the process and his feelings when undergoing colonic irrigation. Wow.


I learned that he dislikes durian… and his definition of durian that day was…

”A sweet raw garlic with an essence of garbage”



smile_teeth HAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHHAA!!!! How very true! Sorry durian-lovers, I have no passion for durian and I have no idea why people go crazy over it.



And I was lucky enough to taste Bobby’s cooking. Goodness! The beef was so tender and juicy. Yum to the max!

Oh btw, saw the t-shirt above. Bev got it and Tina helped so that I could take a picture of it. So funny lah the 10 Stages of Drunkenness! Especially No.7. HAHHAHAHHAHAHAHAAA.


After the cooking demo, he proceeded to the book signing.

Bobby… okay, I gotta specify now, Bobby Lim my Mr. Punctual is a fan of Bobby Chinn and so I bought the book for him and requested Bobby to deliver a special message.





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