Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Canon G10 or Panasonic LX3?

I’m sure if you have me in your FB, MSN or keep track of my Plurkies, you should know that I’m now thinking whether to get a G10 or LX3.

Okay, the fact is.. I had already read enough reviews in the internet, and compared these two cameras side-by-side for N times. Yet I have not really made up my mind which to get.

Quite a number of friends voted for G10, and only very very few.. okay lah.. just one, Intan picked LX3.. because she has one herself. And since I’m home (in Seria) with 24/7 internet.. I’m going to do something really geeky, build a table and compare them myself, in my own way and not so much of technical terms.

p/s: Once you go Windows Live Writer, you can never go back to “html” format of blogging. WLW has really spoiled me.

Here goes, my super bimbotic comparison that will make all gadget geeks slap their forehead till oh-che (blue black).


Canon Powershot G10

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3

Announced in

17th September 2008

(Because it’s newer)

21st July 2008

Looks so “tai-kau-soi” – big and clumsy and only available in just one colour.

Looks better and available in two colors! Like that already win liao lah! And some more, look what XX did to her LX3!

I know I won’t be as rajin as her to zhng the camera but at least, it can be beautified kan?



109 x 78 x 46 mm

109 x 60 x 27 mm

(cos its slimmer)


390 g (13.8 oz)

265 g (9.3 oz)

(cos lighter – I don’t need muscles in my biceps)

Storage type


SD/MMC/SDHC card, Internal (50MB)

(because I always terlupa that my SD card is still inside my lappie. You have no idea how many times I brought out an “empty” camera with no SD card inside)

Effective pixels

14.7 million

10.1 million

ISO Rating

Auto, 80 ,100, 200, 400, 800, 1600

Auto, Hi Auto (1600-6400), 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200

(Wah lao eh, damn kiasu this camera! But, I don’t think I will use up to that tinggi ISO eh)

Zoom wide (W)


(Both of them have wide lens but G10 more hebat. Ngam for kiasu people like me who wanna capture everything in one shot)


Zoom tele (T)

140 mm (5 x)

(No idea what does this do but, more mean more lihai right?)

60 mm (2.5 x)


Optical (Tunnel)

(Okay, I used to think that I don’t really need a viewfinder but now I need it! Because my the display light of my FX8 always went off and I can’t even see what was I taking, having a VF is damn useful okay. Can save battery life also I guess?)



Yes, 2 or 10 sec or custom

(Because 2s is too short and 10s is too long. This one can customized one leh! Cool or not?)

Yes, 2 or 10 sec

Continuous Drive

Yes, 0.7 fps

(less frames per second, but unlimited… Hmmm)

Yes, 2.5 fps, max 8 images

(More frames per second, so can be more kiasu because can keep ci-cak, ci-cak.. but max 8 pictures only leh… )


(cos I think I won’t be that kiasu acting like a pro taking pictures non-stop)
Movie clips Yes, 640 x 480 @ 30 fps, 320 x 240 @ 30 fps, 160 x 120 @ 15 fps

(Lower resolution but more fps)

Yes, 1280 x 720 @ 24 fps, 848 x 480, 640 x 480, 320 x 240 @ 30fps, 320 x 240 @ 10fps

(Higher resolution but less fps)

  1. At base ISO and in high contrast conditions, this is the highest resolving compact we have ever tested
  2. Capable of very good results at lower ISO settings (Below ISO 400), and very usable for standard sized prints (noise and NR effects are visible on screen however)
  3. Very little vignetting and good edge-to-edge sharpness across the zoom range
  4. Very low lens distortion (none at the long end)
  5. RAW mode (and RAW+JPEG option) surprisingly fast - and useful
  6. Classic 'rangefinder' styling looks great, fit & finish superb
  7. Improved handling (much better grip) - one of the best handling compacts currently available
  8. Improved grip makes one handed operation quite comfortable (and secure), and generally fun-to-play-with gadget that encourages the user to take pictures
  9. Huge feature set
  10. Real, usable photographic control
  11. ISO and EV dial on body and external access to all important controls
  12. My Menu for quick access to most used menu options
  13. Higher resolution, sharper screen that works pretty well in bright light
  14. Higher capacity battery
  15. Rugged, solid construction and excellent build quality
  16. 28-140mm focal length range is all you need in most everyday situations
  17. Effective image stabilization with 3-4 stop advantage
  18. Fast and responsive overall performance (slightly slower than G9 due to larger files)
  19. Optional teleconverter
  20. Well designed optional underwater housing
  21. Software bundle now includes a full (powerful) version of Digital Photo Professional
  22. Flash hot shoe for dedicated flash units
  23. Built-in flash performs well
  24. Two custom modes and customizable shortcut button
  25. Wide range of image color and sharpness parameters
  26. 1cm macro mode
  27. Excellent movie quality


  1. Good image quality at low ISO settings
  2. Exceptionally bright F2.0-2.8 lens
  3. 24mm wide angle
  4. Decent high ISO performance (up to ISO 1600)
  5. Unique choice of aspect ratios at a consistent angle-of-view
  6. Comprehensive photographic control
  7. High quality construction with attractive design
  8. Automatic correction of chromatic aberration
  9. Feels fast and responsive
  10. High resolution screen
  11. Generally reliable exposure and focus
  12. Effective image stabilization
  13. Generally good user interface
  14. Raw mode & fully-featured RAW conversion software included
  15. Plenty of in-camera control over image parameters
  16. Good battery life
  17. Well priced (compared to its peers)
  18. Easy to use
  1. Rather slow lens (in terms of aperture) by traditional G series standards
  2. No articulated LCD (another traditional G series feature)
  3. Price is very high considering other cameras in its class and low end DSLRs
  4. Some noise visible even at ISO 80, Noise Reduction effects start to creep in and smear detail from about ISO 200
  5. ISO 800 and 1600, though improved from the G9, are still so noisy (and soft) they're almost pointless, ISO 3200 very low resolution and complete waste of time
  6. Focus sometimes hunts in low light at longer focal lengths and in macro mode
  7. Continuous mode slightly slower than the G9
  8. Highlight clipping and metering issues in bright conditions (though to some degree fixable in RAW)
  9. Some chromatic aberration visible at wide end of zoom in all shots
  10. Focus speeds and shutter lag (when using LCD) could be better
  1. 60mm telephoto will be restricting for some
  2. Noise reduction can impact on low-contrast detail
  3. Underpowered flash
  4. Auto flash keen on using 1/30th second shutter speed (but keeps ISO down)
  5. Disappointing white balance performance (though has a fine-tune option)
  6. Occasional dynamic range problems in very contrasty scenes
  7. Controls awkward for those with large fingers


Rating Out of 10
From Dpreview - 8.6
From CNet – 7.6
From Digitalcamera HQ – 8.6

Average – 8.27
Out of 10
From Dpreview - 8.5
From CNet – 8
From Digitalcamera HQ – 9.1

Average – 8.53


Price SGD 789.00
Free: 8GB

(price from AlanPhoto)
SGD 679.00
Free: 8GB + Case + Card reader + LCD Protector + Mini Pod

(price from AlanPhoto)


No. of WINs



Okay, 9 + 1 = 10 wins!

So what do you think?

Just leave comments here or vote for it at my sidebar...
Ignore the D60, not planning to get that after talking to Sas.


Bulimic said...

i'd go for the LX3 because it has the lens is by Leica, who are one of the most, if not the most respected camera lens maker in the world.

the LX3 is not just the specs but more to the intelligent brain inside it that can adjust the settings according to the picture you are about to take it. anakbrunei has one and he carries it when he is not in the mood to carry his dslr gear, so that says quite a lot about the LX3 capabilities right?

Nonnie King said...

Ya.. I'm using Lumix FX8 because of the Leica lens too. And it looks easier to use.

Reedz said...

Nonnie ah mui, I went through this process last year, and the LX-3 came up on top. I think if I did the selecetion again today, it will still be the same story. :)

Nonnie King said...

You have no idea how many times I had read that post of yours before, Hahahhahahaaa.

And, you're one of the reasons why I would pick LX3. Like, "Hey! AnakBrunei and Xiaxue used this camera also okay!"

Jamy said...

ah king sister bought canon G10 ...i think its the one u talking about ...cos i remember got wat 10....

The screen is quite big to view lo ...I try to take shot one ...picturing for nature like flower is really nice loo ..but for people ...ok ok la for me ...maybe I donno how to set ...

BUt hor too heavy to take it la ...not so comfortable for me la ...the feeling of shoot is not so song lo ...hehehe

27 said...

Nonnie..I'd go for the LX3 previous Lumix has done me wonders so Im sure this one will too..

btw..I think i saw you in Seria lunchtime with an umbrella..was that you? Wanted to say hi but you didnt seem to recognize me

Nonnie King said...

Jamy : A lor. I tried Tina's (6" Stilletoes) G10.. so heavy ah! Really cannot tahan carrying it around lor.

27 : Yah, it's me. You saw me? I was quite bangang yesterday and my stupid friend keep saying me princess for using the umbrella. Asssssss.

27 said...

yah i saw you.wanted to say hi but you kept on walking so i guess you didnt see me haha i was walking towards CAM and you the other way lah..yah you were with a guy friend and when we passed, he like say thank you to you for something. Not eavesdropping ok, coz passed by bah hehe and it was hot, why bring umbrella? hehehehe

Jamy said...

Yeah during my friend bday party, one of the guest was using Panasonic Lumix, she said the camera was soooo good and nice ...highly recommended to buy it...she love to take pic with that camera ....this make me my heart itch ...thinking whether can buy one and try it ...hahaha budget budget again...ah king...hehee whats the price range ah?

Sachcio ^^ said...

LX3 .. regardless of ALL the comparison ... if it's for U .. compact if the key ....
:$ :P

Sachio said...

ERm .. sorry .. "compact IS the main WIN"

Nonnie King said...

27 : Ahhhh.. I think I did saw you. Cos I was thinking you look familiar but don't dare to say hi or what so act cool only. Hahahhaa.

Xiang : Both G10 and LX3 are really good camera. Aiyah. you work liao mah.. can invest in things like tat urself liao one.

Sachio : LX3 ftw! Hahaha. Well.. I think its the price and weight that attract me the most

27 said...

hahaha ok ok, i wanted to say hi too but you acted cool so malu lah hahahaha next time then hee

Anonymous said...

hate to tell you this, but id go for lx3, but then again, i did do window shopping early this year, did online comparison and on hand testing of lumix. In short, g10 beaten by the optic zoom of tz15. I was considering for lx3, then again i need camera just for PnS (point n shoot), therefore tz15 wins.

tz15 or tz5 in some countries
10xoptical zoom, IA (was it AI?) is excellent who just want to take pictures with auto settings. excellent antishake even at full zoom!

if you want to learn the curve of photography this camera is the one. you can set your setting manually.

ps. i actually end up buying sony h50, i need the night vision shot.

Rapee said...

I recommend Canon PowerShot G10. I have one and very beautiful picture. Don't miss Canon G10.

Anonymous said...

Rather good idea