Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mawar’s May Promotion


Last last Friday, yes, the very same day when I got to meet Bobby Chinn in person, Thanis invited DC and I for food testing in Brunei Hotel. Free fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood!


While waiting for the CookieLateMonzter. 2

I digress. Seriously. I have no idea what the world has come to.
Men making women wait for more than 10 minutes is a big sin okay!


Anyway, menu of the day~




Uttar Pradesh Spicy Chicken3

It’s an Indian dish and I love the caramelized coating. I don’t know for others, but if you ask me to describe this dish, I will say …. it tasted like buttermilk chicken minus the creamy milk part?

I’m not a food critic nor someone who can talk about food in detail like a weather report or something something. So pardon me for my very limited vocabulary when it comes to food.


Cashew Kung Po Chicken


Who doesn’t know Kung Po Chicken? But to be honest, I’ve never order this before because…. my intake of spiciness is very minimal. Seeing the chillies like that already freak me out liao. Hehehehee.


Black Pepper Buttermilk Chicken


My favourite!!!! Why they so smart one?! They mix two of my favourite flavours in to one leh. Geniussssss! Buttermilk + Black Pepper wor!

It was so crispy and creamy with sikit-sikit spicy because of the black pepper. Pepper-type of spiciness I can take la.


Milk Sweet Corn Chicken


I like toh! Hehheehehe. Yes, I’m all into creamy stuff.

I don’t know about you but… crispy fried food plus creamy sauce, haih~
*floating in cloud 9*



Clay Pot Lamb Curry


Curry… in a clay pot? My first time also.


Sautéed Fish Fillet


Only ate a small bite of this so, cannot comment much about this.


Shanghai Chicken


Plum sauce and milk!!!! Plum sauce!
Plum sauceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
So smart!

Wait, I just realized Uttar Pradesh also got plum sauce. I guess I like Shanghai chicken for the kicap-ish outlook. Heh.


Chicken Patties with Avocados


Perfect for ladies who want to keep their waistline in a steady figure and wish to be a lean machine, or just pure small appetite.



The after-mess


Did you notice? Rice not very laku hor.


This special promotion will starts in May and it costs B$ 6.50 nett, one main dish with free soft drink (Coke/Sprite) from 11am – 11pm.

And the good thing about this promo is, the menu is really flexible! You can replace chicken with fish or beef for the above dishes and also for the clay pot lamb curry, you can opt for clay pot chicken curry too.


Anonymous said...

eh how long is the promotion??
do u think it will still be there in june?


-dee- said...

i might just head down there for lunch on Monday hehehe... nyaman usulnya...

Nonnie King said...

Liz : That.. I'm not sure. Since it says "May Promotion", maybe a month?

But I think you can email or call them to ask.

Dee : Remember ya, 1st of May. Nochet~