Monday, April 6, 2009

By popular demand


Here’s the map that I agak-agak only ya. My cognitive map can be very blurry sometimes hence I can’t produce a 100% accurate one.

But, at least I tried kan?



Oh by the way, just peep through the window and place your order. It’s pretty much like Nasi Katok style because you just “katok” and she’ll pack it right after you order.

Happy trying!

p/s: Don’t come marah me if the nasi lemak is not up to your standard or what ah. What I think is delicious doesn’t necessary means it suits your taste too kan?

Btw, I walked all the way from my block to the canteen …. well.. not exactly the canteen lah, but the area near there, just to post up this blog.

Please Telbru, can you make the WAVE connection stronger? If I’m lucky, I’ll be able to open web pages, but then … blogging with WAVE is near to impossible. Sigh. 

1 comment:

Hungryduo said...

the flat is located near the bus stop, before Terrace hotel. it's easy to spot actually ^^

if not mistaken it's only available during night time.

- Hunnie <3