Monday, January 7, 2008

Born 1300 years late

Went to Miri last weekend for the final packing of the boyfriend's "Miri House" and kissed the keys goodbye.

That teeny-weeny 2m x 2m room had given both of us good and bad memories. Celebrated my 22nd birthday with fireworks and his 22nd birthday with my home cooked meal that end up being thrown out like a vomit fountain...

(Good for him that I hadn't start blogging at that time else it's sure going to be really ugly)

We made it through this not-so LDR, spent more money on toll fee and fuel but never much in phone calls and sms. Praise the lord for the invention of instant messaging via internet. Anyway, the Miri-Seria LDR just 'upgrade/ downgrade' to BSB-Seria LDR.

Upgrade because we're separated by two rivers now instead of one.
Downgrade because we're in the same nation and it only cost 5cents per SMS.


While having dinner at one of the famous Miri eateries that charged Mixed Grill for RM13.00, I saw damn many bamboo-like girls sitting around me, which seriously made me feel like a Martian.

Maybe because it's located near the clubbing and pubbing zone, thus I saw a lot of skimpily-dressed girls whom I believe weight only 2/3 of me.

I thought my eyes were playing tricks with me, seeing walking chopsticks with fishballs on it or ostriches escaped from zoo. Ah, optical illusions.

Puffy super short skirts + thin legs remind me of those mah.

Then I looked down and saw...

A pear and two carrots.
My "shape" if you asked.

(>.< ) I turned my head and asked Bobby,

"Eh, all the girls in Miri suffering from malnutrition is it? So bloody thin one!"

"Got fat one you don't see nya...."

"Where? You show me now lah."

"Wait, I bring you to my (ex) uni. There got a lot."

Really meh? Curtin got chubby girls meh? The last time I went to the prom I saw a lot skinnies but non fatties leh. Liar liar, pants on fire.

Sometimes I think, if only I was born in the Tang Dynasty then it will be so perfect.

"Full-figured (even plump) women were considered attractive by men, as men also enjoyed the presence of assertive, active women."

What a perfect world to live in isn't it ladies? You eat as much as you want, gain few kilos and men still find you attractive wei. If only chocolate, french fries and ice cream were already invented during that time.. Heaven man!

No thanks to those anorexic models and artists who try to convince everyone thin = sexy.

Cheh... what so sexy about rib cage being exposed? Haven't those people heard of "inner beauty"? Keeping things inside baru beautiful maaaaa..... *lame*

*checks calendar... 2008*

Oh well, lucky I have an indecisive boyfriend who can't make up his mind whether he enjoy watching me eating (fatty food especially) or prefer me to be slightly thinner than my current self. Actually he didn't say the later, he just told me "don't kalah to Theen can already".

... which I don't know if he means,

- don't kalah = lose more weight than her, or
- don't kalah = become heavier than her.

Anyway, at least for now I can proudly say that "I HAVE BOOBS CURVES!"

pic taken 06/01/08

Sigh... no mood lar..
pray my leaves will be approved so that I can balik my mum's kampong and celebrate CNY with my family. Else, it will be me alone again this year....

I really don't know how many more years I can celebrate with my grandma. She's getting really old and sick. I heard my mum told me that she knew we're coming back (without me perhaps) and asked my aunt to get the rooms and food prepared to welcome us home.

I don't want to have any regrets in my life.. I don't want to disappoint her.
But how?


Sha said...

Don't bother abt those girls (I know I am being oxymoronic since I am skinny, but nonetheless), you are fine the way you are. And most importantly Bobby loves you just the way you are :)

jessie said...

haha... more of u to love!!

thats what my mum tells me!!
coz i'm fat!!

* ahem ahem *
curvy!!!! =p


Iwan Sanchez said...


yeah lor...

i saw some girls who are damn too skinny and refuse to eat..

i tink they are crazy or have this compulsive behaviour or some eating disorder..


aiya nonnie, dun always look down on ur figure lah...

urs is still ok lei.. not like some ppl who are damn too fat!!


Hor ny Ang Moh said...

U r not fat lah! How many time have I comment that u r well endow! Bobby love u for this plus some more! See I still got a faithful gf even though I got a big belly! Have a nice day!

War186 said...

Don't be so hard on yourself, Nonnie. You've got boobs what? Hehe. ;)

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