Thursday, January 17, 2008

Born to be privileged

Went to an insurance company yesterday because it is that time of the year again...
Yeah, car road tax expiring >,<

While waiting for the OL to process my policy, my itchy hand reached out for the brochures placed on her desk. Apparently, the sua-ku (kampong) me was so outdated that I didn't even know that there are so many different type of products such as...

For your amah, gardener and driver...

for golfers...

Rebbe, this is for you!

It even covers accidental breakage of clubs leh! Come to think of it, got people purposely go break their clubs one kah? And also Hole in One.

What are the chances?


Something that really caught my eyes.


Don't play play. Only for ladies you know.
Am paying the same amount of money as the guys but more privileges.

* Kua Kua Kua Kua *

Another reason why I prefer to have XX chromosomes than XY.

Come to think of it, why for ladies only?
Is it because ladies are more prone to road accidents?

Nevermind, as long as got jiuk-sou (privilege/ benefit).

Guys, don't you dare to look down on female drivers.
With this ladyauto protector we're fearless now! Muahahahahahahhaa!!!!


Jewelle said...

Wah Nonnie, you can do sponsored post lah!

Atul said...

"Guys, don't you dare to look down on female drivers.
With this ladyauto protector we're fearless now! Muahahahahahahhaa!!!!"


@lex said...

can be fearless but don start n go knocking into cars .. esp. guys.. if wan go for female .. since more protection ...
i can see it now .. brunei version of british program 'worst female driver!' ... LOL

Thanis said...

Hmm .. does that mean if you have mood swings can just ram ur car - insurance will cover de ma ...

*shivers at the thought* oh no~~

Watch out for lady drivers with muka masam .... :O they are now covered.

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : I tried once but I don't know how the whole thing works....

Atul : Come Tul, mari kita berlumba.. I mean, lepak.

Alex : Eh, my driving skill better than you can. Also my navigating skill. You have no right to comment =p

I where will drive reckless one, at most also curse and swear nya.. Like you never see.

Thanis : -____-"

I'm not that wu-liao.

I need my car to go work everyday one leh, no car no kaki.

But masam muka lady drivers are indeed scary lah I admit.

Atul said...

Hahahaha.. LET'S!

War186 said...

Hmm windscreen cover up to $500? I wonder what that's about. If it's what I think it is then I'm very interested.

The top of my front windscreen cracked somehow and it's so hard to find the spare part for it and I'm just so frustrated. Ok now why am I venting my anger out here? Hehe sorry Nonnie, I just miss driving my car.

@lex said...

:$ *Zzzzzippp*

Jan Shim said...

Nonnie, don't even bother with Sponsored blog posts—some people find making small change a good way to kill time which is fine but I find the concept all wrong. These companies pay peanuts and make a monkey out of bloggers in return for tiny gratification for making you feel "involved" in business. They (the companies) often have huge profit margins but these margins end up making the shareholders happy when their dividens are paid out end of the year. Sponsored Posts don't make you a shareholder so there's nothing to smile about either! (No offense intended to sponsored post evangelists) :)

Also I personally think if you mix Sponsored Posts into your Personal Blogs and can potentially compromise your credibility. People might and high probability WILL begin to doubt you the next time you say something is good or nice and human nature kicks in wondering if you really meant what you said or do you benefit financially for saying so. Get the drift?

nurul said...

where is this company? in KB kah?

Nonnie King said...

Atul : Bah Jom. I belanja you coke.

Wardah : Erm, I think the policy only works during the period of insured. I think its best you go and ask yourself. Your car rare in Brunei wah.

Alex : Saikana.

Jan : Not against it, but I personally will not do sponsor post because I don't want to lose focus. I prefer to be ad-free.

Nurul : Ya, its in KB. They have branches all over Brunei actually.

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