Thursday, January 10, 2008


Funny that I named this blog "Spiritual Garden" yet I don't have much of those now.

(Yes DeathReaper, whoever you are, your comment got me cracking and please gather some spirits to get my blogworms working!)

I felt that I'm becoming more "unsocial-able" this year. I prefer to stay seated on my seat rather than walking around the (staff)room, chit-chat and laugh loudly like crazy woman. Still, I have my favorite people all under one roof, my beloved biyoches, plus Hjh Zu. I know you're reading this because they told me you're feeling bored lately. I miss your loudness and high EQ! I wanna see your baby!!!

I blog-hopped a lot lesser, I commented (in other people's blog) lesser, I online (in MSN) lesser. Not sure if it's a bad thing or good thing though. Felt so gloomy. Nothing to do with the rainy + stormy weather, I love rainy days (minus the time when Astro is not working).

Maybe its because I still don't have a confirm answer yet for my leave application for CNY that's why a lot of things are stuck in the middle. I hate uncertainty. I really really really! want to go back Sibu and celebrate CNY with my one and only grandnanny. She's old and sick, and *touchwood* I really don't know how many more years I can celebrate this festive with her. When she's gone, there will be no reason left for me to visit the land of swams anymore.

I'd dug out all my cloths from the wardrobe as the first step for spring cleaning and I can't seem to put them back now. I have no idea how did I stuffed them all in at the first place. Also, so far I'd cleared out about 20+ shirts and skirts that I no longer wear or fit to be given away or donate to the needy later.

I remembered Luuee ever blogged, or said... "What's the point of donating low-quality aka lousy cloths when there's already a big hole innit?". And I very much agreed with that.

" 已所不欲 勿施于人"

I gave them away not because I don't like or want them anymore, its because I no longer need them. Still very much wearable and presentable and those ugly tees with cheese-like holes already transformed into floor rags.

. . . Dang ever told me, "Believed in how people present them to you, not how people speak of them". There are people who treat me nice but yet I heard negative comments about them. I'm not sure which to believe so that's why I guess I rather stay out of it.

This is a super random post.

When I'm done with all my lab decorations, I'll show it to you all. And also any of my DIY projects. Such as this one.

Made from cereal box and recycle papers from old magazines plus one 5R photo.

All that you need to do is get yourself a cutter and some tapes and put them all in place.

Its now my letter + key holder + to-do board.

More DIY coming up.
IF I don't procrastinate that is.

Need more spirit. Lunch @ Kaizen!


@lex said...

Wow .. never like the first to comment .. but 'land of swams' ???
if you feeling down ... maybe we should re-start the jogging/walking/gossiping routine! .. LOL ...
then again i might be out @ sea .. :'( with unbearable companions...
i just saw that Kaizen door is up ... hopefully in business as well ...

I'm Choonie. said...

Waiting to see more DIY. Nonnie, you are indeed born to be creative. Hey.. I can't sit still in the staffroom too. I will walk from one table to another (only the close one lar), chit chat and laugh like crazy woman. hahaha... I think if both of us together, we will make the earth move like earthquake. hahahah...

iwan said...

hello nonnie,
u mean land of swamps? hehehee!

yeah lah. it sucks to b uncertainty..

why cant they ust approved ur leave. sigh.. is it becos the school is shortage of manpower of something?

nevertheless, i hope ur leave will be approved!

hmm.. yeah lor, so long nvr hear abt ur diy!!