Sunday, January 20, 2008


/this is a boring post because the blogger is going to blog like a 16years old, the whole I-did-this-I-went-there thingie/


I can't believe I'm saying this but, I had a really productive weekend!!!

No, I didn't tidy up my room or wash my car that sort of thing.
I went shopping with my mom!

Not just some nearby supermarkets, all the way to Tutong Hua Ho okay.
Fine, I know its just 50km away and its almost nothing compare to the trips I made just to see the boyfriend. The thing is, it meant something to me because my mom is always busy and hardly spent time relaxing at home. She has more outings than me and I'm the one sulking at home and complained that she's going out too much! Ridiculous right?

So yeah, 3 hours of shopping floors by floors, sections by sections, racks by racks.

Seriously, I can't remember the last time I shopped without frowning and shouting "Tired already. I want to sit laaaa!". Well, anything for the queen.

*Those who can go on shopping for hours and days, I salute you*

I really felt like an old hag lor. Most of the time I was saying "Don't buy lah, no nice one. Later don't use/eat waste money nia". And she terpulang said, "Aiyooo... why you keep pouring cold water one?"

(pour cold water - discourage / be negative of)

I had to right? She bought a packet of COFFEE JELLY for God's sake!


I mean,
coffee ok.
Jelly ok also.

But coffee + jelly, ok kan?
She's a coffee junkie and I hate coffee. Does that clear things up for you?

Anyway, the trip was fruitful for her.
As for me, I bought a door mat (for my lab) and a square frying pan. So auntie right?

Oh ya, there's something else that I bought that would make me feel more like a normal girl.
Panties. Some more forced by the queen one (CNY coming bah).

I have no idea why some girls/ ladies love to buy lingerie so much. Or tabalik the question, why do I hate the idea of shopping for undergarments so troublesome? I think I'm abnormal, I'm already 24 and yet still feel shy sometimes when standing in front of the Triumph or Pierre Cardin labels.


Someone spare me some shopping-genes.
I'm lack of it.

Yeah, lack of it sampai the boyfriend had to "encourage" me to do more shopping.

And today I finally get to meet some big shots in person. Had a 2+ hours meeting along with some kuacis and sandwiches. *Hopes everything will go smoothly on that day*

When I got home, I drafted out the map of KB and man, I think KB should get awarded for being

Just a short driving distance of approximately 5mins, drivers have to come across 3 roundabouts. Each maybe just 2km apart! I mean for that particular area lah.

Has anyone counted how many roundabout KB has by the way?
(Maybe I will one day if I got really curious and have nothing better to do that day. You know, people tend to do silly thing when boredom strikes)

What is the meeting and map for?
You guys will know soon.

I think I become more domesticated since I passed my 24th birthday, which I don't know if it's a good thing or not.

I tried cooking again yesterday.
This time, Chinese Dumplings!

Don't play play. I made both vegetarian (for the queen) and meat one and everyone said it tasted good! My first attempt leh! Like I say, I think I'm talented in cooking. I rarely cook but the food I cooked never tasted bad. And, I don't really follow instructions from the recipe and I never measure or weight the ingredients. Just suka-hati mix and match. *cue snobbish face*

Looks quite nice right?

While wrapping the dumpling, some irritating flies kept buzzing around me and my mum talked to it,

"Flies an flies, go elsewhere cari makan ok?"
"Ya, go find some sh*t to eat." ,I followed.
"Cannot... Where got people say find sh*t to eat one? If the flies really go there and fly back here lagi not good ah."


Sorry ah, my mom has the habit of talking to every living and non-living thing she knows. Including her plants, my terrapins, the stray cats and even the TV sometimes when it's not working.

And when I brought it over to my neighbor to try, my auntie was saying, "Wah... seems like you cook more and more liao ah". I answered, "Ya, because I'm aging and turning into an auntie"

Then she had to drop the million dollar comment again, "Now learn then right timing already. Another few more years then can put into great use."


I cooked for my own pleasure lah.
Not using as a "bonus point" to fish guys or weapon to lock my future husband's tummy.

Sigh. Only 24 and people are already ushering me to get married.
Geez. What happened to the whole "career women", "new modern age women" and "Gender-fair" concepts?

I thought only the 9 years old me had the mindset of getting hitched at 24?


(My phone rang while blogging)

Some idiot just called my handphone! Stupid!

Idiot: Halo! Halo! *mumbles mumbles mumbles*
Me: Err... I think you got the wrong number.
Idiot: Who are you?
Me: Hey, you called this number and you should be the one telling me who are you looking for.
Idiot: Oh no, I just checking if my phone working.

*puke blood*

What a moron!

Hello mister. If you want to check if your phone is working, send it to a repair shop or just miss call your friend lah! Why waste your credit (and mine too) ?! How come one not know if his/her phone is working?

"I just checking if my phone working"

Inner injury now!
Really kek-si by these kind of people.

Sigh. Spoil my day nia.


I'm Choonie. said...

I spend my whole weekend spraying nia...
Cleaning my parents' car porch lar!
Tommorow, will be my own car porch. Sienz...

Princess Nashwa said...

Nonnie, that's an interesting fact. We do have a number of roundabouts and only one traffic light.. hehee How hilarious is that. My guess is seven-eight roundabouts... ??? I hope BSB bloggers are well directed *wink* :P

Kenny Ng said...

U haven't see how many roundabout in UAE la... I really lost count lor

jessie said...

well... my weekend is now...
jam-packed!! =p

taking care of my shop....
esp during the weekend..

iwan said...


u know what, i am also shy of buying my undies too!


dun know why oso..


that moron %%&%&%*^*^!!!

anyway, Nonnie, sorry to make u waste so much $$$ for smsing me...

Senor Pablo said...

Hey.. Nonnie! It was a pleasure meeting you yesterday.. Funny post.. You got so much thoughts to share...Since you can't think of a title for your post, allow me to suggest two.
1. Life of a gurl - shopping, cooking and eventually being married and becoming an aunty.
2. I don't like coffee and I don't want to become an aunty.


Nonnie King said...

Choonie : So rajin eh. Nevermind lah, treat it as exercise lor. We do need to look fit for CNY right.

Kaybee: I know! My friends were so fascinated by the fact of "Belait has lots of roundabouts but only 1 traffic light". My guess will be like 10~ 12. Only KB. Haven't count Seria yet.

Kenny : Really ah?

Jessie : Eeseh, someone got her own shop wor. Should be happy ah. What are you selling by the way?

Iwan : Waste money sms-ing you? Oh come on, don't say like that. Not like everyday also. I just wanna make sure things okay for you mah.

Pablo : Your suggested titles got me cracking!!!! The first one is like a reminder for me (aging..) and the second one is so true!

Bobby said...

I'm very unproductive now than ever. I used to enjoy going out with my mom but now she just likes to stay at home.

That is one good-looking and delicious dumpling you've made. I can't wait to try. Don't worry, i know u'l b a good housewife as u r more than qualified. Missing you a lot.

PS: I wonder got Durian jelly...hmmm.

Nonnie King said...

Fat one : Since when you become so obssessed with durian har? Last time when we just pak tor you say durian is just ok-ok-so-so for you. Liar!

That dumpling of course nyaman la~ Hehehe who make one wor. Even not nice you also have to say nice if not I won't cook for you anymore.



Hakeemm said...

Roundabouts in KB (Not including Seria, the border line of Seria & KB is after the big roundabout near panaga HAHA)

1) Roundabout near MKJB/tangki itam
2) R.A near JKR
3) R.A teko
4) R.A near HSBC/taxi terminal
5) R.A near SMPJN/Kg Pandan mosque
6) R.A near SMSA
7) R.A near Istana Mengelela (spelling?)
8)R.A near to KgPandan Library
9) R.A nodding donkey(the biggest)

thats all i think.. hehe

the number of RA in Seria.. im not sure.. but i think its around 2-3.