Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas 2006

As usual, flooding you all with the photos. Slow slow load lah har.

Muahahhaaa. Certified 56k Killer.

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There's no Christmas party for me this year. As I no longer worked in the "angmoh" company and most of my friends are not Christians thus no Christmas tree at home.

Nevermind, we plan our own.

And we decided to eat at Empire as most offer or xmas package other restaurant are more expensive. Serious! We really checked out almost every restaurant we can think of, in the end, we choose to eat (upgraded) Seafood Buffet @ Pantai, Empire.

(After that baru know Rizqun got served buffet @ B$30.00 per head, is it?)

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Auntie Kelly, like an auntie as usual don't want to "rugi", want to eat there from the time the buffet starts, till habis. 6.30pm - 10.30pm...


We reached there at 7.30pm, damn lot of people... Most are families who went there just to see Snow Time I think? Don't ask me, I don't know because we missed it. Too busy eating.

Lucky Kelly booked the table in advance. If not really "Holland" lor.

See all those party stuffs? Hehehe. Cannot tahan must wear them and pose pose a bit.

Sien with Spider-King liao, try something else. Try...

p/s: Am holding an invincible sword

Kelly, Theen, King

Okie, enough posing and taking pictures (I took a lot of pictures actually, better don't post them up later you all don't dare to go to bed).

Bah, Makan time!

It's a seafood buffet of course got a lot of (raw) seafood, oysters, prawns, mussels, crabs and the usual stuff like steaks, salad, soups and desserts.

Oh ya, sushis and sashimi! And all those delicious cakes.

Aww... So xing-fu (happy) can die.

Kelly's boyfriend, Kok Ling is really funny. When we're all still sucking the nice lemonized raw oysters, he was eating longans. I didn't see him eating much food, but... a lot of FRUITS. No wonder his skin so good lah. Must learn must learn.

(But Kelly wasn't happy with it because she think it's very rugi that way, must eat expensive food. Like Kelly always say, "Next time don't bring you out")

And Bobby on the other hand, loves the Pumpkin soup with scallop. He ate quite a lot of oysters and it's the first time I saw him eating prawn willingly, because I was there to peel the skin. Sigh, I always thought it's the man job to peel the prawn nicely for their lady, how come me tabalik one?

Swee Leong from the very beginning already can't wait to try those desserts. I think he almost tried all of them.

After 4,5 rounds of eating (surprisingly, we girls eat more than the guys), we went out for a stroll and took some pictures.

Silent Night

All with my 5.0MP FX8.

Swee Leong (back)
Bobby, King, Theen, Kelly, Kok Ling

Decent photos are so boring, let's try to make some funny face.

I think Kok Ling looks really cute here. Like some sort of creature. Oh oh oh, I know, LEMUR!!!!

(Google it if you don't know what animal is it)

By the way, Swee leong's shirt is not wet. If you see carefully, it's actually a man's face.

He wore it during Chinese New Year and everyone tells him this,
"Eh, your shirt wet liao."
"You feel very hot ah, how come your shirt wet till like that?"

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When I was 14, I noticed that my male (ex) classmates love to spread their legs wide open when they sit. Out of curiousity, I asked,

Me: Why you all must open your legs so wide open when you sit?
Him: Try imagine having something in between your tighs. Of course it's more comfortable to sit with legs wide open than keep them close and sit like a girl lar.

The below photo is a proof of what he said.

Hahhaa. Actually there's nothing in between his legs that is 18sx, I pixelate it for fun nya. And the dialogue also, just for laugh.

Man and his ego.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Walking in to the main building, *Aaaaahh* Air con!

We thought there will be less people so we can take some nice photos liao, who knows... lagi banyak!

But we still managed to "chiam" (squeeze) in the crowd and take some group photos.

There was this really nice walkway with lots of mirrors there. Can't help but take some picture there too.

I must post this pic up because it is...

Mirror mirror on the wall,
who is the fattest of them all?

There are still plenty of people flocking around the "penguins". We had to keep an eye on empty space and quickly "siap" in.

See pretty girl also do "peace" sign.
And only her "peace" nya lagi! Throw face.

Sigh, we all 23, 24 liao lor... Cannot "peace" that much anymore later people think we're retarded. Hhahahhaa. Just kidding. No offense to those coming 30 and still "peacing" whenever they take photo.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And on Christmas day, Bobby came down to Seria to visit me because I'd bugged him to watch "The Holiday" with me ever since I saw the trailer. I must watch it.

The (stupid) crew of OGDC cinema told me the show starts at 2.00pm, sekali when I go there, they told me it's suppose to be 2.20pm, and sweetly told me that now I got extra time to go Ideal to eat.

Ha.Ha.Ha. Not funny.

Having extra 20mins, guess what we did?

We played Giant Chess under the hot sun in the playground beside the cinema! At 2.00pm! Very hot okay! We siao one.

We played for around 10mins and it gets so hot that I have no mood to continue... Okay, the real reason behind is because I'm losing and I don't want to admit that. So I manja and say I don't know to play anymore because it's sibeh hot.

Oh by the way, that's also the first time I saw Bobby wearing cap and singlet. Even my mum also can't recognized him from his back because he never wears like that, not in front of me and my mum.

Then we walked back to the cinema, at least got aircon there mah.

And I seriously think OGDC cinema is the smallest cinema in the whole wide world! Can anyone check the Guinness world record?

Eh eh eh, I'm not simply saying it one. Got proof okay.

5 rows of seats (20 seats or less each row) and see that screen size, so now do you agree with me that OGDC cinema may be the smallest cinema in the whole wide world?

The control room
(I simply named it one, correct me if I'm wrong)
And know what, there's only 4 people watching that movie. Bobby and I, and two teenage boys.

Note to OGDC crew: Next time if there's so little people, you all can conserve electricity. No need full blast the aircon. I thought I'll be frozen dead inside.

The movie is really nice. Couples should watch them together. Eventhough rottentomatoes only rated 5.5 out of 10.

But, LOVE ACTUALLY is still the best!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Finally, time to exchange card. We didn't buy any xmas present, we only make cards for each other which I think is better than any present sometimes.

The idea, the heart, the time in making one. It's really priceless.

And we like to compete with each other see whose card is nicer.

Dang Dang Dang Dang

*Cue Drum Roll*

I proudly present you,

Nonnie's Christmas Card for Bobby Year 2006!

Nice or not? My first ever 3D card that I made. From scratch, all original idea!

No no no, that's not all.

My card can be open up like a treasure box one leh.

I actually took out my protractor and do all measurements one. No play-play. I can't find an appropriate tip for my xmas (tree) card, so I make the tip myself.

Well, it looks a bit like Hershley kisses.

Can you imagine the time I spent in glueing the ribbon on to the paper cone to make it look prettier?

I sticked some post-it notes at the side of the "wings", and folded two hearts and put them on the base of the card.

And the stars (stickers) on the outside of the Xmas tree, it glows in the dark. According to Bobby, it looks very nice in the dark.

Amazed? Think I'm very ganas leh. Hehehe.

Okay, now Bobby's turn.

Bobby's Christmas Card for Nonnie Year 2006!

Don't be cheated by it's outlook and think there's nothing special oh.

See that small piece of paper tied with a rope? It actually can be pulled out. All 4 of them on each sides.

He made it looks like a TV box, or a magic box giving me a lot of surprised.

He claimed that the paper on the right side is actually snow flakes, but I think it looks more like spider webs.

He drew all those himself. Nice?

But I dulan him drawing me fatter than him. (The couple wearing red and santa's hat)

So tell me now, whose card is nicer?

A) The card Nonnie made for Bobby, or
B) The card Bobby made for Nonnie.

Please choose now. Be fair.

(Hehheee. Question post just for fun)

I know we're both creative and we can actually set up a business making D.I.Y. cards liao. Anyone want to invest?


Kelly said...

Hehehe! i'm the first, i'm the first??! I'm actually trying to imitate like the fans posting on XX's & KS's blog bah!!

!@#$%^& if i don make any sign, i feel very uneasy taking photos staring at the cam 4 so long you know? nvm, next time i just show a "middle" finger sign lo..jk jk!

i don know leh, i like your outlook of the card! seriously i really envy ur talent man~~! but the inside doesnt looks as attractive as bobby's one sorry la, i don know how to vote!

*gambate* - your blog really makes me laugh non-stop!!

uglyfatchick said...

Then I'm second! woots.. :P

I like your card better, cause can ownself "stand" one.. =)

Nonnie King said...

Since when I got fans fighting to be the first commentor one?

Kelly Lim, eventhough you're just joking, you must at least pose one time with your middle finger I don't care. And I can't do that with you because I have to jaga my image as a teacher. Nyek nyek nyek.

And, like I told you, my card "sou-kung" better than Bobby even my mum claimed that it's a lazy person's work, I think I win him 9 streets.

Can I ask you to pay me since I make you laugh?

Nonnie King said...

Christina : WeeeeeeeEEeeee, second! Hahaha. I also don't know why I sound so high.

Xmas spirit not over yet I guess.

Thank you for choosing my card. I think you got taste. Hhahahaha.

Wangs said...

hm, both are nice and creative in its own way hehe such a cute couple..

Atul said...

Hey! Nice cards Nonnie! Both. I like the fact that yours is 3D. And is seldom thought of. Meanwhile Bobby's is a bit more common than yours. But he puts in loads of effort. Drawing is hard. Well for me.Hehe. So both lawa lah. But I think, if you guys can combine those ideas, nice! Haha.

BaBy JeE said...

Merry B'lated Christmas Nonnie =)

u know you should open a shop for card customization, or ask ppl to pay for card making ideas. hehe... and also charge the guys for helping them make cards for their gfs. hehe... Very cute leh your Card! Bobby's one is sweet too!

Nonnie, Bobby looks more mascular in his singlet... hehe...should ask him to wear that more, then ppl won't dare to distrub u...

Happy holidays!

rebelandaliberator said...

both are very nice cards, can see you guys went thru alot making the cards and designs are very good, especially the 3d one.. i like how your card is like a christmas tree, and bobby's very creative, got four pages to pull out of one card like magic.. hehe.. so both win la..

babyjee's right.. you and mabel should open up shop one day, very creative la you two.. like that kids' tv show, art attack or something..

de pianist said...

aiks..i wanna say geh things,others say all,your card has the style and bobby's card has the hardwork.quite good.*thumbs up* one suggestion for bobby,if he can use 4 pictures of it to combine as one xmas scenery for the cover of the card,that would be no matter how,sincerity is always the best and priceless present in the must be feeling so sweet to receieve such presents..hehehe..

Nonnie King said...

Wangee : Thanks. But sayang no one is winning this.

* * *

Atul : Yeah! 3D wins! But I do agree that he really spend a lot of time in drawing lah. I know my drawing sucks so I avoid it.

Speaking of it, we both never try to make a card together, perhaps our "wedding invitation card" lah. Hahhaa

* * *

Jee : Merry Belated Christmas to you too.

Well, Bobby and I ever talked about it, opening a DIY shop, but it's not time yet lah. We'll see how it goes lah.

I told Bobby never get thin because I'll feel more secure walking with a big size boyfriend.

Nonnie King said...

Rebbe : Both win lagi... Boring eh.

Anyone want to recommend me to the producer of "Rampaian Pagi"? Hahhaa. Just kidding lah.

I don't think I'm that handal sampai can go to TV show or open shop.

* * *

Pauline : Love your suggestion! Will ask him to read it so it might give him some idea for the next valentine card.

I didn't received any present this year, only the xmas card. But it's enough to rock my xmas liao.

* * *

How come no one comment bout me taking pic with Wu ZUn?

No one like him is it? :p

IngSiang said...

You and booby are really good in making cards.. =D!!

OGDC cinema seems like a good place to date? Oops!

IngSiang said...

Oops, it's bobby, not boob-y, hahahaha.

In China forum, they call the first commenter/reply = Sofa, then second one stood, then floor I think, bla bla. It's quite funny tho.

LuUeE said...

hahha.. Nonnie pooh pooh head.. Happy New Year 2007, got buffet din call me. Cicak man.. needs energy..

Yep, i do realised that these day the ginger houses that are on display uses real flour to make. amazing.. aint it.

Nonnie King said...

Ing Siang : Booby!!! Hahahaa. I was laughing so hard reading it and told him straight when he called me up.

Why is OGDC cinema seems nice to date? Not much people so can do naughty things is it IS? Naughty naughty.

First commenter = Sofa
Second = Floor,

That's so cute! Maybe I should make my own list of commentor too.

* * *

Luuee Lausai head : You so far in Miri, call you will you come? And Cicak Man eats flies and mosquitoes!

The gingerbread house in the photo is made of wood actually dear.

Kang said...

ahah,i'm just a Chun's fan and saw ur damn envy u,.....>_<......

LuUeE said...

Haiyo. Nonnie, got call is still good mah.. So i feel more close ba.

Nonnie; LuUeE, you are free to come to eat buffet ka?
Me; nope. I in miri

Me in my mind; ah.. Nonnie so good still got call me..

Hai.. Cicak man.. not only eat mosquito and flies. That is just an extended menu.. mwhaha..

Anonymous said...

where is ur pic w/ WU CHUN??? I don't c it???

brochure printing said...

Very beautiful party of Christmas events! I was laughing so hard reading it and told him straight when he called me up. I am actually trying to immediate make new friends.