Sunday, February 4, 2007

3rd & 4th Feb 2007

Last Saturday we had a lil farewell dinner for Soon Lung who's leaving soon for his master... in Mathematics?

(I predict he'll become a lecturer in UBD when he finish his studies)

We're suppose to meet in Buccaneer at 8pm. But due to some unexpected circumstances, Road Block that is... everyone was late.

During the road block.... (I was driving alone)

Pergi mana?
- KB

Untuk apa?
- Makan.

Boleh tengok IC dan driving lesen?
- (Take my IC and license out) Why? I look underage kah?


(Smile) Kerja mana?
- Sekolah, saya cikgu.

Kamu tau kawanku?
- Huh??

Kamu dari UBD kah?
- Oh, no.. ITB.

Oh, Okay. (Give me back my IC and license)
- Thank you.

Bye. Drive safely.
- Bye.

For the first time I feel happy driving away from the road block and not whining about the traffic jam causing me late. Service with a smile and make our country a better place.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I reached Buccaneer at almost 8.30pm, half an hour late! Surprisingly.... I was the second earliest to arrive. Apparently everyone has a misconception in the word "Punctual".

The girls

Standing: (L-R) Chai Hsia, Siaw Hung, Ah King
Sitting: (L-R) Chai Fung, SukChin, Jenny

After eating and chit chatting, we had a little photo shooting session in the restaurant. We're the last batch of customers so the restaurant was already emptied.

The Guys
Ah Chien, Chris & Soon Lung
(Chris is not that short, he's half squatting in the picture)

We talked loudly, walk around and take pictures here and there like it's a free studio.

Remember my Bangkok trip? Soon Lung is the only person who's daring and adventurous enough to ride on the roller coaster and pose stupidly with me.

I know he's willing to cooperate with me so I took my chance and asked him to do silly things with me again.

The normal shots

Cyber.. I mean Chris was saying...
"I think the restaurant want us to pay them "Service Charge" liao since we're messing around in their restaurant, playing with their (fake) fruits and flowers)"

Okay, one last silly pose to end the night.

I love this shot.

Peaceful and quiet KB Town

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

And today... I went to Miri.

Okay, to be exact, I'm my mum's driver and personal amah driving her around in Miri and helping her carrying the plastics and plastics of stuffs she bought.

Most of the time what I did was dropped her near the store, find myself a parking lot somewhere near it and wait for her to finish her shopping (bundles of jos sticks and 'golden-money' to burn during the CNY).

I was so bored that I took my camera out and started to take pictures.

There's quite a lot of people who passed by my car and were looking at me, probably thinking that I'm very "Sakai" kua, never see Miri is it?

Miri from the view of my rear view mirror

If not mistaken, the name of the tall building in "Yu Lan".
There was quite a number of old shop lots demolished and rebuild. I think it was still there when I last passed by back in November (my birthday) when Bobby brought me to round-round that area.

The Weather

Got nothing better to do than camshow.

The Chinese new year "feel" is thicker over in Miri comparing to Brunei.

BSBians, has NBT set up any CNY decorations yet?

Oh, I met Hui Xiang in Miri while we both are waiting for our food from the same stall.

She's still very..... thin. If only I can give my fats to her then it'll be a good win-win situation.
Couldn't believe we'd known each other for 6 years... Time really flies...

* * *

Gila one, I forgot to mention the flocks of people in those department stores and shopping malls. Almost the whole Seria population I think...

Those people take the stuffs like no need money like that... Very scary, I mean the mountains of things in their trolleys.

My mum and I are quite weird. We hate crowds. The more the people, the more we want to fleed and just go home.

Actually apart from buying the "burning stuff" for CNY, the main reason why my mum wants to go Miri is to get the bus tickets to Sibu. Sigh.... All the flights are fully booked, and I only get to buy them the Sibu-Miri tickets. So kasian them have to take bus lor. EIGHT HOURS you know!

One word, DREADFUL!

* * *

We didn't shop for any soft drinks, kuihs and snacks for serving guests.

Can you believe it, we can't even finish one carton of soft drinks during Chinese New Year.

Not because no one come to our house, but because my mum think that those stuffs are unhealthy. Everytime people came, my mum will prepare a pot of red dates tea (eh, very nice I tell you. All other drinks can "siam" a side) and cook them "Mien-Sien", the traditional Foochow noodles.

But, still will goreng one bucket of Keropok Udang and few packs of vegetarian snacks just in case lah. Usually, end up I'm the one munching while watching TV.


After round and round of searching parking and getting stuck in the stupid jam. We're finally going home.

Saw this kid while queuing at the Malaysia border.

Doubt he catch any not because he's fishing in a longkang, but because he was really impatient. He checked on his fishing rod every 30 seconds... And I wonder what's his bait.

At the custom

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I was trying 2 dresses in a boutique and thinking which to buy. One is super red and the other one is beige with black stripes.

I choose the beige one.

(Okay, I think I can hear Kelly Lim complaining and saying, "What? Beige again???")

Yah, I'm a boring person. I don't really fancy bright colours. I prefer dull colors than flashy one like pink, yellow or orange.

Some more my mum was saying, "Wear till so red, Tang-Long (lantern) meh?"

Hahhaahaa. Weird or not? My mum is used to me NOT wearing Red for CNY. She's not the pantang type, she has no objections if I wore black during CNY.... as long as the house we're visiting is ok with it too.

But sometimes she also complained that I have too many black shirts. Says I should wear "younger" colors.

I saw this box of undies with Chinese words in Hush Puppies. Was thinking, ok lar... Since my new year baju is not red, at least I wear red "inside", auspicious mah...

So I happily find my size and paid it at the counter.

It comes free with the angpao packets

Not until I took it out from the box.....

(Quack...... Quack...... Quack................)

I nearly pengsan..

Yes it is undies, no mistake....But it's for MEN!

Careless right? I am.

I'm the kind of person who never double check when I buy. That's why I need "Machiam" friends to shop with me to help me to check on the treads and see if there's any stain.

And one more thing, help me to ask for discount too.
I suck at it.

What I do with the undies?

Give it to my fatboy Lim lor.
Hope he can fit in though.. If not so wasted lah.

Note to self:
Double check on items before paying off.


Sha said...

LOL. Nice red underwear (for men) :)

War186 said...

No CNY decorations at NBT yet. Maybe they don't want to set up anymore after what happened with the New Zealanders vandalising last time's Christmas decorations. I don't know. *shrugs* We'll see.

Haha funny police. "Kamu tau kawanku?" Haha.

I saw those Hush Puppies undies last time I went to Miri. I forgot to ask Boon what they meant heh.

That's very unfortunate eh your family could only get bus tickets to Sibu. I guess a lot of people are going there for Chinese New Year huh?

Why pantang wear black CNY?

Nonnie King said...

Sha : Doh, jahat eh teasing me.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wardah : Ha? I thought it's because it's going to be the year of "boar", non-halal so they don't want to set it up.

The vandalism thingie kinda slip off my mind.

Oh those 3 words says "Full", "Blessings" and "Happy".

Black is not auspicious color. If you wear black to people house during CNY macam you're attending funeral bah.

Kenny Ng said...

Wakakakakakaka... the red underwear, can be new Superman lor... :P

Iwan Sanchez said...


You posed at the restaurant with their props, they dun scold u meh? hehehe!!

And i love the pic when u and the piggy in the car! looks cute!!!

Hahaha!! looks like u gotta endure the long bus ride again...

Happy CNY!!!

Iwan Sanchez said...

and oh ya...
Can donate to tme the red underwear too... hahahaha!!

IngSiang said...

The CNY mood in Miri also not 'high' this year actually, because no CNY songs! Stupid people, talk cock about copyright (while there's so many pirated CD shop in Miri). @_@

Let's wait till the last 3 days before CNY, then the pasar malam should be very fun, and stir up the mood a bit. =)

Ah, that kid reminds me about the time I live in Miri, and always go longkang there catch fish! =D using bottles. =D Catching guppies and lekor! =D

I miss 'kampong life', haha. =D

Anonymous said...

i've always wanted to know what those guys are fishing for.. on the main street of my kampong got alot of people fishing in the big longkangs..

Nonnie King said...

Kenny : Eeeeeee.... I don't want to be "Wonder woman" lar.
I don't want to wear red undies outside..

* * *

Iwan : Nolah, they're closing liao mah. No one there except for us.

Me cute? Thanks oh!

Nah, I'm staying here in Brunei for CNY where my parents balik kampong. Kesian leh?

The undies is going to be Bobby's birthday gift. Hehheee

Nonnie King said...

Ing Siang : I Know! Stupid people! There's no issue brought up when it's Hari Raya or Xmas, why now? Why Chinese New Year?


You catch guppies and lekor, but the kid is using a fishing rod! Maybe he's expecting something bigger.

* * *

Rebbe : I feel like going there kaypo also and see what they really caught.

At the big longkang near my house, they used NET some more.. Exaggerating!

Horny Ang Moh said...


Kelly said...

WHAT THE....?? NONNISM!!?? i'm going to sue you for errr...imitating/pirating *kuan ying niang niang* ah...hahahah!!!!

Nabeh~~i think your my 1st friend who ever goes so "wu lung" till MEN/WOMAN UNDIES you also will buy wrong??!!!

Here we goes...beige again...haha

Nonnie King said...

HORNY ANGMOH : Ha? Wear a man's undies? I don't have the "extra" to fit in eh.

* * *

Kelly : You sue me? Sue to where? You think Brunei court and police station will layan you for suing someone posing like Buddha meh?

Aiyooooo... The stupid box also don't write female or male underwear, how I know wor. You expect me to pull out and see and try try meh? If I'm not "wu-lung", I'm not "King" liao lar..

Buy anything but red won't look like a walking angpao or lantern k, and the beige dress can wear to wedding dinner lagi. No need to waste.

de pianist said...

OMG!goddess of Nonnie has arrived!*kneel down*

"all hale to the goddess of Nonnie!!"


i thought there should have man and woman section where the undies are seperated geh..uh oh..have to wear spectacles liao lor..hehehe

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : Come, let me sprinkle some holy water on you and bless your 2007 soon-soon-li-li.

They didn't! That box of undies is found at the side where most female cloths are hanging! So I kind of get the misconception lah.

Err.. I long long time don't check eye sight liao, maybe I do need to get new specs.

uglyfatchick said...

the undies got line line line on top normally for guys nor..

not much new year mood yet.. sianz..

Nonnie King said...

Christina : I sotong don't notice bah..
Damn blur...

Singapore also cannot play CNY songs in public meh? Why no new year mood?

uglyfatchick said...

got cny songs but all very boring types loh and not all stores have.. most stores still playing radio.. A lot of red cloths everywhere. but they look so weird. don't know leh.. like not very happy like that..

Nonnie King said...

Christina : True! Red cloths are just so weird! Like walking angpao/ tang long!

So happy knowing someone thinks the same with me!

War186 said...

The "boar" thing slipped my mind pulang hehe. I only assumed lah about the vandalism. But we will see. :)

Nonnie King said...

Wardah : Hehehe. Cos the 'boar' thing is what my friends and I had been discussing about!

For us the "vandalism" part plang slip off our mind.

Blueheeler - the hound who sniffs out fishy news said...

lots of Bruneians shop in Miri; lots of s'poreans shop in JB. Our money is B I G woohoo!!!