Saturday, February 17, 2007

Chinese New Year Eve

(It's not often that I plug in song in my blog... But hey, it's CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! It's my year somemore! )

Today is the day that everyone is rushing to do last minute shopping, mothers busy in the kitchen preparing the big big feast, children busy decorating the living room and fathers...only command and do nothing at all?

Fortunately, all these got nothing to do with me this year....

I don't know why but... I can't seem to have this festive mood. I even forgot that today it is 除夕 (Chinese New Year Eve).

I made myself remember that tomorrow is CNY by repeating the those "tong tong tong tong chiang" annoying CNY songs!

The stupid washing machine broke down on me and I just hand-washed a bucket of dirty laundry. And washing machine's cousin, the big fat fridge.... keeps on leaking and I'd mopped the floor twice!

Doh... I want my mummy back!

Just kidding. I'm turning 24 in ten months time... Like old people always say, "Back in my days I already give birth to 3 kids already".

Kind of remind me of the days back in BSB where I stayed alone, being forced to do all the house chores myself. Coming back Seria home makes me feel like a "princess" once again, the queen of the house a.k.a. mother will "kau-tim" (settle) everything.

And the king.... like all father... do nothing but watch TV. As long as he doesn't mess thing up my mum is grateful enough.

Sigh........Shit! I forgot again, new year cannot sigh lah!

I miss my family!

Know what's the last word from my mum before she left for kampong?
“過年啊﹐ 不要每次生氣”
(Don't always get mad during Chinese New Year)

Hhahahhahahhaa! Mom knows me the best!

It's 6.40pm right now, I'm going to my neighbor for New Year Eve Dinner. They're the greatest, the best neighbor everyone would want! Treating me like own family.

And after dinner... I think I'm going to wax, then do facial mask while watching TV, and later go to fuotang, spend my last hours year of Dog with Buddhas and my beloved fuotang uncles, aunties and kanasai friends!

Special huh?

Not till you know what I'm planning for tomorrow, the first day of CNY.
I'm going to Qlap Mall Cineplex to watch Ghost Rider with Bobby and friends!!!

Steady leh? While you all get stuck in your grandparent place suffering the boredom, I happy happy wear my casual outfits and go paktoh watch movie with my love ones.

(I'm trying to make myself happy here forgetting the fact that I'm family-less this year, so please.. don't pour cold water on me. Give me some support and encouragement.)

And I bet everyone is busy doing their own things and no one will be blog-hopping and leaving me comments.









JaMie said...

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEARRRR...Nonnie jie jie! Nice CNY song. XD

War186 said...

Happy New Year and Gong Xi Fa Cai. So you're going to beat me to it. Watch movie at Qlap. Do blog about your movie-watching experience at the new cineplex yeah? Hehe.

Yesterday I accompanied Boon do some last minute shopping and we saw a lot of other people shopping for Chinese new year too. Hee. Right now Boon's whining at home 'cause he has to prepare decorations and whatnots. I guess he'd rather spend Saturday night with me but oh well what to do? Heh.

Kenny Ng said...

Happy Chinese New Year~~~~

Nonnie King said...

Jamie : Hehe. I was trying hard not to get the usual lame techno CNY songs!

Wardah : God, lucky I escaped the new year shopping this time.

Will blog about the new cineplex for sure~

Kenny : Gong Xi Fa Cai!

nureen said...

Happy chinese new year...miss to read ur blogzz...cannot go on9 recently..been very2 busy..but now here i am enjoying reading..hehe :D Tho today i don't get to see my bf cos he's bz preparing for tomorrow (CNY)..hehe..yeaaa..i'm freee..wahahaha..

Iwan Sanchez said...

hey nonnie,
happy chinese new year to u!!!

Dun be sad lah...

i am sure u will get lots of angpows...

be happy ok.....

Nonnie King said...

Nureen : Really long time no... read your comments. Hehhe.
Not going to your bf place and help out kah?

Iwan : I'm fine, really.
As for angpao... I doubt I'll get a lot this year since I already started working few years liao.

karen said...

hey Happy CNY ~~!!

i believe u will have lovey dovey CNY with ur bobby d~ hhee..

Anonymous said...

happy chinese new year!

IngSiang said...

Happy Chinese New Year! XD

I am back from Miri, hours ago. XD

Well, I went Boulevard Arcade play Time Crisis 4 (shooting game) on first day of CNY, yea, who's cooler now? XD And then eat KFC, LoL! XD

Boring bah, adults all play mah jong, we wanna play 21 not enough 'kaki', so bo pien lo, go Boulevard. XD!!

Nonnie King said...

Karen : Happy CNY!

Nah.. wasn't thay lovey dovey since we're apart.

Rebbe : Thanks!

Ing Siang : For my first day of CNY, I went to Qlap cineplex watched Ghost Rider, went to NBT and took some pictures and jalan jalan at the Mall!

Jewelle said...

Happy New Year! Wah the NBT decor looks fantastic, haven't had time to go up. Hopefully this weekend.

Nonnie King said...

Jewelle : The decors are very nice! Must bring Eu there, she'll be very impressed.