Friday, February 9, 2007

Ojilapala Rubbish

Sorry peeps, if you're expecting something nice, fun or "panjang & banyak" to read, probably you got to wait for the next post.

Currently rushing on Bobby's birthday card and today is my last day to finish it. Want to cry liao, the card didn't turn out like what I had in mind. But mind you, it is a very tremendous project! It can't be finished in 1 or 2 days.. Am I've been working on it for quite long.

So that fat boy better like it, else he's not getting any cards from me anymore!

(Yes! It's a threat!)

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If you can read Chinese, please visit here. I blog in Chinese over there.

My latest entry - “可以買到的“美麗”﹐ 整型”

(I sound different when I blog in Chinese, sounds more.... serious I think?)

For you who can't read, sorry lor. I doubt Google translate or babelfish can help because the result is super CACAT!!!! Make me sounds like a retard lah, no sense at all after translate eh.

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Rant of the day,

If you dislike or doesn't agree with what a blogger writes in his/her blog, you can always just click the "x" on the top right/ left corner to exit.

I just don't get those "Hate Commenters!", bombarding comments box humiliating and say something rude to the blogger as if he/she just kill your father.

Get your own blog and rant all you like/can there lah, don't kacau people's blog lah pleaseeeeeeeee. Damn childish can?

I'm saying this not because I'm getting any (maybe because I'm a coward, careful with what I'm saying trying my best not to offend anyone), but I felt really sorry for my friend when she told me what she'd encountered with those retards.

(Yeah, I called them "retards". Hehe)

Sigh, sometimes some people just don't know when to stop I guess?


大事化小﹐ 小事化無﹐



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Bah, I got to go back to do the card liao. Am definitely going to have a great day tomorrow and take a lot of pictures, post them in my blog and kill your bandwidth,




Iwan Sanchez said...

yeah!! i am the 1st one!!!

Hahaha!! Hmm... relax lah, i know u can make a magnificient and awesome card!!!

Remb to update us with pics!!!

May u havea good time with bobby inconjuction of valentines day and his birthday...

Too bad i am single and no one to share my love with...

Horny Ang Moh said...


Sha said...

There will always be pple who dont agree to what you have to say. We can't please everybody, so might as well just please ourselves, right?

Good luck with your card, hope you'll update us with pics soon! :)

Affy said...

thats so cool that you blog in chinese. i wonder how you type those chinese characters.

Anonymous said...

because its fun to annoy people who own dumb blogs. like leaving comments is our sad way of entertaining ourselves, and watching them get all riled up. because hey if it's your freedom to express on a website, you're bound to run into the haters.

my two cents.

dont worry your blog is entertaining. people wont leave hate comments because you're not self absorbed and you share handy tips.

Nonnie King said...

Iwan : Yeah, been quite some time that you're the first to comment huh~

Sad lah the card, the more I see, the more I feel du-lan and disappointed with it.

Aiyooo.single can share with friends & family mah. My dear, you really sound depressed for not having a girlfriend leh.

* * *


* * *

Sha : Yeap! Pleasing and making ourselves happy is more important I guess.

Sigh..the card sucks.

Nonnie King said...

Affy : Eee, you're from KB ah? (Just read your profile)

Oh, I use pinyin NJ star, a type of chinese word processor. And the method is "pinyin", it's easy.

* * *

Anonymous : Your comment made me smiled.

Yah, maybe that's a different kind of self-entertainment. If possible, of course we want to make love and not war mah.

Aiyerrr... you praise me/my blog like that make me very happy leh!

*sombong for 5sec*

De Pianist said... really sound so serious nia with chinese post.i prefer your english post more..hehe..

aiya..your bobby will love your card d least you put an effort on it mer..hehe..just cubit bobby's ear if he dare to reject it..haha..=p!

War186 said...

Looking forward to those pics. :D And good luck with the card. Don't worry, it'll be great and he'll appreciate it. ;)

uglyfatchick said...

I like the chinese blog's posts. =) very meaningful. If you don't mind, I "translate" in my own words and post on my blog when I'm free can? pretty please?

IngSiang said...

For once I thought blog is a PERSONAL space, and my idea changed within 2 weeks. Well, I think both blogger and readers need to behave, that's why I tried not to write too much over my blog, well, you need to be responsible about what you said/wrote. =) Let's just say blog is a personal space that is being watched/read, so, you have the freedom to express, but you'll have to take the risk to express them, and the readers have the freedom to comment too. =)

Thanks for the ads of BCB. XD!!

IngSiang said...

And we even have a China member now! XD!!

Affy said...

Yep, I'm from KB. We're bound to bump into each other, sooner or later. HAHA

Nonnie King said...

Pauline : I also don't know why I'll sound serious when I'm blogging in Chinese. It's like the other side of me I guess?

* * *

Wardah : He likes it!

* * *

Christina : Of course I don't mind.
I feel honoured lagi.

* * *

Ing Siang : Yeap, both bloggers and readers need to behave and take full responsible about what is said/written.

Wow, we have member all the way from China. Ganas eh!

* * *

Affy : The problem is, you'll know it's me but I won't know you.

Anonymous said...

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