Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Dragon Boat Festival - The Seria way

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Feel damn big face having Choonie answering my request to blog about Power Station, some more put big big picture of my blog there. =D

And, yeah~ Girly bloggers lunchie tomorrow! Can't wait to see all of them again.


As mentioned in the previous entry, it was Dragon Boat Festival yesterday and for me, the most important thing about it is not eating rice dumpling (zong zi), instead.. it is the egg-standing game and going to the beach that keep me excited.

Chinese believe that balancing an egg on its end is possible on that day. Maybe it has something to do with the magnetism, gravitational pull or it's just like angmoh believing that on the day of the Vernal (spring) Equinox, a raw egg can stand on its end. It's just very coincident that the Equinox and Dragon Boat Festival almost fall on the same day.


Even Borneo Bulletin published the news today.
Very short though and mentioned nothing about how could that happened.

Anyway, I had fun playing experimenting it though. I even asked a couple of friends to try it out, including Bobby. He tried it with his dad and his dad didn't believe that it was only on Duanwu-jie that we can balance an egg, and so he said he'll tried it out again the next day to prove the "theory".

And? His dad totally forgot about it today and so... case pending.

My Eggies. Cute leh?

Managed to balance 8 this time.. Well, I could do more but I was bored after the 8th one and prefer my Astro. Next year I'll try balancing them with the narrower tip.

Hehe. Here's a video of me balancing the eggs showing you all that it really worked!

Sorry, no cute face of mine because I was wearing my rotten t-shirt and ugly short pant with messy hair and ugly auntie spectacles (that's how I normally look when I'm at home) .


And I waited patiently at home till it's 5.30pm for them to meet at my place and off to the beach!

Who them? Who else, my usual lepak-kakis lah. You sure know who are them if you followed my blog long enough. *hint - 2 girls (one pretty and one chubby) and a guy (the wear spec one)

* * *

Not sure if only Belaitians do that (I mean the whole going to the beach thingie) because non of my BSB friends do that. They even asked me "Go beach do what?". So how about you? If you happen to be a Malaysian, Singaporean, Taiwanese or even Hongkies.

We went to the beach not to throw rice dumplings of course (pollution okay! Plus, how sure are you that the fishes are going to eat it and not being washed up to the shore and rot?). But we love to take it as an excuse to go to the beach and k-po around, gossiping and commenting every passerby.

KB-ians would go to the beach behind the Silver Jubilee Park and Seria people will either go to the beach behind OGDC or 6-legs, I mean the Billionth Barrel Monument. (Yes, the one I went with Bobby last two week)

And so we parked the car at there and walked along the coast line, sampai OGDC there some more.

Well, technically speaking, from the end with less people to the area with more crowds, hoping to bumped onto some friends or people we knew.

* * *

Our beach is not like those you saw on TV, crystal clear water, white sandy beach, big colorful umbrellas and beach balls and bikini women walking around with a glass of cocktail. Yeah, I wish too.

The sand is dark and muddy, the water is murky, the people are wear big loose t-shirts with Japanese slippers and mothers shouting at their children to stay off the water. That's Seria.

Here's some photos of what I saw yesterday.

His lens are damn kiasu okay

And ah Theen and I were debating on what was inside his waist pouch.

I said it'll be his other lens and probably some other thing that got to do with his camera and Theen insisted that it's his Tupperware water bottle...

Yeah, we're damn wu-liao (jobless). I know.

And this car owner,

Gila one. He thought he's driving a 4WD is it?
Poor Soluna.

Theen named these dirty foam,

(Pardon my friend, she's just too cute to function. Whenever she made those cute squicky sound, we all beh-tahan and turned to her and asked, "Theen, how old are you liao?". Maybe that's what made James loves her so much thus giving her that big fat diamond ring.)

Come on lah people, understand a bit. You can't expect Seria to have clean sea water one. We drill out oil from the sea leh. All you can see along the coastline are some floating coconut, dead jelly fish and small small ketams.

Star fish? I seen once only. But I don't know why dolphins still want to visit our water.

* * *

It's normal to see "wrestling" scene such as this shown below on Duanwu-jie

It's more like a Seria tradition, throwing people to the sea. Everyone kana it before,maybe it's Seria way of baptizing. =D

And Theen's brother (the guy wearing white shirt in the fighting scene) was still wearing shirt and working pants and his leather shoes when he got all soaked up. And he did carry a mobile phone in his pocket, and he used plastic bag to wrap it up. So prepared huh?

Throwing mud balls are consider small case liao. I remembered once I was carried by my 2 male classmates, one carrying my hands and the other one on my legs and swing me to the sea. But it was fun, all wet and dirty... and get scolded by mum later because it's ultra hard to clean the sand out from the clothes.

And everyone will be smart enough to equip their cars with big plastic garbage bags and newspaper because for sure everyone gets dirty.

Those were the days. We're too old for it now.

Tips - To avoid people throwing you down the sea, bring along expensive gadgets like mobile phones and cameras to have excuse not to get wet.

* * *

We walked, and walked, and walked.. and bumped into them.

Our ex-classmates. Hehee. We don't even need to janji meet where or make arrangement before we go. It's just a very natural thing for everyone to go there on that day.

Yeah, as you can see.. one was still wearing coverall as he rushed to the beach after work. Actually S.Leong too, but he changed and kept his coverall in his car.

By the way, the guy standing beside me (NO! DON'T LOOK AT ME IN THAT PIC, SO FREAKING UGLY LAR) is Soon Lung, one of the friend who went to Bangkok with me last year remember? When I asked them to stand in a line because I wanted to take a group picture, guess what he said.

"Got put in your blog or not?
If no I don't want to take eh."

Makes me wonder, how many of my ex-classmates read my blog?

* * *

Next, pictures of the Foursome.

I have no idea why we all had to squad down since there's no one behind us. Face smaller ha like that?

* * *

(random photos of)

Can you see those oil rigs? That's what you can easily see along the coastline and makes Brunei a rich country. (Note: COUNTRY, I didn't say People. I don't understand why everyone thinks that Bruneians are all super rich. Come to my place and I'll show you how poor am I)

And, I love Seria.


Effy said...


Ummu Ummati said...

LOL! That is such a cute video!!!

Nice hor your eggs, got face summore.

Effy said...

All the pictures that you’ve posted made me homesick sia. Actually from those pix, our beach doesn’t look that polluted. My favorite spot would be near the Istana pass the roundabout. The first right junction if not mistaken in the BSP housing area. I love that place, it is just so serene. But when I was still in Focus, I love to go to Meragang lah. Did I spell that place right? Anyhow, post!!! More posts!! As I’m typing this I am actually craving for butter prawn/chicken. Usually go to WYWY and get some. Do you know any other places that serve that dish in KayBee? Yes I am digressing. Haha. Ok. Ttyl!!

Error Q said...

wa lao.. u know how hold d egg huh?? haaa... steady you~~~

and really nice photos u took... ;)

Iwan said...


ok lah...

ppl have the mentality that bruneians are rich... lolz!! i also have that kind of perception.. hehehe!!

byw, i didnt knwo abt the balancing an egg duting the duan Wu Jie.. hehe! Never try.. anyway, i ask my fellow singaporeans they also stunned lei...


that driver damn toot lah!!


Jason said...

nope, we don't go to the beach and the egg thingy, i thought on the day we eat 汤圆 also can? equinox also mah!

Anonymous said...

Nonnie, we were just saying we forgot again to go to the beach this year! Hubby and his family used to go to the beach behind OGDC and his mom said lots of people there too. Lumut beach not sure lah, we never go YET! Next year have to remember...

And that balancing egg thing is cool lah, something new that I learn :-)

Horny Ang Moh said...

Hallo! Everybody can c pic, how cum I cannot?? Something wrong with my computer?? Anyway nice day to u.

Nonnie King said...

Ness :
Ofu cosi. Add those extra eyes to make everything looks cuter.

Effy :
I never been there. Probably I should try out that spot next time.

And..where is Meragang?

Butter Prawn/chicken ah... Not sure about Riveria and Buccaneer though. Long time I don go KB eat already =p

Karen :
Hahaha. Who don't know how to hold egg you tell me? Kekekkee

Thanks, I think I'll take nicer photo with a better camera. Wanna sponsor?

Nonnie King said...

Iwan :

Bah, let me tell everyone who's reading this blog.. Not all Bruneians are rich.

How come no one knows about the egg balancing thingie? Make me feel like an old-auntie knowing all this traditional stuffs lah.

And I was thinking the same when I saw the poor Soluna up the barrier.

Jason :

Dear, we eat 湯圓 on 冬至。 端午節 andang eat 粽子 one okay.


Nonnie King said...

Jewelle :

Yesh! Mountain people Mountain sea ah. Like everyone from kampong Cina and Baru come out like that.

And... don't tell me about the egg balancing thingie also ah.

Horny Ang Moh :

Boh Di Dui... Have to check your pc liao.

Money fly fly.

Choonie, the Guru said...

I can't see the pics too just now but now it seems ok liao.

Effy said...

Meragang is in Muara i think. I think lah. Lama sudah i don't go up there. I think more than 4 years sudah :p

Unknown said...

Nice beach... reminds me my hometown's beach 10 years ago.

Nonnie King said...

Choonie : Eee? Horny Angmoh also had the same problem wor. What's wrong ah?

Effy : I thought that's Serasa beach? Is it not? Hehhee. Anyway, I'm bad at remember names of places which I jarang go.

Kenny : Nice meh? No white sand and blue water wor.

Anonymous said...

Oh..i like the pics tat you;ve edited on the FOURSOME?!!! hahahha..

You should have posted my egg photo, coz i didnt knew, i go and balance using the tip which i thought that is suppose to be!!!

Did u see newspaper lapwai,kacat they all? how come we werent inside too? funny la..

Paupau said...

hmm?i didn't hear about this egg balancing before leh here..haha..

i only know that Brunei is famous of the oil friend even joke that if you dig something in the garden,oil will come up from there..hahahaha...=p.

Nonnie King said...

Kelly : In newspaper? I don't see wor. Keep the paper next time show me when I go your house.

You steady one, beginner lesson haven learn straight away jump to professional level.

Paulene : You too? How come no one heard this before? It's out in the news every year leh.

If Brunei got so rich in oil, then everyone cannot smoke n cook liao lor, scare terus ignite a fire mah.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love pictures of beaches and the sky together. Yours are all so gorgeous :)

Nonnie King said...

Sha : Really? Thanks. I think it's the weather and nice sun light that make it looks nice.

Anonymous said...

eh effy i thought meranggang is what you do to a chicken, like mepangang. tee hee

These is from seria beach? behind F20 is it?? wah didnt know so nice. Normally go to panaga and pretend to be mat salleh.

Nonnie King said...

YoungBruneian :

Hahahha! So funny lah! Mepangang! I know that word!

That stretch of beach is from Billionth Barrel Monument to OGDC.

Yes! We walked that long.. well..consider long la since people nowadays need their car even its only 100M away.

LOL! But I can't go in to Panaga, they kick me out. You wanna bring me there?

Anonymous said...

ya ah, now everywhere use car.

but last time i remember my school organise big walk from kb to seria liao! under the blistering sun summore.