Sunday, June 20, 2010

Duan Wu Jie 2010

I guess never in my life I pay so much attention and hold that much anticipation on a single-day Chinese festival (meaning, CNY excluded). It’s a very “Belait” thing I guess because when I first stayed in BSB (year 2001) and asked my then-new friends which beach normally Chinese go during Duan-Wu-Jie, they all gave me a puzzled look and thought I was crazy.

Tsk tsk… *shake head*

My Duan-Wu-Jie in 2006, 2007, 2008, nothing for 2009 because we went to the beach for awhile and it rained. See, super give face okay! Even mid-autumn also kalah 9 streets.

Our usual spot – “6 legs”

See how people just left their belongings unattended? I guess it just shows everyone how secure we are when we’re in Seria.

Note: That’s the area where everyone use to get to the beach.


The crowd, seemed lesser compared to the previous years.

I’m seriously thinking if we should change our tradition and raid the KB beach next year.

The dumplings washed up to the shore.  

My selipar decided to die on me… which made my friends accusing me as a “Drama magnet”.

Just one day, I will bring my own kids to the beach and grow him/her up like a Belaitian! (So he/she won’t “wow” when eating a $1.80 fried kueh tiaw and french toast cheese. *cough cough* sakai-ness)


I lost count how many years we went to the beach together on Duan-wu-jie. Danna and Max on the far right were just mere coincidence! Felt super good bumping into old friends. (which… was one of my reasons why I love going to the beach on that day. Despite complaining that there’s nothing to kpo)



God just sayang us so much don’t you think. It was drizzling earlier on, the sky filled with thick clouds and we all worried if it’s going to rain (like last year) and guess what, the weather was super good and not only that, God gave us almost full rainbow(s) and it only started drizzling when everyone was about to pack and go home.


Sorry, I don’t have thick fat DSLR equipped with super long kiasu lens to capture breathe-taking scenes like this. So, just bear with this kinda shots.

By the way, the numbers of DSLRs (with long long lenses) I spotted this year top the number of kids got thrown to the sea lor. Why ah?

The best buds.




p/s : School is starting tomorrow and I guess I’ll be more hardworking updating the blog from now on. Probably because I need something to distract me from my work. Hehehhee.

Finger nails shortened and nail polish removed. Next, lesson plan~

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